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Highlands and Drylands

Opposing mountain ranges

A Humboldtian view of mountains

The world's 10 highest mountains

List of the world's mountain ranges

Tallest mountain to deepest ocean trench

Infographic: The highest and lowest points on Earth

Challenges for mountain regions – tackling complexity

Generating multiple benefits from ecosystem-based adaptation in mountain ecosystems    

Formation & destruction of mountain ranges:

How powerful winds blew the mountains away

Scientists decipher forces driving mountain formation

Climate can grind mountains faster than they can be rebuilt

Mountain range is being created and destroyed by earthquakes

Climate change and biocultural adaptation in mountain communities

Effect of climate change in mountain regions:

Climate change and mountain areas

Towards a definition of Essential Mountain Climate Variables

Winter conditions are changing rapidly in alpine lake ecosystems

Climate change impact - a 3D look at the planet's mountain ranges

Climate change velocity underestimates climate change exposure in mountainous regions



Geology of the 2022 Winter Olympics site


Overview of Himalayas

Karakorum Mountanis of Asia     

Himalayan nations yet to break the ice

New date seen for creation of Himalayas

Human losses expected in Himalayan earthquakes 

Building the Himalaya from tectonic to earthquake scale

Building the Himalaya from tectonic to earthquake scales 

Scientists find extensive glacial retreat in Mount Everest region

Snow-Cover Mapping and Monitoring in the Hindu-Kush Himalayas

International conference on the cryosphere of the Hindu Kush Himalayas

Validation of NOAA CPC_RFE satellite-based rainfall estimates in the Cenral Himalayas

Early Cretaceous subduction initiation beneath southern Tibet caused the northward flight of India


Overview of the Rockies

Geologists shed light on formation of Alaska Range


Overview of the Andes   

When did the Andes mountains form?

10,000-year record shows uplift at Andean volcano

Scientists reconstruct ancient lost plates under Andes Mountains

Assessing the interaction between mountain forests and snow avalanches Chile, and its eco-based DRR

European Alps:

Overview of the Alps    

Thawing ice makes the Alps grow    

Atlantic influence on spring rainfall over the Alps in the last 150 years

Shifts in soil & plant functional diversity along an altitudinal gradient in the French Alps 


Kilimanjaro's iconic snows mapped in 3D

Moroccan mountains float on molten rock, study finds


Geologists discover how Australia's highest mountain was created

Unraveling the origins of Australia's ancient mountan chains


Fountain of youth underlies Antarctic mountains