Modelling the Whole Earth System I - a challenge whose time has come!


                                Tuesday, 22nd November 2011, Salle C2 WMO Building, 10h30~16h30

                             7bis, avenue de la Paix, CH-1211 Geneva 2.
 First in a series of workshops organized and sponsored by the ICES Foundation


 10h30~10h45:  Registration, badges, security, coffee
 10h45~11h00:  Welcome, Introductions & ICES Overview
                          Bob Bishop, President & Founder ICES Foundation
 11h00~12h00:  Meta-Simulations of the Whole Earth System - a conceptual framework
                David Wasdell, Director of the Apollo-Gaia Project (UK) ... Part I  Part II
 12h00~12h15:  Climate Code – the importance of open source and open data ... Part I  Part II
                          Nick Barnes, Founder of Climate Code Foundation (UK)
12h30~13h30: Sit-down Lunch at l’Attique Restaurant
13h45~14h45:  GEOSS:A Stepwise approach to Modelling the Earth System
               Professor Jose Achache, Secretariat Director GEOSS

 14h45~15h15:  The Climate Modelling Landscape – Prof. Michael Rast
                Head, Science Strategy, Coordination & Planning Office, ESA.

 15h15~15h30:  Coffee break

 15h30~16h00:  A methodology for multiscale-multiscience modelling & simulation
               Prof. Bastien Chopard, University of Geneva

  16h00~16h30:  Next steps for the ICES Foundation – wrap


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