Properties of Electro-Magnetism

Understanding Magnetism:


What's inside a magnet?

Early magnetism in the Universe

Taking animal magnetism to the extreme

Evidence for a human geomagnetic sense

A child's puzzle has helped unlock the secrets of magnetism


The magnetic soliton

The Einstein-de Haas effect

Magnetic fields at the crossroads

Artificial magnetic fields for photons

Measuring viscosity with magnetism

High-precision magnetic field sensing

The Hall effect, minus the magnetic field

Accurate probing of magnetism with light

First thin films of spin ice reveal cold secrets

Copper's surprising reaction to strong magnets

Magnetic vortices defy temperature fluctuations

Scientists build non-metal magnet out of carbon

Relatavistic dynamics of point magnetic moment

New insights into magnetic quantum effects in solids

Neutrons reveal unexpected magnetism in rare-earth alloy

Physicists discover new quantum trick for graphene: magnetism

Taking magnetism for a spin: exploring the mysteries of skyrmions

Record indoor magnetic field of 1200T generated by em flux-compressions

Miniscule magnets:

Elementary physics in a single molecule

Exploring the magnetism of a single atom

The weakest magnetic field in the solar system

Quantum sensing method measures miniscule magnetic fields

Scientists discover first high-temperature single-molecule magnet

Super sensitive measurement of magnetic fields in swinging atom

Researchers propose technique for measuring weak or non-existent magnetic fields

Electromagnetism, EM Waves, Radio, Light, Infrared, Ultraviolet:

Nuclear electric resonance

Wanted: high-index materials

4D physics in 2D - the Hall Effect

Next-generation vacuum electronics

Radio waves carry news of climate change

A new way to get electricity from magnetism

Ferroelectricity found in a novel liquid-crystal phase

Mobile radio network design in the VHF and UHF bands

New effect couples electricity and magnetism in materials

Edison and Tesla's 'current war' ushered in the electric age

Recent study reduces Casimir Force to lowest recorded level

Physicists may have accidentally discovered a new state of matter

New study demonstrates radio signal benefits from decade-old theory

Researchers visualize bacteria motor in first step toward human-produced electrical energy   

Infrared radiation:

Heat radiates 10,000 times faster at the nanoscale

Scientists show new way to absorb infrared radiation

Terahertz RF:

Towards mastering terahertz waves?

Terahertz imaging using atomic vapor

New device converts DC electric field to terahertz radiation

New laser opens up large, underused region of the em spectrum

'Vaporized' electrons in graphene boost signals into the terahertz range

Predicting how em waves interact with materials at the smallest scales    

Wave of the future: terahertz chips a new way of seeing through matter

A new generation of electron devices makes waves, trillions of them each second

Laser-based radio:

Complex light

The first laser radio transmitter

Looking at complex light wave forms

Ultrafast switch--on dynamics of frequency tuneable semiconductor lasers    

Atomic level RF devices:

Detecting radio waves with entangled atoms

An atomic receiver for AM and FM radio communications

World's smallest radio receiver has building blocks the size of two atoms

RF detection devices:

Nanobolometer with ultralow noise equivalent power

A better device for measuuring electromagnetic radiation

Radiation detector with the lowest noise in the world boosts quantum work

Antenna design:

Phased-Array antennas: can they deliver?

Model makes designing new antennas orders of magnitude faster

A strain-based antenna paves the way to portable long-rangs transmitters

The RF spectrum + machine learning = a new wave in radio technology

Instruments to assess and measure personal and environmental rf-em field exposures

RF Spectrum Allocation:

New regulatory frontiers at ITU

Evolving satellite communications

Terrestrial wireless communications

Spectrum Collaboration Challenge (SC2)

Managing spectrum for evolving technologies

Harvesting RF energy:

Harvesting energy from electromagnetic waves

New ground in wireless energy generation for future electronic gadgets

Development of highly sensitive diode, converts microwaves to electricity

Impact of RF on Natural Systems:

5G appeal

Radio signals skew bird's internal navigation

Exposure of insects to RF EMF from 2 to 120 GHz

The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation

Electron scattering loss in Earth's inner magnetosphere

Van Allen probes spot man-made barrier shrouding Earth

Radio communications have a surprising influence on Earth's near-space environment

Radiation from space:

Mystery of strange radio bursts from space

Something is sending FRBs in 16-day cycles 

Prioidic activity from a fast radio burst source

New understanding of the evolution of cosmic electrmagnetic fields

Satellite radio:

Evolving satellite communications

How Cubesats are revolutionizing radio science

Early Pioneers:

Charles Wheatstone    Wheatstone bridge

André-Mariie Ampère    The ampere as a unit of electrical current

Alessandro Volta    The volt as a unit of electric potential difference

Oliver Heaviside: a first rate oddity    Heaviside predicted Cherenkov Radiation

James Clerk Maxwell   The impact of Maxwell's work    James Clerk Maxwell - a modern educator