The gravity of water

Global dryland report

How drought plays out

Drought - early warning, early action

Mitigating droughts and floods in agriculture

Drought in numbers 2022: restoration for readiness and resilience

Assessing the global exposure of poor people to floods and droughts

Progress, challenges, and opportunities in the remote sensing of drought

System robustness analysis in support of flood and drought risk management

Major Step in Improving forecasts of weather extremes such as floods and droughts

Collection of global datasets for the study of floods, droughts and their interactions with human societies

Mapping, measuring & monitoring drought:

Hydrological drought indices

Palmer drought severity index

Standardized precipitation index

Global drought is the new normal

Mapping global patterns of drought risk

Evaluation of hydrological drought index

Handbook of drought indicators and indices

A faster more accurate way to monitor drought

Streamflow drought severity curve development

Accurate computation of streamflow drought index

The Evaporative Demand Dought Index (EDDI) Part 1    Part 2

Scientists unveil new satellite-based global drought severity index

Smultaneous drought and heatwave events are becomig more comon

Modelling & Forecasting drought:

Climate modes and drought

Understanding the historical probability of drought

Satellite data can improve drought insurance models

Traveling droughts bring new possibilities for prediction

Geographers develop system to track the dynamics of drought

Towards drought impact-based forcasting in a multi-hazard context

Vulnerability assessment models to drought: toward a conceptual framework

Multple stable states in hydrological models: an ecohydrological investigation

Demand for complementary financial and technological tools for managing drought risk

National water polices:

National drought policies wanted

When the water runs dry, the ideas flow

With drought intensifying worldwide, UN calls for integrated climate policies

WMO and UNCCD work on the foundations to build national drought policies

Drought management:

Integrated drought management

Investing in drought preparedness

Drought information to aid risk assessment

National drought management policy guideleines

Incomplete drought recovery may be the new normal

Ending drought emergencies - will the promises be met?



Historic drought plagues the US

Warm oceans caused US dust bowl

What if California's drought continues?

Unraveling the mysteries of US megadroughts

Climate's role in US droughts is under scrutiny

Parched US West using up underground water

11 trillion gallons to replenish California drought

Drought led to massive 'dead zone' in Lake Erie

Sierra Nevada snowpack lowest in five centuries

Cost effective path to California drought recovery 

Severe drought is causing the Western US to rise

Tree rings reveal nightmare droughts in the US West

US Southwest may face 'megadrought' within century

Improving te US Federal response to Western drought

Texas drought visible in new national groundwater maps

Looming economic catastrophe in the US due to drought

What California can learn from the millenium Australian drought

US sees 'alarming' increase in combined heatwaves and drought

Warming pushes Western US toward driest period in 1,000 years

California droughts caused mainly by changes in wind, not moisture

Prolonged California aridity linked to climate warming and Pacific SST

Chronic 2000-04 drought , worst in 800 years, may be the new normal

Natural causes, not human actvity, behind last summer's Plains drought

History of fire and drought shapes the ecology of California, past and future  

Research to to advance US national drought monitoring and prediction capabilities

Leading scientists explain how climate change is worsening California's epic drought

Future dryness in the southwest US and the hydrology of the early 21st century drought

Unprecedented 21st Century drought risk in the American Southwest and Central Plains

Rapid intensification of the emerging southwestern North America megadrought 2020-2021


Mexican farmers despair over record drought

Long dryspell doomed Mexican city 1,000 years ago

2010 drought damaged Amazon as much as man-made deforestation

South America: 

Drought brings Amazon tributary to lowest level in a century

Forest razing by ancient Maya worsened droughts, says study

Climate prediction tools show role of oceans in Amazon drought

13-year drought creates frightening 'new normal' in South America 

Surface freshwater storage and dynamics in the Amazon basin during the 2005 exceptional drought


Drought in Australia

Drought advice from Down Under   

Australia's drought policy dilemma

'Flash droghts' can dry out soils in weeks

How droughts start in the Murray-Darling basin

Get used to the record-breaking heat: Australia

Summer no sweat for Aussies, but winter freeze fatal

Recent Australian droughts may be the worst in 800 years

Who's been affected by Australia's extreme heat? Everyone 

Drying land and heating seas: why Nature in Australia's heating southwest is in gthe climate frontline

A spatial vulnerability analysis of urban populations during extreme heat events in Australian capital cities


Hydrological drought amplifies wildfires in Borneo's humid tropics

Drought characteristics and management in Central Asia and Turkey 

UN initiative strengthens drought monitoring and early warning in Asia-Pacific

UN develops innovative early warning tool for drought-prone Asia-Pacific regions


South Asia water conflicts

Local level planning to cope with heat waves in India

India: hears what happens to your body in a heatwave

As devastating heat wave bears down, Indian city offers life-saving plan


Decadal summer drought in China: the increasing influence of the Atlantic Multi-decadal oscillation

Africa and Middle East:

Confronting drought in African drylands

Drought vulnerability in the Arab Region

Briefing on the Horn of Africa Drought 2011

Drought and water crisis in Southern Africa

Ancient Egypt: study augments the drought theories

Ethiopia drought: how can we let this happen again?

How to tackle repetitive droughts in the Horn of Africa

Horn of Africa drying ever faster as the climate warms

The land bank: our financial sustainability relies on Nature

Drought in the Horn of Africa - preventing the next disaster

Ethiopia: Enhancing resilience to severe drought - what works? 

Sowing the seeds of resilience in southern Africa's epic drought 

Pollution in Northern Hemisphere helped cause 1980s African drought

Partnership agreement to strengthen the Sahel's most vulnerable communities

Understanding rainfall variabiility, drought and farmers' coping strategy in Nigeria

Drought risk management: the towards forecast-based preparedness action approach

Drought preparedness & response: a case of the Eastern Cape & Free State Provinces of South Africa


World Wildlife Foundation warns of Danube drought

Drought in Eastern Mediterannean worst in 900 years

Scientists find evidence of Roman period megadrought

New drought atlas maps 2000 years of climate in Europe

EU: guidelines for preparation of the drought management plans

Drought in Central Europe - from dpought response to preparedness

Dynamics of meteorological and hydrological droughts in the Neman river basin

Human-caused climate change a major factor in more frequent Mediterranean droughts