Properties of Water, Ice & Snow


Extreme water

When water speaks

Water under tension

Electrons in the water

Circular hydraulic jump

Researchers part water

Water that never freezes

Lightning bolt underwater

When water and air meet

The fourth phase of water

Water caged in buckyballs

World's fastest water heater

Trampolining water droplets

Elusive forms of water found?

The strange behavior of water

New properties of water found

Water makes the proton shake

Physicists creat water tractor beam

Water doesn’t have to freeze until -55 F

Weird world of water gets a little weirder 

How water gets its exceptional properties

Electronic entropy enhances water splitting

Surface physics: how water learns to dance

Exploring the mysteries of supercooled water

Unfrozen mystery: H2O reveals a new secret

The origin of water's unusual properties found

A single ion impacts a million water molecules

Water is surprisingly ordered on the nanoscale

Physicists discover new quantum state of water

New insights into the supercritical state of water

Why water splashes: new theory reveals secrets  

To make hydrogen peroxide, all you need is water

Quantum model reveals surface structure of water

Researchers discover new state of water molecule

Through machine learning, new model holds water

New way to to detect ortho-para conversion in water

Fast x-ray scattering reveals water's two liquid phases

Thin layers of water behave like ice at room temperature

Evidence of a new quantum state of nano-confined water

Researchers reveal behaviors of the tiniest water droplets

Original tetrahedral molecular structure of water confirmed

The behavior of water: scientists find new properties of H2O

Scientists take first dip into water's mysterious 'no man's land'

Black, hot 'sperionic' ice may be Nature's most common form of water

Machine learning and quantum mechanics team up to understand water

Familiar yet strange: water's 'split personality' revealed by computer model

Rare 'baby rattle' molecules reveal new quantum properties of H2O and H2

For the first time, scientists catch water molecules passing the proton baton

ALMA traces history of water in planet formation back to the interstellar medium

Protons hop from one water molecule to another given suitable energy conditions

Water's compressibility: Sandia experiments may force revision of astrophysical models of the universe


Ice is a rock that flows

Fungus shapes hair ice

Ice is two-faced under pressure

Scientists probe the limits of ice

Freezing singularities in water drops

CO2 enhances fragility of ice crystals

Study calculates the speed of ice formation

First experimental evidence for superionic ice

A new theory describes ice's slippery behavior

Chipping away at the secrets of ices formation

Scientists reveal new ice with record-low density

Scientists predict cool new phase of superionic ice

How many water molecules does it take to make ice?

How water droplets freeze: the physics of ice and snow

Hair ice: the strange phenomenon of 'cany floss' on trees

Scientiists discover bacteria that make ice, clouds and rain

Scientists have created Ice-19; a brand new state of matter 

Black, hot 'superionic' ice may be Nature's most common form of water

New insights about carbon and ice could clarify inner workings of Earth

Ice-nucleating bacteria control the order and dynamics of interfacial water

New understanding of liquid-like materials to solid state transition discovered

Chipping away at how ice forms could keep windshields, power lines ice-free

Versatile tool measures changes in ice behavior over wide temperature range

The temperature-dependent near-infrared absorption spectrum of hexagonal H2O ice

New form of ice could help explore exciting avenues for energy production and storage

Molecular interactions with ice: molecular embedding, adsorption, detection, and release

Unexpected observation of ice at low temperature, high pressure questions ice, water theory

Enabling new detection for beyond standard model physics with in-situ measurements of ice luminescence


Crystal growth in ice and snow

The formation of snow crystals

NASA visualizes the dance of a melting snowflake


Exposing the salty truth of supercritical water transitions

4 orders of magnitude enhancement of crown ether complexation in an aqueous phase coexistent with ice


How do solids melt?


Steady state vapor bubble in pool boiling

New research introduces 'pause button' for boiling

Water's surface not all wet: some water molecules split the difference between gas and liquid


Milikelvins drive droplet evaporation  

Novel algorithm simulates water evaporation at the nanoscale

Structural memory of water persists on a picosecond timescale

Resolving the controversy on the glass transition temperature of water?

Reactions with other materials:

The chemical menace inside glaciers and icebergs

Water's reaction with metal oxides opens doors for researchers