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Big Bang theory:

Late news from the Big Bang

Big Bang theory strengthened

Found: pristine gas from the Big Bang

Big Bang theory challenged by Big Chill

A brief history of how the Universe began

50 years with the Big Bang's 'smoking gun'

Is the Universe ringing like a crystal glass?

The beginning of everything - the Big Bang  

Why we do not know what the Big Bang looked like

A stunning discovery about the start of the Universe

Far-future astronomers could still deduce the Big Bang

Seeing the birth of the Universe in an atom of hydrogen

Gravity may have saved the Universe after the Big Bang

Measurement at Big Bang conditions confirms lithium problem

Big Bang query: mapping how a mysterious liquid became all matter 

Ultra cold Big Bang experiment successfully simulates evolution of early universe

Physicist explores the possibility of vestiges of a Universe previous to the Big Bang

Big Bounce theory:

How the Universe got its bounce back

Big bounce simulations challenge the Big Bang

What if the Big Bang was really the 'Big Bounce'?

Paul Steinhardt and the new Big Bounce cosmology

No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts Universe has no beginning

Physicists debate Hawking's idea that the Universe had no beginning

Cosmic Microwave Background: 


How the CMB reveals the Universe's contents

Apparent evidence for Hawking points in the CMB sky

Researchers find new way of exploring the afterglow from the Big Bang

New view of Nature's oldest light adds fresh twist to debate over Univers's age

New light cast on cosmic microwave background observed by WMAP and PLANK spacecraft

Inflation theory:  

New discovery sheds light on the early Universe       

Knotty inflation and the dimensionality of spacetime

Unique fingerprints of alternatives to inflation in the primordial power spectrum

New theory of secondary inflation expands options for avoiding an excess of dark matter

Expansion of the Universe:

Universe's expansion faster than expected

Cosmologiosts debate how fast the Universe is expanding

Using black holes to measure the Universe's rate of expansion

Dark energy - driving expansion of the Universe:

Lore of lonely regions

Dark energy, dark matter

Dark energy and creative destruction

Bubbles of energy are found in galaxy

Are black holes made of dark energy?

Searching for dark energy with neutrons

Dynamic, dark energy in an accelerating uniiverse

Dark energy and gravity - yin and yang of the Universe

Dark energy alternatives to Einstein are running out of room

Dark energy survey creates detailed guide to spotting dark matter

On the trail of dark energy: physicists propose Higgs boson 'portal'

Radio astronomers develop new technique for studying dark energy

Explaining the accelerating expansion of the universe without dark energy

Dark energy survey data processed by NCSA now available to scientists everywhere 

Dark energy survey reveals most accurate measurement of dark matter structure in the universe 

Dark matter:

Tracking down dark matter

The dark matter conspiracy

Dark matter may be massive

Shining a light on dark matter

What is the universe made of?

The XENON dark matter project

The exquisite role of dark matter 

Fresh theories about dark matter

Dark matter half what we thought 

CRESST searches for 'lightweights'

A galaxy with very little dark matter

A new look at the nature of dark matter

A dark matter for astrophysics research

Emergent gravity and the dark universe

Maybe 'dark matter' doesn't exist after all

Dark matter even darkert han once thought 

Can one cosmic enigma help solve another?

Do dark matter and dark energy really exist?

A new experiment to understand dark matter

XENON 100 sets record limits on dark matter

New theory of gravity may explain dark matter

The physicist who denies that dark matter exists

Measuring dark matter interactions with viscosity

Researcher advances a new model for dark matter

Dark matter satellites trigger massive birth of stars

Dark matter map begins the Universe's early history

Physicists set strongest limit on mass of dark matter

Quest for dark matter begins with a few tiny bubbles

A galactic test will clarify the existence of dark matter

From primordial black holes new clues to dark matter 

The mystery of the galaxy with no dark matter solved!

Dark matter search in missing energy events with NA64

New evidence for dark matter makes it even more exotic

Decoding the gravitational evolution of dark matter halos

New theory says dark matter acts like well known particle

Dark matter results from 100 live days of XENON100 data

World's most sensitive dark matter detector moves forward

Is there something speacial about our galaxy's dark matter?

Scientists stunned by discvery of galaxy without dark matter

Dark matter may be older than the Big Bang, study suggests

Dark matter is a huge mystery. This device is trying to detect it

Gamma rays from galactic center could be evidence of dark matter

Galactic center's gamma rays unlikely to originate from dark matter

Shear brilliance: computing tackles the mystery of the dark universe

Scientists piece toether the largest US-based dark matter experiment

Dark matter experiment has detected nothing, researchers say proudly

'Galaxy quakes' in the Milky Way may help scientists detect dark matter

Two new studies confirm that galaxies lacking dark matter do in fact exist

XEON1T experimental data establishes most stringent limit on dark matter

Hubble images reveal a new aspect of mysterious dark matter in the Universe

New theory: if we want to detect dark matter we might need a different approach

New scintallation material shows promise in search for light dark matter particles

Astroparticle physics experiment makes substantial leap forward in quest for dark matter

Detection of gamma rays from a newly discovered dwarf galaxy may point to dark matter

Map of space-time distortions reveals Universe's dark matter distribution, proving Eistein right

Bubbles from the center of our galaxy: a key to understanding dark matter and the Milky Way's past?

New evidence in favour of dark matter: the bars in galaxies are spinning more slowly than we thought

Dark matter exists: the observations which cast doubt on its existence in galaxies have been disproved

Testing the strong equivalence principle: detection of external field effect in rotationally supported galaxies

Mapping of dark matter:

Putting dark matter on the map

Earth may have hairy dark matter

Plenty of dark matter near the Sun

Puzzling X-rays point to dark matter

Mass map shines light on dark matter

Dark matter at the heart of our galaxy

Searching high and low for dark matter

Mysterious signal a clue to dark matter?

Where is the Universe's missing matter?

A dark matter hurricane is headed our way

A new approach in the hunt for dark matter

A dark matter bridge in our cosmic neighborhood

Ghostly galaxies hint at dark matter breakthrough

'Dark Matter' forms dense clumps in ghost universe

Discovering the unseeable: the search for dark matter

GPS satellites suggest Earth is heavy with dark matter

Dark matter guides growth of supermassive black holes

Dark matter may be more distributed throughout cosmos

Chasing dark matter with the oldest stars in the Milky Way

Dark matter scaffolding of Universe detected for the first time

Detailed dark matter map yelds clues to galaxy cluster growth

Scientists find the 'missing' dark matter from the early Universe

Scientists discover massive galaxy made of 99.99% dark matter

Hiding in plain sight: elusive dark matter may be detected with GPS

Evolution of the Universe:

Overview from NASA

The Evolving Universe

Evolution of the Universe

First thousand years of our Universe

Astronomers see no sign of 'Cosmic Dawn

Suzaku study points to early cosmic 'seeding'

This is how a 'fuzzy' universe may have looked

Early opaque Universe linked to galaxy scarcity

Tackling cosmic questions - the 2019 Nobel Prize

Distant galaxies reveal the clearing of the cosmic fog

Water could have been abundant in the first billion years'

Future gravitational-wave detectors aim to probe early Universe

Planck captures portrait of the young Universe, revealing earliest light

Dark energy survey releases most precise look at the Universe's evolution 

Looking back in time - oldest light in existence offers insight into the Universe

Newly discovered superconductor state opens a window to the evolution of the Universe

Scientists hope to get glimpse of adolescent Universe from revolutionary instrument-on-a-chip 

The distant future of the Universe:

Our Universe is dying

How the Universe may end

Darkness on the edge of the Universe

Dark energy and the fate of the Universe

Scientists measure slow death of the Universe 

Future of cosmology looks bright in a dark universe