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Temperature anomalies

Most vulnerable regions

Seniors at risk: heat & climate change

Vulnerability to heatwaves and drought

Reflective surfaces alleviate heatwaves

Heat and the private sector: heatwave preparedness

Warming of hot extremes alleviated by expanding irrigation

Silent killer: sweltering planet braces for deadly heat shocks

Impacts of extreme heat: deadly, on the rise globally, and preventable

Historical heatwaves:

Scientists identify the most extreme heatwaves ever recorded globally

The 2021 western North America heat wave among the most extreme events ever recorded globally 

Forecasting heatwaves:

Global predictability of temperature extremes

Deep learning accurately forecasts heat waves, cold spells

New forecasting models cuold help prevent heat-related deaths 

Analysing heat waves - new index allows predicting their magnitude

Understanding 'planetary waves' helps forecast dangerous heatwaves

Heatwaves & climate change:

Heatwaves and climate change

Hottest summers the new normal

How hot weather and climate change affect airline flights

Escalating exposure to compund heat-humidity extremes with warming

Temporally compounded heat wave events and global warming: an emerging hazard

City/Urban heatwaves:

Heatwave guide for cities

Urban vulnerability to heat waves

Urban planning to decrease heat risk

Global urban population exposure to extreme heat

Heatwave threats rarely an urban priority, even as threats rise

'Silent emergency' as heat risks rise in Hong Kong - and globally

The emergence of heat and humidity too severe for human tolerance

Factors that exacerbate the danger of heatwaves:

Humidity is the real heatwave threat

Identifying key driving processes of major recent heatwaves

Heatwaves and health: guidance on warning-system development

It's not just the heat - it's the ozone: study highlights hidden dangers

Quantifying excess deaths related to heatwaves under climate change scenarios

The excess heat factor as a metric for heat-related fatalities: defining heat-wave risk categories



UK: national heatwave plan summary 

UK heatwaves lasting twice as long as 50 years ago

Heatwave classification over Europe and the Mediterranean region

Effects of apparent temperature on daily mortality in Lisbon and Oporto, Portugal

Top 10 European heatwaves since 1950 and their occurrence in the coming decades

Governing heatwaves in Europe: comparing health policy & practices; roles, responsibilities & collaboration


Russian heatwave had both manmade and natural causes

2010 Russian heatwave more extreme than previously thought 

Siberian heatwave of 2020 almost impossib;e without climate change

Reconciling two approaches to attribution of the 2010 Russian heatwave

North America:

Extreme heat: 66 deaths in Montreal in 2018 

New York City's poor targeted by silent killer: heat

The 2021 PNW heatwave and associated blocking

Nighttime heatwaves quadruple in the Pacific Northwest

Why are workers in the US still dying from heat exhaustion?

California: Study finds that heat-waves are moving toward coasts

Biden administration launches Heat.gov with tools for communities facing extreme heat

Population dynamics modify urban residents' exposure to extreme temperatures across the US

The North American heatwave shows we need to know how climate change will change our weather

South America:

Magnitude and frequency of heat and cold waves in recent decades: the case of South America


Deadly heatwaves could hit South Asia this century

Are humans to  blame for worsening heat waves in China?

Global warming already responsible for one in three heat-related deaths 

Have human activities changed the frequencies of absolute extreme temperatures in eastern China?

In Jacobabad, one of the hottest cities on the planet, a heatwave is pushing the limits of human livability