Lightning & Sprites

Lightning research

Lightning still largely a mystery    

New evidence on lightning strikes 

We don't actually know what triggers lightning strikes  

Lightning does actually strike in the same place twice

Lightning expected to increase by 50% with global warming

Laser lightning rod: guiding bursts of electricity with a flash of light

Study provides a new method to measure the energy of a lightning strike 

Links between lightning and gamma rays, cosmic rays & magnetic fields:

Firestation travels to the ISS

Do cosmic rays grease lightning?

Study confirms link between gamma rays, lightning strikes

Sun's rotating magnetic field pulls more lightning toward Earth

Lightning signature could help reveal the Solar System's origin

Lightning-made waves in Earth's atmosphere leak into space

Observations from space and ground reveal clues about lightning

Simultaneous observations of EIP, TGF, Elve, and optical lightning

Lightning sprites:

What's up there?

Gallery of sprite photographs

Understanding sprite formation

Heliophysics nugget: seeing sprites         

Lightning sprites are out-of-this-world 

Sprites, elves and glow discharge tubes   

Extreme lightning:

Large-scale spider lightning

Salty seas make lightning brighter

WMO certifies megaflash lightning extremes

200 mile lightning bolt sets record as world's longest 

Lightning 'superbolts' form over oceans from November to February

Solar rotational cycle in lightning activity in Japan in the 18-19th centuries

Mapping lightning strikes:  

How to map a lightning strike   

Geostationary lightning mapper

Mapping lightning strikes from space

Identifying lightning strokes with continuing current

Meteorological imagery for the geostationary lightning mapper

Thunder and lightning -  what determines where and when thunderstorms occur?

Predicting lightning strikes:

New study hints at bespoke future of lightning forecasting

New model predicts lightning strikes, alert system to follow

Nowcasting lightning occurrence with commonly available meteorological parameters and machine learning 

Ocean-based lightning:

Coarse sea spray inhibits lightning

How shipping might be making more lightning

Ship exhaust makes oceanic thunderstorms more intense

Volcanic lightning:

Lightning network helps get a handle on volcanoes

'Whistling' volcanic lightning heard halfway around the world

Ball lightning:

Collecting anecdotes

The mystery of ball lightning

Dark lightning:

The dark side of dark lightning     

Scientists detect dark lightning linked to visible lightning



Meteorological & geographical factors associated with dry lightning in Central & Northern California 


Lightning patterns change with global warming

Contrasting future lightning stories across Europe

Modulation of UK lightning by heliospheric magnetic field polarity

Lightning in the Mediterranean and its relation with sea-surface temperature


Characteristics of cloud-to-ground lightning activity over Hubei Province, China

Locating parent lightning strokes of sprites observed over a mesoscale convective system in China