Glaciology, topology & siesmology:

Glaciers vs tectonics

Glaciers help mountains grow

Seismic clues to surging glaciers

Alpine glaciers 'protect mountain peaks from erosion'

Backward moving glaciers help scientists explain glacial earthquakes

Glacier retreat from climate change:

Passion for glacial melting

Glaciers may have helped warm Earth

Glaciers cracking in the presence of CO2

How fast can glaciers respond to climate change?

World's smallest glaciers risk vanishing in warm climate

Glaciers are 'canaries in the coalmine'  when it comes to climate change detection

Disappearing World Heritage glaciers as a keystone of nature conservation in a changing climate

Mapping & measuring glaciers:    

Glacier mapping

TanDEM-X reveals glaciers in detail

Mapping subglacial meltwater channels

"Ice Memory": analyzing and preserving glacial memory

Glacial census reveals ice thicknesses around the world

Glaciological monitoring using the Sun as a radio source for echo detection  

Glacier melting and stream flow:

The contribution of glacier melt to streamflow

Scientists find formula for rate of glacial erosion  

Experimental determination of a double-value drag reflationship for glacier sliding

Glacial isostatic adjustment:

Models oversimplify how melting glaciers deform land 

Glacial isostatic adjustment modelling: historical perspectives, recent advances, future directions

Glacier sliding speed:

Glacier beds get slipperier at higher sliding speeds

Glacier lakes & lake outbursts: 

Chamoli disaster could happen again  

Researchers shed new light on supraglacial lake drainage

Glacial calving:

Unjammed ice is a precursor to calving

Glacial calving - caught live on camera - Chasing Ice

Listening to glaciers: passive hydroacoustics near marine-terminating glaciers

Glacial melt and sea level rise:

As glaciers melt, scientists seek new data on rising seas

Past and future sea-level change from the surface mass balance of glaciers



Greenland's fastest glacier reaches record speeds

Analysis of speed of Greenland  glaciers gives new insight for rising sea level

Greenland's Jakobshavn Region: simulated ice sheet response senarion RCP 8.5 2008-2300


Satellite view of Swiss glaciers

In the heart of a French glacier

Soot suspect in mid-1800s Alps glacier retreat

Swiss glacier volume reduced by 10% in only 5 years

How climate change is melting France's largest glacier

Tracking glacial activity in Norway with photogrammetry software

The Swiss Alpine glaciers' response to the global '2 degrees C air temperature target'

North America:

Alaskan glaciers melting 100 times faster than previously thought

Glaciers in South America and Alaska melting faster than those in Europe, says new UNEP report

South America:

Great ice monitors glaciers in the tropical Andes

It's one of the largest non-polar glaciers on Earth

The effects of melting glaciers on tropical communities

Peru's melting glaciers a deadly threat as temperatures rise

Glacier responses to recent volcanic activity in Southern Chile

Study links temperature to a Peruvian glacier's growth and retreat

Using satellites to measure rates of ice mass loss in South America

Unprecedented glacier melting in the Andes blamed on climate change

A 50-year record of winter glacier melt events in southern Chile, 38~42 degrees S.


Himalayan glacial melt accelerating

Glacier area changes in Northern Eurasia

No ice loss seen in major Himalayan glaciers

Meltwater from Tibetan glaciers floods pastures

New study maps glacier mass change in the Himalayas

The status of glaciers in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Region

Himalaya's are experiencing an exceptional loss of glacial ice mass   

Accelerated mass loss of Himalayan glaciers since the Little Ice Age 


Glaciers contribute significant iron to North Atlantic Ocean

Mass transport waves amplified by intense Greenland melt and detected in solid Earth deformation


Pine Island glacier is the largest single contributor to sea-level rise in Antarctica