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The 1st World Landslide Forum

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TRMM satellite confirms 2010 landslides

Landslides triggered by human activity on the rise

Creeping earth could hold secret to deadly landslides

Landslide fatalities are greater than previously thought

Global toll from landslides is heaviest in developing countries

A review of the recent literature on rainfall thresholds for landslide occurrence

A systematic review of of the health impacts of mass earth movements (landslides)

Risk & Risk Reduction:

Landslide risks rise up agenda

How landslides become disasters

Landslides are growing risk to poorest

Science helps understand landslide risk

Plant diversity protects against landslides

Community-based landslide risk reduction

Global patterns of loss of life from landslides

NASA map reveals a new landslide risk factor

Global promotion for understanding of landslide disaster risk

New technology may speed up, build awareness of landslide risks

Landslide susceptibility assessment of wildfire burnt areas through EO and ML techniques

Early Warning Systems:


Predicting landslides with light

An early warning system for landslide danger

Early warning from space of homes on the slide

Research aims to predict landslides through smell

Taking a landslides temperature to avert catastrophe

IoT early warning system helps save people from mudslides

A near-real-time tool to characterize global landslide hazards

Can satellites be used as an early warning system for landslides?

Satellite-based assessment of rainfall-trigggered landslide hazard for situational awareness

How much does the rainfall temporal resolution affect rainfall thresholds for landslide triggering?

nverse velocity method for setting alarm thresholds & forecasting landslides and structural collapse

Combining remote sensing monitoring to improve the understanding of a landslide in alpine environment

Landslide Dynamics:

Vibrations make large landslides flow like fluid

Cold temperatures set off slow-moving landslides

Geomorphological investigations on landslide dams

Effect of long-duration rainstorm on stability of red-clay slopes

Rock shape should be given greater consideration in risk assessments

Critical hydraulic gradients for seepage-induced failure of landslide dams

Undersea Landslides:

Hidden underwater landslides pose new dangers in the Gulf of Mexico

Landslide Modelling:

A satellite-based global landslide model 

Use of LIDAR in landslide investigations: a review

Numerical simulation of landslide over erodible surface

Geologist reveals correlation betwen earthquakes, landslides

Why scientists are worried about a landslide no one saw or heard

Some important considerations in analysis of earthquake-induced landslides

A physical model considered the effect of overland water flow on rainfall-induced shallow landslides

Runoff-erosion modelling at micro-watershed scale:  a comparison of self-organizing maps structures

Debris Flow:

Seismometer readings could offer debris flow early warning




Landslide mapping in the Swiss Alps

The raw, terrifying power of a mudslide - Bondo, Switzerland


FraneItalia: a catalog of recent Italian landslides

Italy: Geomorphological investigations on landslide dams

Assessing and improving flood and landslide awareness and engagement via a web platform: Italy


A participatory process to develop a landslide warning system: Uooer Austria


Video animation of landslide dambreak and catastrophic flood Tbiisi, Georgia

East Asia:


Hiiroshima: improving disaster preparedness


Bringing the landslide laboratory to remote regions

China's Three Gorges Dam prompts more evacuations

China steps up disaster prevention work in Zhouqu after massive landslide


Malaysia: research identifies 21,000 landslide hotspots


The Southern Leyte Landslide 2006


Landslides could become Indonesia's worst nightmare

South Asia:


Bhutan: ten years later .... landslide hotspots stabilise


No early warning for Nepal's deadly landslides

Mitigating geohazard risk to help save lives in Nepal

Landslide loss and damage in Sindhupalchok District, Nepal


The Pakyong Airport landslide issue in India

Making sense of landslide danger after Kerala's floods

Deadly Indian landslide may have been a man-made disaster

Climate change could trigger more landslides in high mountain Asia

North America:

Nobody wins in a landslide

Rain turns dirt into disaster


Investigators probe Bute Inlet B.C. lanslide in bid to understand glacial retreat 


5.5-mile-long landslide spotted in Alaska

Pacific Northwest:

Washington State slide swipe map

Oso landslide report yields some answers

Science saw the Washington mudlside coming

The Oso mudslide and the community that survived it

When Seattle shakes from quakes, it's going to slide, too

Watching a ridge slide in slow mation, a town braces for disaster

Oso landslide: differences of opinion about the landslide mechanism


Glacial mudslides - Mount Shasta

Rainfall kick-starts slow-moving landslides in California

Slowing of landslide flows reflects California's drying climate

Deadly California mudslides show the need for maps and zoning that better reflect landslide risk


Forensic analysis of landslide reveals Colorado rocky secrets


Utah: mine landslide triggered quakes


Prehistoric landslide was bigger than three Ohio counties

South America:

Danger still lingers two years after Colombia's deadly Mocoa landslide

Lima's time bomb: how mudslides threaten the world's greatest 'self-built' city

Strengthening urban resilience through nature: reduction of landslide risk in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Map depicting susceptibility to landslides triggerd by intense rainfall, Peurto Rico


Sierra Leone mudslide survivors live in fear of fresh disaster

When the ground opened: horizontal landslides empty Kenya

How can Sierra Leone learn from mudslide to avert future deaths?

Landslides in Equitorial Africa - identifying feasible resilience strategies

The impact of landslides on household income in tropical regions: a case study from Uganda


Ancient undersea landslide discovered in Australia

New Zealand: managing debri flow and landslide hazards