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El Nino induced by volcanic eruptions plays a key role in the decrease of global precipitation

Rainfall and climate change: 

Climate forecasts may be flawed, says study

Climate models overestimate rainfall increases

Scientists find precipitation, global warming link

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Global warming increases rain in world's driest areas

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Observed and simulated precipitation responses in wet and dry regions 1850-2100

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Significant increases in extreme precipitation - associations to global warming over land monsoon regions 

Precipitation datasets:

Real-time precipitable water

Painting the world with water

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Rain bombs & microbursts:

Rare wet microburst caught on camera


Hail loading on roofs - Australia

Hail can't hide from deep learning, researcher finds 

Fine-tuning severe hail forecasting with machine learning

Hail causes the most storm damage costs across North America 


Improving satellite estimates of global snowfall

Global warming brings more snow to Antarctica

How can we find out how much snow is in the world?

The amount of snow in the Northern Hemisphere can now be reliably estimated


Bacteria floating 30,000 feet overhead could be influencing the weather


Volcanism disrupts northern precipitation

Increased rainfall in tropics caused by more frequent big storms

Effects of declining aerosols on projections of zonally averaged tropical precipitation


Rising mountains dried up Central Asia

Recent decades likely wettest in four millenia in Tibet 

Reduced rainfall in the northern tropics linked to industrial emissions

Changes in snow cover over China in the 21st century as simulated by a high-res RCC

The seawater temperature distribution in tropics causes the low amount of rainfall in East Asia

Learning from the 2018 western Japan heavy rains to detect floods during the 2019 Hagibis Typhoon

An abrupt rainfall decrease over Asian inland plateau region  around 1999 and possible underlying cause

Contribution of pollution to the decadal change of rainfall over eastern China in summer monsoon season

Interdecadal changes to interannual variability of precipitation & atmospheric circulation in northern Eurasia


Weather station's return provides archival database for Adelaide observations

Using GNSS for real-time moisture analysis and forcasting over the Australian region 


Closing the Pacific rainfall data void    

Rainfall in South Pacific was more variable before 20th Century


Past and future rainfall in the Horn of Africa

Greenhouse gases linked to past African rainfall

Identification of deficiencies in seasonal rainfall simulated by CMIP5 cliamte models

The DACCIWA Project (Dynamics-Aerosol-Chemistry-Cloud Interactions in West Africa)

Temperature changes and precipitation extremes over the Greater Horn of Africa region from 1961-2010


We desperately need to predict what climate change is doing to UK rainfall

Future changs in atmospheric rivers and their implications for winter flooding in Britain

Evaluation of modeled changes in extreme precipitation in Europe and the Rhine basin

Scientists unpack the history of Western France, written in 300 million year old rainwater

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The Americas:

Scanning a snow storm

Boston's record snow year 2015

UCI introduces iRain smartphone app

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Projected US precipitation changes by 2100

America could soon face more days of 'extreme rainfall' 

Rainfall accumulation across the US (1/1/2015-7/16/2015)

Snowfall rates from satellite data help weather forecasters

NASA opens new era in measuring Western US snowpack

Soil moisture, snowpack data could help predict 'flash droughts'

Heavy rainfall events becoming more frequent on Hawai'i Island

Extreme downpours could increase fivefold across parts of the US

Warming seas double snowfall around North America's tallest peaks

Global warming to cut snow water storage 56% in Oregon watershed

California's snowpack is at near record levels, and here's how NASA knows

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Continental-scale convection-permitting modeling of the current and future climate of North America

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