Earthquakes & Seismic Waves


Shakeout scenario

The trembling Earth    

Earthquake glossary    

Shazam for earthquakes

An earthquake in a maze

Probing for earthquakes' origins

Hotspots as earthquake trigger points

The search for the earthquake nucleus

Earthquake statistics vary with fault size

Earthquakes of the 20th Century animated

Do weak global stressors synchronize earthquakes?

Earthquakes generate big heat in super-small areas

Runaway process drives intermediate-depth earthquakes

Research redefines the properties of faults when rock melts

Finding fault: new information may help understand earthquakes

Climate conversations - Is climate change increasing earthquakes?

Researchers demonstrate earthquake friction effect at the nanoscale

Study to determine mechanism associated with fault weakening in earthquakes

Perspective: comparison of recent & historic earthquakes by energy release       

Seismologists find large earthquakes can trigger smaller ones In unlikely locations

Earthquake aftershocks:

What drives aftershocks?    

Do aftershock probabilities decay with time

Earthquake swarms:

Investigating the origin of seismic swarms

'Tiny earthquakes' help scientists predict mountain rock falls

Importance of small earthquakes for stress transfers and earthquake triggering

Deep earthquakes:

Seismic 'CT scans' reveal deep earth dynamics

Probing the source properties of deep earthquakes

Earth's biggest deepest earthquakes still a mystery

Earthquakes penetrate deeper than previously thought

Scientists discover evidence of super-fast deep earthquake

Deep, slow-slip action may direct largest earthquakes and their tsunamis

Submarine earthquakes:

In a submarine trough, permeable rocks may lead to quakes

Deploying seismometers where they're needed most: underwater

Groundwater helium level could signal potential risk of earthquake

Instantaneous tracking of earthquake growth with elastogravity signals 

Tsunami causing earthquakes: 

Long-lived shallow slow-slip events on the Sanda megathrust

Earthquake acoustics can indicate if a massive tsunami is imminent 

Slow NZ seabed quake sheds light on tsunami-earthquake mechanism

Hidden earthquake discovery challenges tsunami early-warning system

Footprints of past earthquakes revealed in the afterslip of the 2010 M7.8 Mentawai tsunami earthquake

Tsunami earthquake can occur elsewhere along the Japan Trench: geological evidence for the 1677 event

Subduction Zone earthquakes:

Subduction zone supercycles

Plate tectonics without jerking

Exploring subductoin zone hazards on land and sea

Understanding tectonic processes following great earthquakes

Research may explain mysterious deep earthquakes in subduction zones

Evaluation of strain accumulation in global subduction zones from seismicity data

The link between great earthquakes and the subduction of oceanic fraction zones

Crustal earthqauke triggering by modern great earthquakes on subduction zone thrusts

Rupture complexity of the M8.3 Sea of Okhotsk earthquake: rapid triggering of complementary quakes?

The geodetic signature of the earthquake cycle at subduction zones: model constraints on deep processes

Systematic deficiency of aftershocks in areas of high coseismic shift for large subduction zone earthquakes

Massive earthquakes:

Megathrust earthquakes

Historic world earthquakes

Superquakes and supercycles

A decade of great earthquakes

How to trigger a massive earthquake

Massive earthquakes came as surprise

Lessons from recent major earthquakes

Enormous earthquakes 'are missing' from records

Researchers find new cause of strong earthquakes

Great earthquakes, water under pressure, high risk

On the scale dependence of earthquake stress drop

When the Earth moves: mega-earthquakes to come?

Elastic energy release in great earthquakes and eruptions

Floating lab drills 1.5km below sea level floor to study megaquakes

Rare great earthquake in April triggers aftershocks all over the globe

Upsurge in big earthquakes predicted for 2018 as Earth rotation slows

Above and beyond megathrusts: draining pore-fluids dampens tremors

Maximum observed earthquake magnitudes along continental transform fault

Slow-Slip earthquakes:

An earthquake that lasted 32 years

Learning from slow-slip earthquakes

Slow slip events can trigger earthquakes

Unravelling the origin of slow earthquakes

Slow earthquakes may foretell larger events

Researchers explain earthquakes we can't feel

Slow earthquakes: it's all in the rock mechanics 

A way of estimating the characteristic slip displacement 

An earthquake in Turkey lasted 50 dats, but no one felt it

Researchers repproduce mechanism of slow earthquakes     

Slow fault movements may indicate impending earthquake

Impact of earthquakes on  :

Earthquakes shake up groundwater systems

Earthquakes can be weakened by groundwater

Groundwater chemistry as a precursor for earthquakes: the Iceland experience

Report calls for improved methods to assess eathquake-caused soil liquefaction

Volcanic activity & earthquakes:

The underground effects of earthquakes and volcanoes

Shaking, popping by earthquakes may cause volcanic eruptions

EMSEV: electromagnetic studies of earthquakes and volcanoes 2016

Mapping earthquakes:

A seismic mapping milestone

Satellites shed new light on earthquakes

Stunning map of world's earthquakes since 1898

3-D laser map shows earthquake zone before and after      

Distributed sensing and machine learning hone seismic listening

3D satellite, GPS earthquake maps isolate earthquakes in real time

Damage assessment by laser could focus post-earthquake response

Creating earthquake heat maps: temperature spikes leave clues in the rock

Research finds quakes can systematically trigger other ones on opposite side of Earth

Preparedness maps for community resilience to earthquakes - the experience of Japan

UNISDR warns against ignoring seismic threats as quakes wreak havoc for second year

Earthquake near a major city with death toll 'unprecedented in human history', only a matter of time

Recommendations of the European Seismological Commission for the post-Hyogo framework of action

Potential for unifying global-scale satellite measurements of ground displacements using radio telescopes

Seismic risk & hazard maps:\

Mapping seismic risk: the current crisis

Use of scenario ensembles for deriving seismic risk

Fast, simple new assessment of earthquake hazard

New maps to support decision-making after an earthquake

A new method produces improved surface strain rate maps

Why earthquake hazard maps often fail and what to do about it

Thematic mapping for disaster risk assessment in case of earthquake

Errors in expected human losses due to incorrect seismic hazard estimates

Better warnings of consequences of earthquakes: bringing seismic hazard and risk assessments to policy

Earthquake detection, measuring, monitoring

EarthQuake report website

Interactive tremor monitoring

Earthquakes & ground motion    

HEWS seismic monitoring page     

Why the recent surge in earthquakes?

GOCE: the first seismometer in space

A bright and vibrant future for seismology

Monitoring earthquakes at the speed of light

The woman who can feel every earthquake in the world

NASA tests GPS monitoring system for big US earthquakes

Earthquake magnitude, energy release, and shaking intensity

Modelling, simulation, imaging & visualization to understand earthquakes:

Earthquake visualizations

Computational earthquake science

GEM's OpenQuake platform launched

Predicting quakes in laboratory analogs

Earthquake simulators are still embyonic

Earthquake simulator finds tremor triggers

Displaying 3D seismicity with Google Earth

Mechanical behavior of fluid-lubricated faults

Listen, watch, learn: Seisound video products

A milestone for forecasting earthquake hazards

Three earthquake laws are reproduced in the lab

Study yiields a new scale of earthquake understanding

Geologists simulate deep earthquakes in the laboratory

Recent advances in imaging crustal fault zones: a review

How HPC is shaking up modeling of mysterious earthquakes

Visualization of building shaking - Anchorage quake Jan 24 2016

Scientists simulate Earth's middle crust to understand earthquakes

New technique harnesses everyday seismic waves to image the Earth

Earthquake triggering model based on normal-stress-dependent Nagata law

3D Earth model more accurately pinpoints source of earthquakes, explosions

Are new data suggesting a revision of the current Mw and Me scaling formulas?

Computer programs in seismology: an evolving tool for instruction and research

Laboratory investigation of coupled electrical interaction of fracturing rock with gases

Global earthquake response with imaging geodesy: recent examples from the USGS NEIC

Unleashing seismic modeling at scale. We can't stop quakes, but we can be better prepared

Websims: for storage, visualization and dissemination of earthquake ground-motion simulations

Understanding dynamic friction through spontaneously evolving laboratory laboratory earthquakes

An integrated and interdisciplinary model for predicting the risk of injury and death in future earthquakes

Understanding GEM's potential beneficiaries: study of earthquake risk reduction activities, needs & barriers 

Early warning systems:

Preparing for Earthquakes

How good is earthquake early warning?

Revolution in quake detection technology

Can Twitter improve earthquake response

China earthquake early warning network set

Detecting earthquakes with your smartphone

How can we make earthquakes less deadly?

New earthquake early warning drive launched

Practical limitations of earthquake early warning

Computer servers could help detect earthquakes

How do earthquake early warning systems work?

Delay times of worldwide global earthquake alerts

Lessons from Mexico's earthquake early warning system

Earthquakes: guidelines on preparing, responding and recovering

Ozone from rock fracture could serve as earthquake early warning

Shake AlertLA - California's earthquake early warning system    More

Seismologists find possible early warning sign of a pending megaquake

Developing messages for protective actions to take during earthquake actions

Early warning system successfully sent alarm before tremblor felt in Pasadena

Earthquake study casts doubt on early warnings but hints at improved forecasting 

MyShake: a smartphone seismic network for earthqauke early warning and beyond

How earthquakes in two different regions affect risk judgements and preparations in three locations

The Earthquake Network Project: a project fo earthquake EW, rapid impact assessment, search & rescue

Earthquake Precursor Signals:

Earthquake lights linked to rift zones

Homing in on a potential pre-quake signal

High energy particle bursts as earthquake precursors

Earth's many voices - a unified theory for pre-earthquake signals

Electrical triggering of earthquakes: results of laboratory experiments at spring-bloc models

Ionosphere plasma & density variations induced by pre-earthquake rock currents, surface charges

Seismic quiescence precursors to two M7 earthquakes on Sakhalin island, measured by two methods 

Forecasting & predicting earthquakes:

The last of the earthquake predictors

The future of forecasting earthquakes

Can we someday predict earthquakes?

Predicting earthquakes a day in advance

An Earthquake Forecasting System (EQFS)

Can we get better at predicting earthquakes?

Predictions of more big earthquakes in 2018?

Moving earthquake forecasting closer to reality

Earthquake prediction: dawn of the new seismology

NASA-funded quake forecast gets high score in study

Peruvian scientists may be able to predict earthquakes

International collaboration studies predictability of earthquakes

Identifying the occurrence time of an impending major earthquake

Identifying the occurrence time of an impending main shock: a very recent case

Earthquake foreccasting and earthquake prediction: different approaches for obtaining the best model

AI-based predictions:

Can AI predict earthquakes?

Machine learning predicts laboratory earthquakes

AI comes together with Japan earthquake simulation code

Macine-learning earthquake prediction in lab shows promise

Correlated solar, lunar activity:

Does the Sun trigger large earthquakes?

Scientists figured out tides cause earthquakes

On the correlation between solar activity and large earthquakes worldwide

Animal warnings:

Animals & earthquake prediction

Can animals sense earthquakes and tsunamis?

Want affordable earthquake warnings? Use animals

The sixth sense of animals: an early warning system for earthquakes?

Red wood ants as bioindicators for active tectonic fault systems in the West Eifel (Germany)

Other Planetary Seismic Waves:


Superstorm Sandy shook the USA

Scientists find imaging is blind to water

Seismic sensor record a hurricane's roar

Seismometers detected Superstorm Sandy

Sun, Moon and sea as part of a 'seismic probe'

Thousands of tiny quakes shake Antarctic ice at night

Mysterious waves have been pulsing across Oklahoma

North Atlantic 'weather bomb' tremor measured in Japan

Potential of leaking modes to reveal underground structure

Whale songs could reveal deep secrets beneath the oceans

Powerful energy release emanating from Earth's core recorded?

Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why

Strange waves rippled around Earth. Now we may know why

Triggered earthquakes give insight into changes below Earth's surface  

Earth's vibrational 'hum' - frequencies at which our planet naturally vibrates measured

Geophysicists and atmospheric scientists partner to track typhoons' seismic footprints

Multiple leaking mode dispersion observations & applications from ambiant noise cross-correlation   

Human-induced earthquakes:

Rethinking induced seismicity

6 facts about human-caused earthquakes

Earthquakes triggered by humans pose growing risk

Satellite radar may help predict human-caused earthquakes

It's not just fracking: new database of human-induced quakes

Railways could double as a tool for probing Earth's shallow crust

USGS: new insight on ground shaking from man-made earthquakes

Natural or manmade quakes? New techniques can tell the difference

Mining-caused earthquakes:

Drilling for earthquakes     

Digging for earthquakes

Mining-caused earthquakes    

Mine disaster had hundreds of aftershocks

Fracking-caused eathquakes: 

Sinking wastewater triggers deeper, stronger earthquakes

Scientists study link between US oil drilling and rise in earthquakes

New approach to managing risk of earthquakes triggered by fracking

Oklahoma's earthquakes strongly linked to wastewater injection depth

Oklahoma earthquakes linked to oil and gas wastewater disposal wells

Wastewater injected deep underground sinks, inducing stronger earthquakes

Earthquake Structural Engineering:

Engineering for earthquakes

Preventing earthquake damage

A bacterial powder for quickly stabizing soils

Retrofitting: a housing policy that saves lives

Europe's largegst capacity research centrifuge

The problem of medieval villages and earthquakes 

Earthquake-proof table uses geometry to save lives 

The earthquake closet: rendering early-warning useful

With new models, buildings may 'sense' internal damage

Artificial seismic shadow zone by acoustic metamaterials

Indigenous architecture saves lives in Indonesian quakes

Tall building foundations: design methods and applications

International  Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE)

Scientists probe ways to turn cement's weakness into strength

Remote predictions of fluid flow infractures possible with new finding

New earthquake-resilient water pipes 'surpassed expectations' in recent tests

Is your building safe after an earthquake? These cheap sensors could tell you

Sustainable and resilient structural design to combat earthquake disturbances

Seismic performance investigation of new lateral bracing system called 'OGRID-H'

Could the solution to New Zealand's quake-prone buildings be already on the shelves?

From nanocrystals to the Earth's crust, solid materials share similar failure characteristics

Evaluation of building resilience under earthquake input using single, double and multiple impulses

Seismic resistance: model analyzes shape-memory alloys for use in earthquake-resistant structures

Effects of near-fault ground motions on the non-linear behavior of reinforced concrete framed buildings

Building codes saves lives – main message on anniversary of Chile earthquake, lesson learned from NZ

Secondary effects of earthquakes:

Science for social change

Losses associated with secondary effects of earthquakes

Regional issues:

Central & South America:

Researchers produce new map of seismic hazards in Brazil

Open-source archive active faults for northwest South America

New report on seismic hazard, risk and design for South America

'Caldas Tear' resolves puzzliing seismic activity beneath Columbia

Scientists anticipate size and location of 2012 Costa Rica earthquake

Significant earthquakes Enriquillo Fault System, Hispaniola, 1500-2010: implications for seismic hazard


Public warning in Chile - resilient culture

Chilean architecture stands test of earthquakes

Chile: foreshock series controls earthquake rupture

Footprints of the 2010 Earthquake along the Chilean Coast

M9.5 Chile (1960) - the largest earthquake recorded by instruments

Limited overlap between the seismic gap and coseismic slip of the great 2010 Chile earthquake

Megathrust earthquakes trigger themselves: mechanisms behind earthquake cycles at Chile plate boundary


Haitian earthquake, January 12, 2010

Haiti: UNDP maps earth's shifts to rebuild city on safer grounds


Stories behind the 2017 earthquakes in Mexico

Mexico's Pacific coast no stranger to earthquakes

Mexico City's urban noise reveals the sinking metropolis' changing seismic hazard 

North America:


Canadian earthquake detector

Scenario shakemaps for Montreal 


QuakeSmart toolkit

US: the backwards earthquakes  

How often do Cascadia's megaquakes occur?

Unshaken complacency: unprepared for quake

Quakes pack more punch in Eastern than in Central US

Distant quakes trigger tremors at US waste-injection sites

Overlooked data source improves US quake intensity maps

Nearly 1,000 earthquakes recorded in Arizona over three years

Abstracts from the 2013 annual meeting of the Seismological Society of America

Documentation for the 2014 update of the US national seismic hazard maps

US geo-targeting performance of wireless emergency alerts in imminent threat scenarios

2016 one-year seismic hazard forecast for Central and Eastern US from induced and natural earthquakes

Virginia quake triggered landslides at extraordinary distances, surpassing previously known limits worldwide

New Madrid fault:

US New Madrid: Four earthqaukes in 54 days

The next large US central US earthquake may not be in New Madrid

US Geologists try to map potential seismic hazard risks of New Madrid region

San Andreas fault:

Predicting earthquakes in California

The HayWired earthquake scenario

US West Coast early warning systems

A new level of earthquake understanding

New web of ruptures in Ridgecrest quake

The quiet before the storm - San Andreas fault

Comparing Christchurch damage with California

Mysterious tectonic fault zone found off California

The Big One could trigger series of large earthquakes

Southern California's tectonic plates revealed in detail

List  of at-risk buildings withheld from L.A., officials say

New explanation for slow earthquakes on San Andreas

Breaking the strongest link triggered big Baja earthquake

Distant quake triggered slow slip on southern San Andreas

Quake study offers new clues on a California fault's mystery

LA: campaign to map earthquake faults has slowed to a crawl

Earth is 'lazy' when forming faults like those near San Andreas

Caltech researchers gain greater insight into earthquake cycles

New fault found in earthquake-prone part of Southern California

How will San Francisco's skyscapers fare after the next Big One?

A potent threat of major earthquake off California's northern coast

Ridgecrest earthquakes could cause a San Adreas chaon reaction

Supercomputer creates over 700,000 years of simulated eartquakes

Improving earthquake early warning systems for California and Taiwan

'Seismic strain': land around the San Andreas fault is rising and sinking

San Francisco's 1906 quake was third of a series on San Andreas Fault

Little-known quake, tsunami hazards lurk offshore of Southern California

Big LA earthquake could cause beach areas to sink up to 3 feet in seconds

Geoscientists find unexpected 'deep creep' near San Andreas, San Jacinto faults

New program to help US homeowners, businesses assess their earthquake risks

Excitation of San Andreas tremors by thermal instabilities below the seismogenic zone

Signs of past California 'mega-quakes' show danger of the Big One on San Andreas fault

Characteristics of frequent dynamic triggering of microearthquakes in Southern California

Some earthquakes on San Andreas fault are triggered by gravitational tug of sun and moon

San Francisco earthquake safety questioned as report lists nearly 3,000 potentially dangerous buidlings

Developing post-alert messaging for ShakeAlert, the quake early warning system for the US West Coast

Dynamic earthquake triggering in Southern California in high resolution: intensity, time decay & variablilty

A new perspective of San Andreas fault in Southern California and its relationship to Lithosperic structure

Re-thinking Southern California earthqauke scenarios in the Coachella Valley segment of San Andreas fault

Pacific Northwest:

Recent Alaskan earthqukes

Cascadia: the really big one

A Cascadia quake could devastate

Oregon’s earthquake risk and resiliency

'Silent earthquakes' ripple under Cascadia

Great earthquakes of the Pacific Northwest

'Sedimentary bathtub' amplifies earthquakes

Flat faults, like Cascadia, spark giant quakes

Earthquake forewarning in the Cascadia Region

Magma pockets lie stacked beneath Juan de Fuca ridge 

Hunting for landslides from Cascadia's great earthquakes

A closer look at an undersea source of Alaskan earthquakes

British Columbia Earthquake Preparedness - consultation report

Mystery quakes may be among world's longest-lived aftershocks

Indonesia earthquake study could make Pacific Northwest more safe

Cascadian subduction zone earthquakes: a M9.0 earthquake scenario

Silent earthquakes are tied to changes in fluid deep below Cascadia's fault

A global surge of great earthquakes 2004-2014 and implications for Cascadia

Thousands of landslides in Nepal earthquake raise parallels for the Pacific Northwest

Cascadia subduction zone reacts to tidal forces; 'slow slip' building up pressure on fault

Research ship works to predict the next 'big one' as West Coast overdue for earthquake

50 simulations of the 'really big one' show how a 9.0 Cascadia earthquake could play out

Reducing risks where tectonic plates collide - a plan to advance subduction zone science

USGS publishes a new blueprint that can help make subduction zone areas more resilient 

Himalayas, US Pacific NW could experience major earthquakes - Stanford geophysicists say

See how the M7.5 Alaska earthquake of 5 Jan 2012 rattled continental USA down to Miami Florida


Seamount Subduction and Earthquakes

Scientists Study Earthquake Triggers in Pacific Ocean

Earthquakes in Western Solomon Islands have long history

ANZ: ocean pressure gauges monitor a slow-slip earthquake

New Zealand:

Latest EQ forecast for New Zealand

New fault found in Wellington Harbour

Don't rebuild the Christchurch cathedral

The worst natural disaster risks facing NZ

Research calls for rethink of NZ Alpine Fault

Don't forget about the Christchurch earthquake

New info about New Zealand quake has grim details

Earthquakes shaking up New Zealand's water systems

NZ earthquakes demonstrate people caught by surprise

Early-warning sensors in focus after New Zealand quake

Deadly New Zealand earthquakes weakened Earth's crust

Signs of ancient earthquakes may raise risks for New Zealand

Dynamic viability of the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake cascade crustal faults 

Christchurch earthquake likely to be New Zealand’s worst natural disaster

World's shallowest slow-motion earthquakes detected off New Zealand's coast


Australian earthquake hazard map 


Seismic hazard assessment for the NexGen Map: China, Japan, Korea

DONET: Ocean floor networks capture low-frequency earthquake event

Greater China:

Taiwan Earthquake Model

Taiwan: soil liquefaction database goes online

Early warning saves lives in China earthquake

S-wave velocity structure in the Tibetan plateau

China: system to monitor Earth's crust completed

Active tectonics in Taiwan: insights from a 3-D viscous finite element model

Taiwan: An interdisciplinary perspective on social and physical determinants of seismic risk

Crustal structure beneath Liaoning provinceand the Bohai sea and its adjacent region in China

A geological and geophysical context for the Wenchuan earthquake of 12 May 2008, Sichuan, China

The population in China's earthquake-prone areas has increased 32 million along with rapid urbanization

Crustal velocity structure central Gansu Province from regional seismic waveform inversion using firework


Dissection of the 2015 Bonin deep earthquake

Active 200-km fault found off Honshu's Kii Peninsula

20 years after Kobe quake, world rethinks disaster risk

The Kyushu Japan earthquake sequence of April 2016

Hokkaido at risk of huge earthquake over next 30 years

Japan: earthquake preparedness map for community resilience

The curious case of the ultradeep 2015 Ogasawara earthquake

Examination of an active submarine fault off the southeast Izu Peninsula, central Japan


Sumatra coastal cave records stunning tsunami waves

Report on Banda Aceh mega-thrust earthquake, December 26, 2004

7.3 quake hits Indonesia again, but this time residents are better prepared

Study reveals complex rupture process in surprising 2012 Sumatra quake

Study reveals complex rupture process in surprising 2012 Sumatra quake

Downgoing plate topography stopped rupture in the AD 2005 Sumatra earthquake

'Expect more disasters like Palu': why giant quakes continue to devastate poorer Asian communities

Predicting the human losses implied by predictions of earthquakes: Southern Sumatra and Central Chile


Remarkable ground uplift and reverse fault ruptures for the 2013 Bohol earthquake, Philippines 

South Asia:

A giant quake may lurk under Bangladesh

Kashmir must ban construction in marshes, high slopes

Afghanistan: geological hotspot for destructive earthquakes

Seasonal reservoir filling in india deforms rock, may trigger earhquakes

Middle East:

Spatio-temporal and hazard mapping of earthquake in in UAE (1984-2012): remote sensing and GIS

Knowledge, attitude and practice of Tehran's inhabitants for an earthquake and related determinants


The earthquake risk of a megacity

Switzerland prepares for earthquake

Probablistic seismic hazard and risk assessment in Spain

Alpine fault study shows new evidence for regular M8 earthquakes

Small earthquakes caused by migrating gasses in the underground

One year of increased earthquake resilience in southern Kyrgyzstan

Albania post-disaster needs assessment after 26 Nov 2019 earthquake

Submarine cables to offshore wind farms transformed into a seismic networkn

The use of QLARM to estimate seismic risk in Kirghizstan at the regional and city scales


Uncovering the Messina earthquake

Catalogue of strong earthquakes in Italy

Double quake highlights Italy's seismic perils

Italy: geologists discover the roots of earthquakes

83 Italian mayors in quake zone join UNISDR campaign

Italy's chain of earthquakes poses a forecasting challenge

Italian earthquake research could improve seismic forecasts 

Faulty assumptions impair earthquake hazard assessment in Italy

Fifth anniversay of L'Aquila shows need of a 'culture of risk' in Italy


Turkey quake: a foreseeable disaster?

Enhancing seismic preparedness in Istanbul

The maximum earthquake magnitude for North Turkey

Istanbul deploys earthquake-tsunami early warning system

From where will the next big earthquake hit the city of Istanbul


Earthquake crisis unveils the growth of an incipient continental fault system

GEM Africa risk model provides insights to seismic hazard across the continent

Comoros: Strange seismic waves rippled around Earth. Now we may know why

Polar Regions:

Antarctic ice sheet quakes shed light on ice movement and earthquakes