El Niño, El Niño Modoki, La Niña (ENSO)

Unpacking La Niña

Reconstructing ENSO

Definition from Wikipedia

The ENSO signal and the noise 

The blueprint for El Nino diversity

Getting a longer heads up on El Nino

NASA sees a different kind of El Nino

Stochastic parameterization and ENSO  

El Nino - what is it, and why does it matter?   

Why the Southern Hemisphere Leads ENSO

The El Nino phenomenon and related impacts

Historical El Nino/La Niña sea level height from space

Frequency of tornadoes, hail linked to El Nino, La Niña

El Nino drives fastest annual increase on record of CO2

Why has ENSO been more difficult to predict since 2000?

El Nino heats the Earth's atmosphere, but cools the ocean

Complex picture for likelihood of ENSO-driven flood hazard

UNDP's response  to ENSO: from recurring crisis to resilience

WMO: CIIFEN International research centre for ENSO turns ten

Study models the past to understand the future of strengthening El Nino

Preventing ENSO episodes from becoming disasters: a blueprint for action

Coral records suggest that recent El Nino activity rises above noisy background

The Pacific Ocean:

Met Office signs agreement with Singapore

A new type of tropical Pacific warming - El Nino Modoki 

In the Eastern Pacific Ocean, the 'blob' overshadows El Nino

Variability of ENSO-related noise in the equatorial Pacific Ocean

Univ. of Miami study rethinks the ocean’s role in Pacific climate

El Nino and the Tropical Eastern Pacific annual cycle run to the same beat

Western Pacific hydroclimate linked to global climate variability over the opast two millenia 

Higher frequency of Central Pacific El Nino events in rrecent decades relative to past centuries

The western Pacific pattern precursor of major stratospheric sudden warmings and the ENSO modulation

Country level impacts of ENSO:


US El Nino impacts

ENSO South America

Impact of ENSO on US tornado and hail frequencies

Rainy season Caribbean Sea precipitation and ENSO

Root causes of recurrent catastrophe: the political ecology of El-Nino rellated disasters in Peru


Changes in the relationship between Northeast China summer temperature and ENSO


Australia moves to El Nino alert and the drought is likely to continue

Teleconnections to ENSO: 

A connection from Arctic stratospheric ozone to ENSO

Will El Nino dry out the Indian monsoon? Well, it's complicated

Teleconnected influence of North Atlantic SST on the El Niño onset

ENSO and the Indian monsoon ... not as straight forward as you would think

Separating the stratospheric and tropospheric pathways of ENSO teleconnections

Multi-decadal modulation of the El Niño–Indian monsoon relationship by Indian Ocean variability

Impact of El Nino onset timing on the Indian Ocean: Pacific coupling and subsequent El Nino evolution

US regional tornado outbreaks and their links to spring ENSO phases and North Attlantic SST variability

A dipole pattern in the Indian and Pacific Oceans and its relationship with the East Asian summer monsoon 

Specific annual ENSO events:

Just 5 questions: a La Niña like no other

El Nino 2015/2016 early warning and alert

El Nino 2015/2016 Impact outlook and policy implications

El Nino 2014/2015: Polar icy implications for Asia and Pacific

Global disease outbreaks associated with the 2015-2016 El Nino event

Current super El Nino event and its impact on China in spring and summer

Eastern Pacific temperatures say yes to El Nino, western Pacific undecided

La Nina: early warning, early action analysis for a potential La Nina in 2016/2017

The 2010 / 2011 La Niña leaves human and economic toll in its wake, pushing global commodity prices up

ENSO and Climate:

Climate Change + ENSO: Take 2

ENSO + Climate Change = Headache

Pacific shouldn't amplify climate change

Current climate models misrepresent El Nino

Global warming could change strength of El Nino

Climate researchers discover new rythm for El Nino

Improved simulation of two types of El Niño in CMIP5 models

New strategies for evaluating ENSO processes in climate models

Uncertainty of ENSO amplitude projections in CMIP5 and CMIP6 models

A new mechanism to explain how El Niño influences East Asian and Western North Pacific Climate

Mean climate impact on Equatorial Pacific seasonal cycle & ENSO: simulation and prediction using CCSM3