Soil Science

Soil is the bridge between geology and biology


Soil pHertility

Smog-forming soils

Soil & soil dynamics

A tale of two (soil) cities

Remote sensing of soils 

Hello people, goodbye soil

The fight to preserve our soil

Writing an equation for soil success

Biocrusts: the living skin of the Earth

Shedding a light on soil contaminants

Exploring a dynamic soil information system

Save Soil: our very body - Conscious Planet

Soil salinisation: a threat to our global pantry

Soil erosion must be stopped 'to save our future'

Earth's rapidly degrading soil is bad news for human health

Assesssment of land degradation 'on the ground' and from 'above'

How much soil goes down the drain - new data on soil lost due to water

Soil minerology:


Mineral database

Teaching mineralogy

In a grain, a glimpse of the Cosmos

Study tracks 'memory' of soil moisture

Earth's minerology is unique to the cosmos

Soil production breaks geologic speed record

Mineral diversity clue to early Earth chemistry

Secret soil cracks linger, despite surface sealing

The iron biogeochemical cycle - past and present

Understanding Earth’s eroding surface with Be

Throwing out the textbook: salt surprises chemists 

Researchers discover how soils control atmospheric hydrogen

Environmental characteristics of clays and clay mineral deposits  

New mineral classification system captures Earth's complex past

Research links soil mineral surfaces to key atmospheric processes

Ground surface temperature and continental heat gain: uncertainties from underground       

Soil bacteria & biodiversity:


Bacteria under your feet

Microbes can create dripstone

Work on barren soils bears fruit

Will grassland soil weather a change

State of knowledge of soil biodiversity

Soil bugs fight to survive climate change

Risks for biogeochemical cycles in the soil

Explore the ecological tapestry of the world

Bacteria get new badge as planet's detoxifier

A bacterial  powder for quickly stabilizing soils

Compost key to sequestering carbon in the soil

What a CERN for agricultural science could look like

The unbelievable underworld and its impact on all of us

Temperature and soil organic matter decomposition rates

Molecular microbiology methods for environmental diagnosis

What makes soil, soil? Researchers find hidden clues in DNA

Transparency and reproducibility in soil and ecosystem science

Biochar alters the resistance and resilience to drought in a tropical soil

Reclamation areas and their development studies by vegetation indices

Soil biogenic volatile organic compound flux in a mixed hardwood forest

Soil bacteria networks are less stable under drought than fungal networks

Mineral-acqueous solution interfaces and their impact on the environment 

Immense species richness of bacterial-eating microorganisms discovered in soil

Paradigm shifts in soil organic matter research affect interpretations of aquatic carbon cycling

As temperatures rise, soil will relinquish less carbon to the atmosphere than currently predicted           

Soil and climate:

Soils could aid climate change fight

Climate change and land degradation

The global land rush and climate change

The geological triggers of climate change

Deserts soak up an amazing amount of CO2

How soil feedbacks could affect climate change

Newly discovered microbe is key in climate change

'Climate-smart' soils may help balance carbon budget 

Loss of soil carbon due to climate change will be 'huge'

Hardwood forest floors are sinks for plant-produced volatiles

A soil-science revolution upends plans to fight climate change

Growth rings on rocks give up North American climate secrets

Soil structure is an important omission in Earth System Models

Soil science, regeneration and its impact on local climate - John D. Liu

Soils could release much more carbon than expected as climate warms

Biologist, soil scientists collaborate to refine climate change modeling tools

Soil biodiversity crucial to land management and response to climate change





Mediterranean soil degradation

Preserving Swiss soil quality in the long term

Continental-scale assessment of provisioning soil functions in Europe

Save our soils: harmonising data essential to success of Horizon Europe research mission


Conserving, restoring and enhancing Africa's soils


Soil and landscape grid of Australia