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Ozone hole watch  

Ozone Hole watch    

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What is the Ozone Hole?

NASA Ozone Hole watch

Mystery in the ozone layer   

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FAQs about the Ozone Hole

The process of ozone depletion

Severe ozone depletion avoided        

Grid facilitates ozone predictions

2020 Antarctic ozone hole is large and deep

How NASA keeps tabs on air pollution from space

NASA reveals new results from inside the ozone hole

NASA ozone study may benefit air standards, climate

Cambridge scientist Joe Farman who helped find ozone 'hole' dies

New simulation shows consequences of a world without Earth's natural sunscreen      

Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) team spots fingerprints on Earth's atmosphere

Ozone Hole Treaty:

Montreal Protocol

Ozone-protection treaty had climate benefits, too

Protection for the ozone layer: sugar molecules bind harmful CFCs 

Study finds first direct proof of ozone hole recovery due to chemicals ban

Increase in ozone destroying substances - but Montreal Protocol on track

Northern Hemispere:

An Arctic ozone hole? Not quite

NASA pinpoints causes of 2011 Arctic ozone hole

Ozone hole in northern hemisphere to recover completely by 2030

In a high-stakes environmental whodunit, many clues point to China

The Arctic and the Ozone Layer: stabilizing our environment and climate

Southern Hemisphere:

The Antarctic ozone hole: an update

Area of Antarctic ozone depletion reaches annual peak

Pollution over Southeast Asia may threaten ozone health

Ozome may be weakening one of Earth's most important cooling mechanisms in the Southern Hemisphere

Threats to the Ozone Layer:

What happened to the world's ozone hole?

Simulation portrays ozone intrusions from aloft

Monitoring network assesses ozone layer threats

Common coolants contribute to ozone hole depletion

Ozone-depleting compund persists, NASA research shows

Research reveals four new man-made gases in the atmosphere

Tracking down lingering source of carbon tetrachloride emissions

Smoke from Australian fires rose higher into the ozone layer than ever before

High ozone levels in tropical Pacific caused by fires burning in Africa and Asia

A growing threat to the ozone layer from short-lived anthropogenic chlorocarbons