Wildfires, Bushfires, Peat Fires, Coal Seam Fires, Postfire Debris Flows

Watching Earth burn

The language of wildfires

Wildfire: what's in that toxic smoke?

Rating fire danger from the ground up

Wildfires kill 339,000 people per year: study

US study finds temperature predicts wildfires    

Fight fire with indigenous knowledge, reearchers say

New technology could help track firefighters for safety

'Dragon' drones: the flame throwers fighting wildfires with fire

The science of firescapes: achieving fire-resilient communities

What do you get when you cross a thunderstorm with a wildfire?

New global wildfire analysis indicates humans need to coexist and adapt  

Wildfires & land management:

Forest fire disaster management

Straight talk about wildfire and logging

Prescribed fire science: a case for a research agenda 

Economic vulnerability of timber resources to forest fires

Uncertainty and risk in wildland fire management: A review   

Better landscape management needed to prevent forest fires

Land Management Practices Associated with House Loss in Wildfires

Wildfires in the US West are inevitable, but  this strategy can help control them

Reducing wildfire risk in the Wildland-Urban-Interface: policy, trends & solutions

Wildfire & climate change:

Climate change and wildfire

Wildfire expected to spread like well, wildfire

Climate change and disruptions to global fire activity

'Smoke waves' will affect millions in coming decades

Driving forces of global wildfires over the past millennium and the forthcoming century   

Wildfire on warming planet requires adaptive capacity at local, national, and international scales

Localized winds, fire tornadoes:

Fire tornadoes

Fanning the flames of megafires

Extreme wildfires can  create their own dangerous weather, including fire tornadoes

CO2 release from wildfires:

Wildfires pollute much more than previously thought 

Drying Intensifying Wildfires, Carbon Release Ninefold, Study Finds

Wildland fire emissions, carbon and climate: characterizing wildland fuels

Wildfires may contribute more to global warming than previously predicted

Emissions, carbon and climate: a cross scale assessment of wildfire and carbon dynamics

Satellite-based fire monitoring & early warning:

Fighting wildfires with data

Global Fire Observations and MODIS NDVI

Satellite, drones system for wildfire detection 

Satellite data record shows climate change's impact on fires

Space-based applications driving fire early warning and monitoring systems

Historical background and current developments for mapping burned area from EO sats

Mapping combined wildfire and heat stress hazards to improve evidence-based decision making

Widfire modelling, simulation & safety:

Simulating firefighting operations on a PC

Paleofires and models illuminate future fire scenarios

VR technology puts people through 'searing' bushfire scenario

Mapping a wildfire's next move is getting easier, thanks to computers

Whole-house fire blanket protection from wildland-urban interface fires

Global wildland fire emission modeling for atmospheric chemistry studies

After effects of wildfire:   

Reclaiming the Land After a Forest Fire

Wildfires can burn hot without ruining soil

DamageMap: a post-wildfire damaged building classifier 

Wildfires affect water resources long after te smoke clears

Wildfire caused widespread drinking water disttribution network contamination

Postfire Debris Flow:

Predicting postfire debris flows saves lives

Improvement in quantifying debri flow risk for post-wildfire emergency response

Dry sediment loading of headwater channels fuels post-wildfire debris flows in bedrock landscapes

Peat Fires:

Peat fires are a legacy of carbon up in smoke

Coal Seam Fires:

Coal Seam fires burn beneath communities in Zimbabwe



Greenland fires ignite climate change fears


Rapid rise in wildfires in large parts of Canada?

CAMS monitors unprecedented wildfires in the Arctic

New wildfire early warning system could prevent spring blazes

Predicting extreme fire weather using artificial intelligence in Canada

Risk reduction status of homes reconstructed following wildfire disasters in Canada 

Integrating traditional ecological knowledge and world renewal ceremonies into fire adaptation


Fires in Southeastern USA

US approach to wildfire forecasting

We've entered the era of 'fire tsunamis'

Climate and wildfire risk in the US: Swiss Re

The race to stay ahead of Californian wildfires

Wildfire risk shifts from Texas to Mountain West

Wildfires expected to worsen with climate change

Climate models project increase in US wildfire risk

Scientists find causes of firenado in deadly Carr Fire

Slave Lake shows need for national wildfire strategy

Yosemite forest fire example of possible things to come

New era of US wildfire modeling begins with risk modeler

US fires quadrupled in size, tripled in frequency in 20 years

Drought creates a perfect storm for wildfires in the US West

Climate-driven wildfires consume US Forest Service budget

Wildfires, naturally occurring forest fires and climate change

Mitigating the risk of wildfires in the wildland-urban interface

Wildfire and an example of its important link to the ecosystem

Resilience of Yellowstone's forests tested by unprecedented fire

Can 'big data' help to fight big fires? Firefighters are betting on it

USDA: The role of conservation programs in drought risk adaptation

US Forest Service: Millions of acres are now more resilient to wildfires

Climate change causing US wildfire season to last longer, Congress told

Scientists say US must choose: Planned fires or more unchecked wildfires

California lawmakers ratify efforts at wildfire prevention and assessing who is responsible

Modeling very large-fire occurrences over the continental USA from weather and climate forcing

US West Coast:

The age of western wildfires

The Camp Fire, and thus it began

Photos of US West Coast wildfires

Climate and wildfire in the western United States

Widespread wildfire as a proxy for resource strain

For western wildfires, the immediate past is prologue

Iconic palms add to fire danger in Southern California

New technology projects to combat California wildfires

Airborne measurements of Western US wildfire emissions

Blazes pose hidden threat to the US West's drinking water

California: Fire severity change with distance into fuel treatment

How will climate change affect wildland fire severity in the western US?

Rapidly processed drone imagery improves California wildfire response

Land use planning to reduce US wildfire risk - lessons from 5 westren cities

Color-coded radar maps reveal a patchwork of California wildfire destruction

Bringing tech innovation to wildfires: 4 recommendations as megafires menace the US

Ancient tree-ring records from southwest US suggest today's megafires are truly unusual

Continued warming could transform Greater Yellowstone fire regimes by mid-21st century

Impact of CA fires on local & regional air quality: low-cost sensor networks and satellite observations 

Projections of wildfire activity & carbonaceous aerosol concentrations over western US mid-21st century

South America:

The Amazon;

Climate conditions determine Amazon fire risk   

Forging fire resilience on Amazon forest fringes in Peru

Ocean Temperatures Can Predict Amazon Fire Season Severity


An imported tree fuels Patagonia's terrifying summer fires


Fires in Australia

Australia burning

Anatomy of a mega-blaze

Bushfire emergency in Australia

Australia: Bushfire CRC website

Fire weather patterns in Southeast Australia

Australian bushfire plume sets height records

The drivers behind Australia's bushfire season

Living with bushfires on the urban-bush interface

Recent Australian wildfires made worse by logging

The southwest Tasmania fires of summer 2018-2019

Satellites to help show when the bush is ready to burn

What caused Australia's disastrous wildfires? It's complicated

Aboriginal peoples must be restored as custodians of Country

This is not normal: climate change and escalating bushfire risk

Unusual weather events identified during Black Saturday bushfires

Responding to bushfire risk: the need for transformative adaptation

The scientist who predicted the bushfire emergency 4 decades ago

Bushfires in Australia: a serious health emergency under climate change

Widespread phytoplankton blooms triggered by 2019-2020 Australia wildfires

These bushfires are a historic event. Here is what we should learnn from them

Positive Indian Ocean Dipole events precondition southeast Australia bushfires

Integrating scientific knowledge into bushfire risk mitigation in southwest Victoria

Big data integration shows Australian bushfire frequency is increasing significantly

Aboriginal fire management: part of the solution to destructive Australian bushfires

Enhanced Australian carbon sink despite increased wildfire during the 21st century

Helping fire-impacted families in rebuilding: toward enhanced community resilience

Black summer bushfires triggered Southern ocean algal blooms bigger than Australia

Who decides where to conduct fuel reduction burns and what goes into their planning

Ten years after the Black Saturday fires, what have we learnt from post-fire research?

Bushfire-proof houses are affordable and look good - so why aren't we building more?

New policies and preparedness initiatives developed from Australian bushfire case study

Formaldehyde and nitrogen dioxide in smoke plumes from Australia's Black Saturday fires

From smoke going around the world to aerosol levels, NASA observes Austalia's bushfires

Helping fire-impacted families in rebuilding: toward enhanced community resilience outcomes

Savanna fire management and bushfire and natural hazard scenario planning for North Australia

An approach to understanding the role of anthropogenic fire in the desert grasslands of Australia

An assessment of the viability of prescribed burning as a management tool under a changing climate

Changes in climatic water balance determine potential for transformational shifts in Australia fire regime

Australia had more supersized bushfires creating their own storms last summer than in previous 30 years


100-years of preventing debris flow in Japan

South Korea: local knowledge reduces wildfire risk

Indonesia's forest fires: everything you need to know

Indonesian Forest and Peat Fires: Emissions, Air Quality,and Human Health


Forest fires in the Alps

Sparking firesmart policies in the EU

Modelling the furure risk of large fires in Europe

Forest fires in Europe, Middle East and North Africa 2017

Fires in Europe fuelled by urbanisation and climate change

Forest fire danger extremes in Europe under climate change

EU establishes initial firefighting fleet for next forst fire season

How to live with mega-fires? Portugals's feral forests may hold the secret 

Wildfire map reveals European countries most at risk of catastrophic fire damage

Mega fire emissions in Siberia: potential supply of bioavailable iron from forests to the ocean

Chernobyl scientists warn that radiation can be unleashed by climate change-induced wildfires


A 192,000-year record of northwest Africa fire history