Small parts, major effect

Air quality for the top 195 world cities

What's in the air? There's more to it than we thought

Jelly-like atmospheric particles resist chemical aging

Airborne particles smuggle pollutants to far reaches of globe

Ultrafine particles raise concerns about improved cookstoves

NASA's world tour of the atmosphere reveals surprises along the way

The underestimated cooling effect on the planet from historic wildfires

Intricate features in the lifetime and deposition of atmospheric particles

Aerosol indirect effect in the thermal spectral range as seen from satellites

Intricate features in the lifetime and deposition of atmospheric aerosol particles 

Towards the assessment of the aerosol radiative effects - a global modelling approach

Relative humidity and its effect on aerosol optical depth in the vicinity of convective clouds 

Copernicus Sentinel 5P releases first data


Black carbon and brown clouds

A compelling mechanism for soot formation

The dark side of kerosene lamps: high black carbon emissions

Cold, supersaturated urban air could be accelerating pollutant particle growth

Morphology of diesel soot residuals from supercooled water droplets and ice crystals

Black carbon radiative effects highly sesnitive to emitted particle size when resolving mixing state certainty

Dust & Soil:

Saharan dust in the wind

Saharan dust in the Amazon Basin

Minerals in erodible soils and aerosol 

How dust changed the face of the Earth

The past, present and future of African dust

Sand dunes are important desert dust sources

Dust storms spread deadly diseases worldwide

Dust's warming counters half of its cooling effect

Dust in the wind drove iron fertilization during the ice age

Soil and Dust Mineralogy: iron carried by dust and impacts

Short-cut transport path for Asian dust directly to the Arctic

Global Mineral Database on 30sec resolution of potentially dust productive soils

Aerosols transporting life, pollen;

Aging of organic aerosols caused by OH radicals

How microscopic ocean life may help make it rain

Pollen influences optical properties of the atmosphere

Microbes rain down from above, to the tune of the seasons

Intercontinental dispersal of bacteria and archaea in transpacific winds

Biological activity alters the ability of particles from sea-spray to seed clouds

Aerosols from wildfires:

Scientists glimpse fresh aerosols from wildfires

Morphology and mixing state of individual freshly emitted wildfire carbonaceous particles

Aerosols emitted by aviation & shipping:

Jet contrails affect surface temperatures

Temporal and spatial variability in the aviation NOx-related O3 impact

Aerosols that are radio-active:

Plutonium from nuclear tests lingers in tbe atmosphere

Aerosol impact on Precipitation, and vice-versa:    

Why you can smell rain

Aerosols strengthen storm clouds

Rainfall can release aerosols, study finds

Aerosol generation by raindrop impact on soil

Aerosol effect on the mobility of cloud droplets

Tiny particles have outsized impact on storm clouds and precipitation

Aerosol impact on Climate, and vice-versa: 

A warmer world will be a hazier one

Missing chapters of the climate story

Smell of forest pine can limit climate change

Sulfate aerosols cool climate less than assumed

Climate science boost with tropical aerosols profile

Study of aerosols stands to improve climate models

Black carbon: one piece of the climate change puzzle

New study connect exploding stars, clouds and Earth climate

Evaluating the contribution of black carbon to climate change

Change in atmospheric mineral aerosols in response to climate

Climate models miss most of the coarse dust in the atmosphere

Climate change scientists must turn their attention to clean skiesl

Black carbon larger cause of climate change than previously assessed

Towards the assessment of the climate effects of secondary organic aeroso

Black carbon: better monitroing needed to assess health and climate change effects

The influence of anthropogenic aerosol on multi-decadal variations of historic global climate

Anthropogenic contribution to cloud condensation nuclei and the first aerosol indirect climate effect


Arctic aerosols

North America:     

Ash clouds cross the Atlantic Ocean

The influence of aerosols on North Atlantic cyclones

Dust dominates foreign aerosol imports to North America

"Warming hole" delayed climate change over Eastern USA

Researchers produce first atlas of airborne microbes across USA

Exploring North Atlantic ocean waters to characterize atmospheric aerosols 

Greenland ice cores show industrial record of acid rain, succes of US Clean Air Act

Plumes across the Pacific deliver thousands of microbial species to the US West Coast


Dust from Africa affects snowfall in California

Satellite tracks Saharan dust to Amazon in 3D

African smoke is fertilizing Amazon rainforest and oceans

Aerosol interactions with African/Atlantic climate dynamics

Saharan dust is key to the formation of Bahamas' Great Bank

Rapid climate change and the role of dust on the Southern Ocean

The Southern Kalahari: a potential new dust source in the Southern Hemisphere?


China tells local meteorological bureaus to stop smog alerts

Asian air pollution could have impact on global weather patterns

Toward a fire and haze early warning system for Southeast Asia

Variability and trends of aerosol properties over Kanpur, northern India using AERONET data (2001–10

Environmental effects of the recent emission changes in China: particulate matter pollution & soil acidification)


Atmospheric chemistry monitoring by CAMS

German meteorological project to reveal fina dust and air pollution in cities