Natural s The fundamentals of Earth's weather and climate system
Thermodynamics of the Climate System When Does Weather Become Climate?
New insights in climate science Climate research for the twenty-first century
Global Warming Natural Cycle Hostage to myopic self-interest: climate science is watered down under political scrutiny
Attributing changing rates of temperature record breaking to anthropogenic influences Adaptation Solutions Taxonomy
COP26 Glasgow Past Climate Sensitivity Not Always Key to the Future
Mapping the world for climate sensitivity Scientists urge more frequent updates of 30-year climate baselines to keep pace with rapid climate change
Current climate information insufficient, say world's financial institutions 2nd Climate Vulnerability Monitor - a guide to the cold calculus of a hot planet
Greenhouse gases, climate change and the transition from coal to low-carbon electricity Climate more sensitive to carbon dioxide now than in past epochs
The Critical Decade Fossil raindrop impressions imply greenhouse gases loaded early atmosphere
Climate response to changes in atmospheric CO2 and solar irradiance on the time scale of days to weeks Earth's Hot Past: Prologue to Future Climate?
Climate and Drought Lessons from Ancient Egypt Framework for Community-Based Climate Vulnerablity and Assessment in Mountain Areas
A chaotic beast, probably: wacky weather and climate forecasting United in Science 2022
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Global Climate Risk Index 2011 Comparing climate projections to observations up to 2011
The Anthropocene: a new epoch of geological time? Scientists peg Anthropocene to first farmers
The Anthropocene: Humankind as a Turning Point for Earth Living in the Anthropocene: Toward a New Global Ethos
Are we now living in the Anthropocene? Is the Anthropocene an issue of stratigraphy or pop culture?
Humans influencing climate since over 2000 years The Anthropocene: a conspicuous stratigraphical signal of anthropogenic changes in production and consumption across the biosphere
Did the Anthropocene begin with the nuclear age? A human-induced hot house climate?
2020 Hindsight: A Website for All Paleo-CO2 Data How undersea gases once helped superheat our planet
Solving the puzzle of ice age climates Volcanic eruptions that changed human history
Global climate evolution during the last deglaciation Five Weird Archives That Scientists Use to Study Past Climates
How Japan’s ancient trees could tell the future More "reactive" land surfaces cooled the Earth
Scientists use rare mineral to correlate past climate events in Europe, Antarctica Ancient climate questions could improve future climate predictions
Unusual climate during Roman times plunged Eurasia into hunger and disease Megadrought Helped Topple the Assyrian Empire
Variations in ice sheet height influence global climate Shades of Green: Ice Ages, Climate Change and Carbon Dioxide
Synchronization of North Atlantic, North Pacific preceded warming, end of ice age Hazy shades of life on early Earth
New methods help scientists shed light on ancient climates Climate change was not to blame for the collapse of the Bronze Age
Climate variations analysed 5 million years back in time Increased nutrient supply to the Southern Ocean during the Holocene and its implications for the pre-industrial atmospheric CO2 rise
Borneo Stalagmites Provide New View of Abrupt Climate Events Over 100,000 Years Climate capers of the past 600,000 years
1.5 million years of climate history revealed after scientists solve mystery of the deep The oldest ice on Earth may be able to solve the puzzle of the planet’s climate history
Orbital forcing of tree-ring data Fossilized plant leaf wax provides new tool for understanding ancient climates
An early Cambrian greenhouse climate That One Time It Rained On Earth For Two Million Years Straight
Did the transition to plate tectonics cause Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth? Holocene and Eemian Climate Variability
Jurassic climate of large swath of western U.S. was more complex than previously known Ancient climate change triggered warming that lasted thousands of years
Climate models questioned by Pliocene ocean temperatures Warm and sensitive Paleocene-Eocene climate
How Geography Turned the Sahara Green THE POLAR REGIONS:
'Missing' polar weather systems could impact climate predictions Evidence of Past Southern Hemisphere Rainfall Cycles Related to Antarctic Temperatures
Greenland ice may exaggerate magnitude of 13,000 year old deep freeze EUROPE-MIDDLE EAST-AFRICA:
First long temperature reconstruction for the eastern Mediterranean based on tree rings Climate in northern Europe reconstructed for the past 2,000 years: Cooling trend calculated precisely for the first time
How to get communities in East Africa to trust climate science RUSSIA-CENTRAL ASIA:
Improvement in simulation of Eurasian winter climate variability with a realistic Arctic sea ice condition in an atmospheric GCM EAST & SOUTH ASIA-PACIFIC-OCEANIA:
Climate talks: China calls on developing countries to 'step up' Lack of cross-border cooperation limits climate readiness in South Asia
The economics of climate change in the Pacific Australia: State of the Climate 2014
Launch of Australia's Climate Commission Climate Futures for Tasmania: Extreme Events
White House unveils dire warning, calls for action on climate U.S. Climate Report Warns of Damaged Environment and Shrinking Economy
Geoscientists Reconstruct ‘Eye-Opening’ 900-Year US Northeast Climate Record