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Permafrost- what is it?

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Using AI to detect permafrost thawing

SMOS detects freezing soil as winter takes grip

Global terrestrial network for permafrost (GTN-P) 

The pace at which the world's permafrost soils are warming 

Global permfrost zones in high resolution images on Google Earth

Permafrost thermal state in the polar Northern Hemisphere during the IPY 2007~2009: a synthesis

Permafrost and organic layer interactions over a climate gradient in a discontinuous permafrost zone

Factoring permafrost dynamics into climate modelling:

New knowledage about permafrost improving climate models

'Abrupt thaw' of permafrost beneath lakes could significantly afffect climate change models

Permafrost model sensitivity to seasonal climatic changes and extreme events in mountainous regions


Thawing permfrost quickly turns into CO2

Tundra fires to blame for thawing permfrost

Wildfires trigger long-term permafrost thawing

As permafrost thaws, scientists study the risks

Signs of thawing permafrost revealed from space

The permafrost is melting fast, and that affects us all

Permafrost  thawing could accelerate global warming

Some Arctic ground no longer freezing - even in winter

Rapid ice-wedge melting accelerates permafrost decline

Groundwater flow may contribute to submarine permafrost thaw

Focus on changing permafrost in a warming world: observation and implication 

Thawing permafrost more than 50M years ago may have led to extreme global warming

Linear disturbances on permafrost: implications for thaw-induced changes to cover and drainage patterns

GHG emissions:

Sunlight, not microbes, key to CO2 in Arctic

High Arctic emissions of a strong greenhouse gas

Study measures methane release from permafrost

Experiments reveal how permafrost carbon becomes CO2

Is Arctic permafrost the "sleeping giant'" of climate change?

On warmer Earth, most of Artic may remove, not add, methane

The tundra - a dark horse in planet Earth's greenhouse gas budget

Scientists predict gradual, prolonged permafrost greenhouse gas emissions

Cryogenic disturbance and its impact on carbon fluxes in a sub-Arctic heathland

Sunlight stimulates release of climate-warming gas from melting Arctic permafrost

A simpler way to estimate the feedback between permafrost carbon and the climate

Permafrost soil is possible source of abrupt rise in greenhouse gases at end of last Ice Age

Permafrost degradation and methane: low risk of biogeochemical climate-warming feedback

Large methane emission upon spring thaw from natural wetlands in the northern permafrost region

Release of pathogens from a thawing permafrost:

Permafrost's turn of the microbes

Pathogens could be freed from thawing permafrost

Earth's ancient life forms are awakening after 40,000 years in permafrost

What lies beneath: as Earth warms, diseases within permafrost become a bigger worry

An open letter to the WHO from scientific and indigenous people urging paleo-microbiology studies

Rapidly warming Arctic could cause spread of nuclear waste, undiscovered viruses & dangerous chemicals



Siberian larch forests are  still linked to the ice age

Methane is leaking from permafrost offshore Siberia

Siberia's enormous hole in te ground is getting bigger

In Siberia there is a huge crater and it is getting bigger

Siberian permafrost thaw warning sparked by cave data

Baby bison are being flown to Siberia to try to save  the permafrost

Carbon release from collapsing coastal permafrost in Arctic Siberia

On carbon transport and fate in the East Siberian Arctic land-shelf-atmosphere system

Thawing permafrost : the speed of coastal erosion in Eastern Siberia has nearly doubled

Changes in the 1963-2013 shallow ground thermal regime in Russian permafrost regions

Canada & Alaska:

Alaska's permafrost is thawing

The great thaw of America's north is coming

Northern lake to fall of cliff due to climate change 

Warming climate claims chunks of Alaska's northern coast

Massive permafrost thaw documented in Canada, portends huge carbon release

Climate and ground temperature relations at sites across the permafrost zones, northern Canada

Extremes of summer climate trigger thousands of thermokarst landslides in a high Arctic environment   

Effect of permafrost thaw on CO2 and CH4 exchange in a western Alaska peatland chronosequence


Bacteria, methane and other dangers within Siberia's melting permafrost