Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation

The roles of the private sector in climate change adaptation - An introduction Private-sector action in adaptation
Reporting climate resilience: the challenges ahead Are companies prepared for the TCFD recommendations?
Blue-Green Infrastructure for Climate Change Adaptation In search of compromise among climate risk management strategies
Cost-benefit analysis for climate change adaptation policies and investments in the agriculture sectors Using impact evaluation to improve policymaking for climate change adaptation in the agriculture sectors
Moving towards a growing global discourse on transboundary adaptation Large-Scale Transdisciplinary Collaboration for Adaptation Research
Measuring effective and adequate adaptation Mainstreaming climate adaptation
Emerging Trends in Mainstreaming Climate Resilience in Large Scale, Multi-sector Infrastructure PPPs How to make infrastructure climate resilient in emerging economies
Delivering our climate-resilient future Adaptation requires cross-domain solutions
Synthesis report on experiences with ecosystem-based approaches to climate change adaptation and DRR Disasters and Ecosystems: Resilience in a Changing Climate
From Agreement to Action: Mobilizing suppliers toward a climate resilient world A Conceptual Governance Framework for Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Integration
Climate change adaptation in delta cities Threatened by climate change Alaskan town gets Federal funding for relocation
Earth system commitments due to delayed mitigation Exploring nature based solutions
Everyone knows climate adaptation is crucial, but beyond that it’s pretty hazy The Adaptation Gap Report 2014
The Adaptation Finance Gap Update Adapting from the ground up
Climate change adaptation in high income countries Three Tools to Unlock Finance for Land-Use Mitigation and Adaptation
How to tackle climate change adaptation in cities Climate adaptation could slash cost of flood damages by 96%
Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index The politics of climate change adaptation
The Non-state Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) Institutional arrangements for national adaptation planning and implementation
Tracking adaptation and measuring development Does mitigation save? Reviewing cost-benefit analyses of disaster risk reduction
The adaptation imperative UNEP's Adaptation Gap Report
Learning from Community-based Natural Resource Management New Study Adds Up the Benefits of Climate-Smart Development in Lives, Jobs, and GDP
Business in a climate-constrained world Even With Emissions Cuts, Climate Change Adaptation Costs Likely to Hit 2-3 Times Current Estimates of $70-100 Billion per Year
Climate Resilience NASA facilities - 2014 climate risk management plan
Has climate change adaptation lost its way? The race to adapt
Costs and benefits of climate change adaptation and mitigation: An assessment on different regional scales Monitoring & evaluation for climate change adaptation: A synthesis of tools, frameworks and approaches
Climate change threatens to cause trillions in damage to world's coasts, if coastal regions do not adapt to sea-level rise. World may have to suck gases from air to meet climate goals - U.N.
Contraction & Convergence The state of adaptation under UNFCCC
Scenario planning for climate change adaptation Subnational strategies for climate compatible development
Climate change adaptation and risk management: reflections and implications Research priorities on vulnerability, impacts and adaptation responding to the climate change challenge
UNFCCC Technolgy Roadmaps for Climate Change Adaptation Adapting to climate change: assessing World Bank Group experience phase III
The impacts of climate change on terrestrial Earth surface systems Seven principles of coastal zone climate change adaptation
Tools for Coastal Climate Adaptation Planning New planning tool for climate adaptation in cities
Simultaneously Mitigating Near-Term Climate Change and Improving Human Health and Food Security Assessing the effectiveness of climate adaptation
Managing private and public adaptation to climate change Informing climate adaptation
Gender and adaptation Putting a price on adaptation
How many wake-up calls do we need? Adapting to an Uncertain Climate: A World of Commercial Opportunities
Weathering Uncertainty Supporting decision-making for effective adaptation
An operational framework for Tracking Adaptation and Measuring Development (TAMD) Enterprises should adapt to climate change: Scientist
Designing Climate Change Adaptation Policies: An Economic Framework The Economics of Climate Change
Reducing risk and driving business value Private gain, public interest
Climate finance could fail those most at risk – report Probabilistic cost estimates for climate change mitigation
The private sector and climate change adaptation Economics of Climate Adaptation – Shaping climate-resilient development
Cooling the planet, clearing the air: climate policy, carbon pricing, and co-benefits Innovative sources of climate finance
Building financial resilience against natural disasters and climate change Opportunities offered by climate change
Environmental tax reform: increasing individual incomes and boosting innovation Coding and tracking adaptation finance
Climate Change Scenarios - Implications for Strategic Asset Allocation Infrastructure, Engineering and Climate Change Adaptation
Pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere Endogenous Technological Change in Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change
What are the limits to climate change adaptation? Climate Resilient Infrastructure: Preparing for a Changing Climate
For engineers, climate failure becomes an option Europe: Adaptation, Inspiration Book
Adaptation in Europe Climate adaptation research in a larger Europe
Earth’s FutureClimate Impacts in Europe Under+1.5∘C Global Warming Climate Change Adaptation – Research, Science and Innovation
Barriers to Effective Climate Change Adaptation Climate change adaptation in Europe
Leading by Example: The Dutch Prepare for Climate Change Potent greenhouse gases - flourinated gases in the EU
New survey on climate change adaptation in Europe Perspectives in resource management and climate change adaptation in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean
Adaptation to Climate Change in the Southern Mediterranean A Theoretical Framework, a Foresight Analysis and Three Case Studies Green Fade-Out: Europe to Ditch Climate Protection Goals
National adaptation policy processes in European countries — 2014 Climate-related risks and opportunities: a synthesis for Switzerland
Implementing land-based mitigation to achieve the Paris Agreement in Europe requires food system transformation Barriers to the Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation Policies: the Case of Switzerland
The costs of climate-change adaptation A Framework for Nordic Actor-Oriented Climate Adaptation Research
Impacts of climate change in Switzerland: adaptation and climate change mitigation must go hand in hand Building Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in Less Developed Countries
Climate Change in South Asia: Strong Responses for Building a Sustainable Future World Bank, Climate Finance and Bangladesh
China announce 10-point technology plan to tackle climate change The future ofclimate finance in Nepal
Building Knowledge to Support Adaptation A holistic approach to climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessment: Pilot study in Thailand
A holistic approach to climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessment: Pilot study in Thailand Governing urban climate change adaptation in China
Adapting to climate change in China: stories from the ground The economics of adaptation to climate change in least-developed countries
Organizational and Institutional Issues in Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Management Area-Based Development, Local Institutions & Climate Adaptation: A Comparative Analysis from West Africa and Latin America
Eight steps to climate-proof development in Africa Africa's adaptation gap
Latin America: Climate Change Adaptation Planning in Small and Medium-Sized Cities Exploring the role of climate science in supporting long-term adaptation and decision-making in sub-Saharan Africa
Keeping track of adaptation actions in Africa: Africa's adaptation gap 2
Vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in the semi-arid regions of East Africa Inspiring climate action in African cities
Into unknown territory Queensland climate impact and opportunities
Cross-scale barriers to climate change adaptation in local government, Australia Past, present and future landscapes
AUS: Climate adaptation Outlook AUS: Rethinking disaster risk management and climate change adaptation
Spending wisely now will make heatwaves less costly later Towards effective mitigation strategies for severe wind events in Australia
Building resilient coastal communities and ecosystems AUS: Challenges of adaptation for local governments
A dual approach to climate change adaptation AUS: Climate change adaptation in the boardroom
Community based adaptation to climate change: the Arabana, South Australia AUS: An Unmitigated Disaster: Shifting from Response and Recovery to Mitigation for an Insurable Future
Vilsack announces regional hubs to help agriculture, forestry mitigate climate change The state of adaptation in the USA
Cost-efficient climate change adaptation in the North Atlantic Natural Hazard Mitigation Saves: US 2018 Interim Report
USAID: Climate change adaptation plan What Will Adaptation Cost? An Economic Framework for Coastal Community Infrastructure
The California Adaptation Planning Guide - Part 1 California Adaptation and Planning Guide - Part 2
California Adaptation Planning Guide - Part 3 California Adaptation Planning Guide - Part 4
MIT: changing with the climate The integration imperative: a snapshot of USAID’s progress in mainstreaming adaptation to climate change
Canada: Results from the National Municipal Adaptation Survey Russia's top cities wake up to need for climate change adaptation
Adapting to climate change to save Mongolia's ancient herding culture Adaptation strategies to climate change in the Arctic: a global patchwork of reactive community-scale initiatives
Climate change mitigation policies and poverty in developing countries Climate Change Adaptation Planning in Latin American and Caribbean Cities
Institutional Mapping of Chile to aid climate mitigation & adaptation Transformational adaptation
Africa: Interactions between local and scientific knowledge systems for weather and climate services Africa: overcoming the barriers to climate change adaptation
Synergizing climate change mitigation and adaptation in Cameroon