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Wetland ecosystems

Managing wetland ecosystems

Wetlands play vital role in carbon storage

Greenhouse production of native aquatic plants

Ecosystems and human well-being: wetlands and water

New technique tracks 'heartbeat' of hundreds of wetlands

Restored wetlands could lower local surface temperatures

Study reveals potent carbon storage potential of man-made wetlands

New system to restore wetlands could reduce massive floods, aid crops

No SDGs unless action is taken to reduce the deficit in natural infrastructure

New study reveals mechanism regulating methane emissions in freshwater wetlands

Development of dynamical wetlands hydrology scheme and application under different climate conditions


Ramsar information packs

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The Ramsar convention on wetlands

Ramsar handbooks for the wise use of wetlands


Why are salt marshes falling apart?

Marsh plants actively engineer their landscape

Negative impact of nutrients on coastal ecosystems

New technique quickly predicts salt marsh vulnerability 

NASA mapping hurricane damage to the Everglades, Puerto Rico forests

More than half of Hudson River tidal marshes were created accidentally by humans

Peat bogs:

Biochar could replace unsustainable peat moss in greenhouse industry

Rising temperatures enabled peatland formation at the end of the last ice age

From firebreaks to fire hazards: human activity and climate change are transforming the world's peatlands

Impact on local precipitation:

Vegetation impact on atmospheric moisture transport under increasing land-ocean temperature contrasts



Spain's Donana wetlands going dry, WWF warns

Systematic conservation planning in Europe ─ the case of wetland biodiversity

Aerial monitors shed light on reed die-back around Central Europe's largest lake


Managing wetlands for DRR: a case study of the easttern Free State, South Africa

North America:

Half of US tidal marsh areas vulnerable to rising seas

Louisiana wetlands struggling with sea-level rise four times the global average

Focusing on water for Central Everglades essential to reversing whole ecosystems continuing decline

South America:

Urban wetlands - a new  model for urban resilience in Colombo


China: saving internationally renowned wetlands

Peatlands of South East Asia are heading towards a socio-economic disaster

Spatial relationship between land use change & flood occurrences in urban Palembang, Indonesia