The tsunami story 

Tsunami alarm system  

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Tsunamis leave a chemical trail

Understanding tsunamis with EM fields

Breaking the rules for how tsunamis work

Magnetic fields key to better tsunami data 

Virtual reality gives drivers tsunami scenario

Shallow waves may help explain tsunami power

How do tsunamis differ from other water waves?

Offshore islands might not shield coastlines from tsunami waves 

Continental shelf shape leads to long-lasting tsunami edge waves 

Researcher proposes novel mechanism to stop tsunamis in their tracks


The megatsunami: possible modern threat

Megatsunami: evidence of 800' wave worries experts

Signs of ancient megatsunami could portend modren hazard

A neolithic mega-tsunami event in the eastern Mediterranean

Huge global tsunami followed dinosaur-killing asteroid impact

Ancient megatsunami reached the height of Manhattan skyscraoers

Landslide triggered tsunamis:

Global warming hikes risk of landslide tsunamis

Assessing tsunami risk from from very large volcanic island landslides


Switzerland could be hit by a tsunami

Switzerland braces for Alpine lake tsunami

Early warning and preparedness:

When to cancel a tsunami warning

Streamling rapid tsunami forecasting

Ships could provide earlier tsunami warnings

Evacuation from tsunamis: getting out of harms way

Scientisis look to skies to improve tsunami detection

The fight to save thousands of lives with sea-floor sensors

Tsunamis create magnetic fields that could act as early warning systems

Global Navigation Satellite System enhancement for tsunami early warning systems

Direct comparison of thetsunami-generated magnetic field with sea level change for the 2009 Samoa and 2010 Chile tsunamis  

Tsunami risk management:

The varied costs of catastrophe

Storm surge reduction by mangroves

Bioshields best defense against disasters

The role of mangroves in tsunami reduction

Reducing and managing the risk of tsunamis

Probability analysis improves hazard assessment

Maximum tsunami height prediction using pressure guage data by a guassian process

The protective benefits of tsunami mitigation parks and ramifications for their strategic design

Citizen science as a catalyst for community resilience building: a two-phased tsunami case study 

Tsunamis and Other Hazards Related to Sea-Level Warning and Mitigation Systems (TOWS-WG)

Deciphering the tsunami wave impact and associated connection forces in open-girder coastal bridges

Coastal impact of previous tsunamis:

AMCG make ancient tidal wave

Animation of 1700 Cascadia tsunami

The Great Quake and the Great Drowning

Tsunami devastated Europe 8150 years ago

The terrifying tsunami that devastated Britain

Prehistoric North Sea 'Atlantis' hit by 5m tsunami

300' megatsunami triggered by Greenland landslide

Ancient tsunami tied to volcanic flank collapse in Italy

Ancient tsunamis may explain prehistoric mass graves

Tsunamis in the Mediterranean Sea 2000BC - 2000AD

Indonesian cave reveals nearly 5,000 years of tsunamis

Massive debris pile reveals risk of huge tsunamis in Hawaii

Mystery of missing tsunamis explained by geological models

Ancient quake and tsunami in Puget Sound shake researchers

New study reconstructs mega-earthquakes timeline in Indian Ocean

Millennial paleotsunami history at Minna Island, southern Ryukyu Isands, Japan

First comprehensive paleoseismic study of the southern end of the Cascadian Subduction Zone

Palaeo- tsunami inundation distances deduced from roundness of gravel particles in tsunami deposits 

Scientists say a tsunami hit China 1,999 years ago - and there's still a risk of a giant wave hitting today


Pacific Ocean:

Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

Tsunami risk management in the context of the Pacific islands

Tsunami forecast model animation: three tsunamis in one day from the Tonga-Kermadec subduction zone


How Japan is predicting tsunamis

Japan's new warning: 100-foot tsunami possible

Japan tsunami makes waves in more than just the ocean

Japanese slow earthquakes could shed light on tsunami generation


Philippines: assesment of the tsunami alert 


New tsunami computer model helps Tonga handle disaster

New Zealand:

Review of tsunami hazard in New Zealand

NZ: sensor network warns of stealth tsunamis

New Zealand's tsunami tracking system aces its first test

Australia East Coast:

Eastern Australia a tsunami hotspot

The tsunami risk in Australia: making waves

Tsunami emergency planning in Australia handbook

Tsunami threat to Sydney intensifies need for increased awareness

Modeling potential & historic events: the tsunami threat to Sydney Harbour: 

Community understanding of tsunami risk and and warning systems in Australia

US West Coast:

US tsunami awareness and safety

The SAFRR California tsunami scenario

Tsunami and earthquake research at the USGS

California city to build tsunami resistant harbor

US National tsunami hazard mitigation program

California maps will identify tsunami danger zones

Experts team up on tsunami resillience in California

Rising above the risk: America's first tsunami refuge

Community exposure to tsunami hazards in California

California overhauling its tsunami evacuation scenarios

Study outlines impact of tsunami on the Columbia River

Catalina Island's slow sink - and potential tsunami hazard

What would flood if a huge tsunami hits Southern California?

Oregon's tsunami risk: between the devil and the deep blue sea

Greater tsunami risk from Southern California quake, study finds

DNR releases new maps to help residents walk to tsunami safety

New images from under Alaska seafloor suggest high tsunami danger

Fast walking could spare thousands from Pacific NW tsunami, study says

A mega-tsunami in the Pacific northwest? It could be worse ethan expected

Catastrophe like Japan's could hit the US Pacific Northwest, new data show

Simulation shows tsunami 42' high hitting Seattle in minutes of major quake on the Seattle fault 

Central America:

The legacy of the 1992 Nicaragua tsunami


Tsunami records show increased hazards for Chile's Central Coast

The contribution of tsunami evacuation analysis to evacuation planningin Chile: a multi-perspective view

Indian Ocean:

Indian Ocean

Capacity assessment of tsunami preparedness in the Indian ocean


Animation of the Banda Aceh tsunami 

Additional animation of the Banda Aceh tsunami

Sumatra coastal cave records stunning tsunami history

Anak Krakatau volcano emergency early warning system

Indonesia's indigenous languages hold the secrets of surviving disaster

Krakatoa is still active, and we are not ready for the tsunamis that will be generated 


Thailand: social perticipation and DRR behaviors in tsunami prone areas

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka: Tsunami study stresses preparedness

Australia West Coast:

CSIRO tsunami modelling for the Australian west coast 

Age determiniation of paleotsunami sediments around Lombok Island, Indonesia

Atlantic Ocean:

Tsunami detection equipment to be placed in Atlantic

Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Tsunami Early Warning and Mitigation System in the North-eastern Atlantic, the Mediterranean and connected seas (ICG/NEAMTWS

US East Coast:

Earthquakes are US East Coast's biggest tsunami threat

Innovative tsunami & flood shelter system to be funded by the crowds


How big can a tsunami be in the Caribbean?

BVI to participate in regional simulation exercise

Tsunami caused long-term ecosystem change in the Caribbean


List of tsunamis in Europe

Scientists investigate how to defend Europe against tsunamis

Tsunamis can happen along any coastline, including in Norway

Massive Portuguese earthquake 'could send a 3m high tsunami towards British submerging Isles of Scilly

Mediterranean Sea:


Mediterranean tsunami simulations

Are devastating tsunamis possible in the Mediterranean?

Tsunnami alert efficiency in the Eastern Mediterannean Sea