Water Waves

Waves in the coastal ocean   

Oceans in motion: waves and tides

Detailed origins of sea spray revealed 

Mathematical approaches in hydrodynamics

Oceanic El-Nino wave dynamics and climate networks

Pilot study reveals storm response of offshore lighthouses   

Sea surface waves caused by wind (wind waves):

Glitter helps to monitor ocean waves

How does the wind generate waves?

Ocean waves and winds are getting higher and stronger

Analysis and interpretation of frequency-wave number spectra of young wind waves


Submarine canyons breed megawaves in Japan

Storm waves with the power to heave massive boulders over cliffs

Upper-ocean warming is changing the global wave climate, making waves stronger

Standing waves:

Standing waves 

´╗┐Internal ocean waves: 

Spontaneous generation of internal waves

The ocean's hidden waves show their power

Scientists track speed of powerful internal waves

Scientists track monster waves below the ocean surface

New theory of deep-ocean sound waves may aid tsunami detection

Breaking deep-sea waves reveal mechanism for global ocean mixing´╗┐

Dissecting the ocean's unseen waves to learn where the heat, energy and nutrients go

Laboratory waves:

Creating waves that are frozen in time

Star-shaped waves spotted in shaken fluid

A mathematical advance in describing waves

Researchers catch extreme waves with high-resolution modeling

Famous freak wave recreated in lab mirrors Hokusai's 'Great Wave'

The saturation of fluid turbulence in breaking laboratory waves and implicatios for whitecaps


Run-ups of unusual size

1913 Great lakes 'White Hurricane' storm waves

Canada's Lake Erie whipped into a frenzy of 30' waves by autumnal storms

What we know about the internal waves that may have sunk Indonesia's submarine´╗┐