The three causes of flooding

How to build for a wetter world

Mitigating droughts and floods in agriculture

Tools for improved drought and flood response 

Assessing the global exposure of poor people to floods and droughts

System robustness analysis in support of flood and drought risk management

Major Step in Improving forecasts of weather extremes such as floods and droughts

Collection of global datasets for the study of floods, droughts and their interactions with human societies

Flood risk assessment:

Management of flood risk

Flood risk assessment report

Floods: from risk to opportunity

Insurer attacks lack of flood mapping

The financial management of flood risk 

Management of flood risk - March 2013

Floodplains and flooding risk prevention

Zurich Insurance flood resilience program

Incentivising household action on flooding

Before the flood: what drives preparedness?

Delivering early warning systems to the poorest 

Flood disaster risk is more complex than expected

Science helps to reduce flood risk around the world

Operational framework for flood risk communications

Erosion a huge contributor to flood disasters - experts

New technique to assess the cost of major flood damage

Flood risk: the importance of building community resilience

Flood management and flood disaster mitigation measures

Designing climate risk management approaches for flood risk

Emerging market flood maps to enhance catastrophe risk management

Exploring the role of risk perception in influencing flood losses over time

Assessing flood risk at the global scale: model set u,  results and sensitivity

Towards improving the implementation of integrated flood risk management

Development and testing of a community flood resilience measurement tool

Buyer beware: evaluating property disclosure as a toll to support flood risk management

International conference on flood management includes special session on mega-disasters

Regional flood impact assessment based on local land use patterns and sample damage records

Optimal investment and location decisions of a firm in a flood risk area using impulse control theory

Flood modelling, forecasting & prediction methods:

Global flood monitoring system

Real-time hydrological forecasting

Flood prediction fraught with uncertainty

Continental and global scale flood forecasting systems

Developing a new AI early warning system for flooding

New tool crafts fast, free flood maps for the Global South

The challenges of global flood hazard mapping & prediction

Mapping of flood areas using landsat with Google Earth Engine cloud platform

Towards global flood mapping onboard low cost satellites with machine learning 

Social vulnerability to floods: review old case studies and implications for measurement

Logistics and benefits of using mathematical models of hydrologic and water resource systems

Towards an improved understanding of the global hydrological cycle using SWOT measurements

An analytical process--based approach ro predicting beach width in levees constructed from dilatant soils

Nature-based flood prevention & mitigation:

Going with the flow

Working with nature

Nature can help lessen flood impacts says IUCN

Processes and tools for increasing flood resilience

Flood plain management: reducing flood risks and restoring healthy ecosystems

Natural flood management - adopting ecosystem approaches to managing flood risk

Nature, socioeconomics and adaptation to natural disasters: new evidence from floods

City/Urban flooding:

Flooded cities

Land use planning for urban flood risk management

A paradigm shift for guarding delta cities against flood

Save our cities - the threat grows from rising waters and sinking buildings

A global framework for future costs and benefits of river flood-protection in urban areas

A flood vulnerability index for coastal cities and its use in assessing climate change impacts

A multi-dimensional integrated approach to flood risk on a coastal city, induced by SLR and storm tides

What are crucial issues in promoting an integrated approach for flood risk management in urban areas?

Exploring trade-offs among the multiple benefits of green-blue-grey infrastructure for urban flood mitigation

Flash floods & deluges:

Deciphering deluges

Flash flood risk management

Flash flood guidance system (video)

Flash Flood Guidance System (FFGS)

Multi-vulnerability analysis for flash flood risk management

Re-envisioning stormwater infrastructute for ultrahazardous flooding

Dam bursts:

Below aging US dams, a potential toxic calamity

Glacial like outburst floods:

Glacial lake outburst floods 

Flash floods are a major global threat  

Glacial llakeouburst floods threaten Tibet, Nepal

As glacial lakes flood, the effect can be devastating

Flood management:

Effectiveness of flood management methods

What the Dutch can teach the world about managing floods

Managing muddy floods: balancing engineered and alternative approaches

Factors in household decisions for or against relocation from a flood risk area

The storyline approach: a new way to analyse and improve flood event management 

After the flood recovery & response:

After the floods

Post-flood study: user guide

Beyond response and recovery: an introduction to the Zurich flood resilience program


Assessing socioeconomic resilience to floods in 90 countries


Living on flood plains

Floods directive viewer

Flood resilience in Europe

How flooding affects health - Europe

Flood risk in Europe: the long-term outlook

Flood crises fuel strategic rethink in Europe

European floods are impacted by climate change

As temperatures rise, Europe prepares for flooding

OECD and Ile de France study the risks of major floods

Trends in flood losses in Europe over tthe last 150 years

The role of climate variability in extreme floods in Europe

Faster, more accurate flood warnings through EU research

Floods in Europe will cause five times more damage by 2050

Flood risk management in Europe: European flood regulation

Changes to our rivers and floodplains have excerbated flooding

Flood risk management in Europe: the flood problem and interventions

Flood risk management in Europe: an exploration of governance challenges

Ensemble flood risk assessment in Europe under high end climate scenarios

Comparative flood damage assessment model: towards a European approach

Collaborative strategies for sustainable EU flood risk management: operative risk analysis

Assessment of the capacity for flood monitoring and early warning in certain countries of the EU

Increasing flood risk under climate change: a pan-European assessment of 4 adaptation strategies

Automated, global, satellite-based flood monitoring for the Copernicus emergency management service 

Higher probability of compound flooding from precipitation and storm surge in Europe from climate change

Serbia floods 2014 

Austrians watch floods by computer

Analyzing and evaluating flood risk governance in Poland

Serbia: local communities and challenges of torrential floods   

Satellite-based flood mapping in the boreal region for improving situational awareness


The underestimated risk of flooding in Switzerland

Mapping social vulnerability in Switzerland - a pilot study on flooding in Zurich


Flood risk and water management in the Netherlands

Flood preparedness in the Netherlands - a US perspective

Analysing and evaluating flood risk governance in Belgium

Analysing and evaluating flood risk governance in the Netherlands

IBM harnesses power of big data to improve Dutch flood control and water management systems


UK winter floods 2015-16

UK Met Office: flood forecasting centre

Flood risk management planning in Scotland

Cumbria: reducing flood risk from source to sea

A revolutionary way to stop Britain's homes flooding

UK: new national database of coastal flooding launched

New research into flood impacts in the South of England

UK: Upstream must work with downstream to fix flooding

Analysing and evaluating flood risk governance in England

UK floods: raise roads and redesign houses, engineers say 

The costs and impacts of the winter 2013 to 2014 UK floods

UK floods: GBP 500m needed for climate change adaptation

UK: natural engineering offers solution against future flooding

UK: flood risk management - a local issue of national importance

UK: Enhancing predestrian evacuation routes during flood events

UK: Total flood defence is a myth: we must learn to live with the water

Most UK coastal flooding caused by moderate, not by extreme storms

New flood action team launched to investigate flash flooding across the UK

UK flood risk management - an approach to managing cross-border hazards

UK: beyond the Thames Barrier, how safe is London from another major flood?

UK: six steps to flood resilience - guidance for local authorities and professionals

UK strengthening insurance partnerships in the face of climate change - afgent based modelling

UK: Drowning in money: the untold story of the crazy public spending that makes flooding inevitable

UK: assessing surface water flood risk and management strategies - an agent-based modelling approach

Mediterranean countries:

Venice flood barriers pass first test

US$6.7 billion floodgates to protect Venice in 2014    

Improving flood damage assessment models in Italy 

Tackling floods, the most frequent natural disaster in the Mediterranean  

Greece: the use of sartellite imagery in crisis management after flooding

Catastrophic flood starts debate in on environmental misconduct in northern Turkey

Middle East:

What causes flash floods in the Middle East?

North America:


The road to flood resilience in Canada

Canadian Federal floodplain mapping framework v1.0

Flood Risk Canada launches live flood sensory system

Fraser River lower mainland flood management strategy

Flood resiliency - insights from a survey of the Calgary business community

Combatting Canada's rising flood costs: natural infrastructure is an underutilized option

Canada: The 2013 Great Alberta Flood - actions to mitigate, manage and control future floods


Getting out from underwater

Housing in the US floodplain

Population in the US floodplains

Floods are the Achilles heel of the US

US flood forecasting gets a major upgrade

New map details shifting flood risks in the US

US: as climate changes, cities battle with big rains

Flood exposure and social vulnerability in the USA

First Street Foundation defining Americas flood risk

Today's flood will be tomorrow's high tide warns NOAA

When the Levee Breaks: U.S. flood protection inadequate

NOAA's expanded flood information tool promotes resilience

Researchers find reasons behind incrreases in US urban flooding

'Nuisance flooding' an increasing problem as coastal sea level rise

US: flood protection structure accreditation task force - final report

Natural & nature-based flood management in the US: a green guide

US NOAA establishes 'tipping points' for sea level rise related flooding

Nighttime light data reveal how flood protection shapes human proximity ot rivers

Almost real-time flood prediction tool may boost emergency response during hurricanes      

Best practices for reducing the risk of future damage to homes from riverine and urban flooding

US East:

Can New York City waterproof its subway?

Miami-Dade County: building resiliency with Nature

Chilling map shows Boston with a 7.5-foot coastal flood

Predicting hurricane flooding risks to the US East Coast

High-tide flooding disrupts local economy - the case of Annapolis

New study shows increased flooding, accelerated SLR in Miami over last decade

US Gulf States:

Houston - new generation flood warning systems

Completion of New Orleans' 100-year flood protection system is a significant recovery milestone

US Midwest: 

Floods over the US Midwest: a regional water cycle perspective

US West:   

Floods in California 

The coming California megastorm


Managing flood water for aquifer recharge

Forecasting future flooding in the US Pacific NW 

Colorado town unlivable for months after flooding 

Here's what a California megaflood would look like

Boulder, Colorado: 1,000-year rain event, and recovery ideas

Connecting stormwater and floodplain management in Oregon

US Pacific Northwest extreme rainfall tallied by NASA's IMERG

Coastal flooding increases Bay Area traffic delays and accidents

Natural hazard expertslearn first hand from the Colorado storm and flood

South Amerrica:

Watermarks: urban flooding and memoryscape in Argentina

What El Nino has taught Peru about infrastructure resilience

Brazil moves to reduce disaster risk as severe rainfall worsens



Cosmos: NSW flooding March 2021

Australian rainfall and runoff guidelines

Queensland floods commision of inquiry

Major cities at risk of Brisbane-like flooding

Australia faces stormy future as temperatures soar

Why drought-busting rain depends on the tropical oceans

The next big Queensland flood: when will it happen again

Flood risk, insurance and emergency management in Australia

Southeast Queensland is droughtier and floodier than we thought

Triple whammy: ocean warming, La Nina, & cyclone produced Queensland floods 

Warragamba Dam disaster warning: downpour could now devastate Western Sydney 

The total flood warning system: what we have learned since 1990 and where are the gaps?

Queensland recovery and reconstruction in the aftermath of the 2010/2011 flood: events and cyclone Yasi

The frquency of major flooding in coastal southeast Australia has significantly increased since late19th century

New Zealand:

Sinking city: Earthquakes increase flood hazard in Chrischurch, NZ 


Heavy floods widespread across Asia

Flood risk rampant across Asia's factory zones

Bold action, big money needed to curb Asia's flood

Progress report on flood hazard mapping in asian countries


China's worst floods in decades

The holistic approach to extreme flooding resilience

Chinese team says it found evidence of mythical great flood

China's ambitious plan to solve urban flooding with 'sponge cities' 


Japan: pillars of flood resilience

South Asia:

Flood risk management in South Asia

Floods in Uttarakhand: a new relief deal

South Asia disunity 'hampers flood warnings'

India: rains and floods due to global warming?

Kashmir could face disaster like Uttarakhand's

Managing flood risks in the Hindu Kush Himalayas

Deforestation drives worsening flooding in Kashmir

Case studies on flash flood risk management in the Himalayas

Applications of remote sensing and GIS for flood hazard management: Sindh Province, Pakistan

Geographical variability of rainfall extremes in India enhances interpretation of climate change data


Mapping flood hazards goes hi-tech

Jakarta sinking as water supplies dry up

Philippines: local flood early warning system

River flood risk in Jakarta under scenarios of future change

Bangkok is sinking, but so are other Southeast Asia megacities

Northeast Pakistan hit by 'surprise floods', as monsoon rains intensify

As flooding intensifies, SE Asian coastal megacities turn to social media to stay afloat

Country assessment reports for: Cambodia    Indonesia    Laos   Philippines    Vietnam

Indonesia: River water-level measurement system using smart phones and AR technology  

Philippines: understanding and addressing risks of flooding in the city: Barangay Potrero, Manila 


UN warns climate change is drowning Senegal

Africa analysis: the need for flood foecasting system

Upscaling nature-based flood protection in Mozambique's cities

Climate change exacerbated rainfall causing devastating flooding in Eastern South Africa

Building capabilities for flood disaster and hazard preparedness and risk reduction in Nigeria

Recent changes of floods and related impacts in Niger based on the Anadia Niger flood database

How free remote sensing technology can help cities to prepare for climate change (Kampala-Uganda