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Dr. Philippe Rosset Director of EiM (Earth in Motion), France


Dr. Philippe Rosset / Bio

Director of EiM (Earth in Motion), France, associate researcher at McGill University, Canada and researcher at the International Centre for Earth Observation, Switzerland.

Born in Haute-Savoie nearby Chamonix in 1967.
He undertook his university studies in France (BSc in geophysics at the University of Grenoble and MSc in sub- surface geophysics at the Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris). He completed his doctoral dissertation at the University of Geneva on Numerical Modelling for seismic hazard assessment with case studies in the Valais region, one of the most seismic active zone of Switzerland. During this period, he taught seismology and geophysics at the Geological department and conducted gravimetric/geodetic field surveys for the Swiss Geophysical Commission.

His career in research has led him to Canada (McGill University, Montreal), Belgium (Royal Observatory of Belgium,Brussels), Spain (Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierria “Jaume Almera”, Barcelona), the Netherlands (International Institute for Aerospace Surveys and Earth Sciences, Delft), Italy (Istituto di Ricerca sul Rischio Sismico, Milano) and France (BRGM - Natural Risks Group, Marseille). Since 2001, he has worked in the fields of urban seismic risk, earthquake seismology, earthquake hazards, earthquake risk mitigation and data management.

He participated in three European Projects involving seismological and geophysical institutes all over Europe. One of them aimed at building an integrated tool for earthquake risks assessment at different scales. He contributed to the wave propagation analysis at regional and local scales for a seismic risk analysis of Nice, France, with the French Geological Survey (BGRM). He has been active in Belgium with the Royal Observatory of Belgium in the implementation of seismic mapping in urban areas and seismic hazard analysis for nuclear facilities. He has initiated microzonation mapping of the urban area of Montreal, Canada, in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Canada and pursues his collaboration by implementing seismic risk analysis. In 2007-2012, its collaboration with WAPMERR (World Agency for Planetary Monitoring and Earthquake Risk Reduction, Geneva) includes urban seismic hazard models, population and other worldwide data gathering. Since 2010, he is consultant in seismic hazard and risk analysis and participate in public or private projects in different countries of the world.

Philippe Rosset has over 20 publications in the international literature (peer-reviewed journal papers, book chapters) and tens of scientific reports. He is reviewer for international journals (Earthquake Spectra, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering, etc.). Since 2006, he is acting as president of a French non-profit organization (Cellule Verte Haute- Savoie) promoting sustainable development and citizen actions. 

Dr. Philippe Rosset / Publications

Wyss, M.; Rosset, Ph. and Triveno, L. (2020) The ratio of rural/urban people killed in earthquakes needs to be assessed for countries separately, the example of Colombia, Accepted in Seismological Research Letter. https://doi.org/10.1785/0220200252 

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