Structure of the Sun, History, Life Cycle, Observation satellites, Electro-magnetics

History of the Sun:

Gradient Sun

A decade of Sun

The Sun, explained

When worlds collide

'Baby fat' on a young Sun?

Step closer to the birth of the Sun

Our Sun came late to the Milky Way's star-birth party

NASA scientists find Sun's history buried in Moon's crust

Possible solution to 'faint young Sun paradox' in primordial asteroid impacts

What happened to the Sun over 7000 years ago? Abnormal solar activity in the mid-Holocene

Interior structure & dynamics of the Sun:

Solar core

Solar interior

Solar corona



Radiative zone

Convection zone

Helmut streamers


Solar mystery solved

Dimensions of the Sun

Giving the Sun a brake

Giant swirls on the Sun

The mystery of nanoflares 

The curious case of the hot corona

Blast waves in the Sun's atmosphere

Why is the sun's atmosphere so hot?

SDO untangles motion inside the Sun

Strong evidence of coronal heating theory

Wave power can drive intense heat of Sun 

Tiny 'nanoflares' might heat the Sun's corona

The detection of Rossby-like waves on the Sun

Discovery of the Sun's million-degree hot corona

The Sun is stranger than astrophysicists imagined   

Million-degree experiment complicates solar science

Researchers create 'MRI' of the Sun's interior motions

Why does the Sun's corona sizzle at 1 million degrees F?

Magnetic waves in the Sun are linked to corona composition

Capturing transient plasma flows and jets in the solar corona 

Why is the Sun's corona so hot? Why are prominences so cool?

Smithsonian scientists "fill the gap" view Sun's innermost corona 

Gravity waves detected in Sun's interior reveal rapidly rotating core

How a simple magnetic field configuration could trigger solar eruptions 

New findings reveal the behavior of turbulence in the exceptionally hot solar corona

Extreme-event magnetic storm probabilities derived via rank statistics of historical solar cycle Dst intensities

Life cycle of the Sun:

The future of the sun 

Was our primeval Sun hyperactive?

What will happen when our Sun dies?

Why the Sun won't become a black hole

What is the Sun made of and when will it die? 

Stars akin to the Sun also explode when they die

Close-up photos of dying star show our Sun's fate

Electro-magnetic aspects of the Sun:

Sun's magnetic field

Heliospheric current sheet

Searing Sun seen in X-rays 

Interplanetary magnetic field

Understanding the magnetic Sun

Onset of fast magnetic reconnection

Simulation of the Sun's magnetic field

The secret of the Sun's magnetic cycle

The Sun's magnetic field is about to flip

Gamma ray data reveal surprises about the Sun

Researchers reveal model of sun's magnetic field

Explaining unexpected twists in the Sun's magnetic field

Does the solar magnetic field show a North-South divide?

Electron acceleration by turbullent plasmoid reconnection

SDO Helps Measure Magnetic Fields on the Sun's surface

Sounding rocket mission to observe magnetic fields of the Sun

A new view of the solar system: astrophysical jets driven by the Sun

The Sun at TeV-GeV energies: a new laboratory for astroparticle physics

Scientists crack 70-year-old mystery of how magnetic waves heat the Sun

Magnetic plasma pulses excited by UK-size swirls in the solar atmosphere

A single-year cosmic ray event at 5410 BCE registered in C-14 of tree rings

Global-scale equatorial Rossby waves as an essential component of solar internal dynamics

The solar magnetic activity band interaction and instabilities that shape quasi-periodic variability

Sun Observation Programs:


Stanford Solar Center

How to watch the sun

Our misunderstood Sun

Genesis Mission website

Solar research resources

Why do we study the Sun?

Looking straight at the Sun

Solar Dynamics Observatory

The Wilcox Solar Observatory

NASA SDO mission highlights

How to look into the solar interior

Sun captured in its full 360° glory

SDO reveals plasma flows on Sun

SDO shows a little rain on the Sun

SDO has many ultra HDTV images

It's surprisingly hard to go to the Sun

IRIS spots plasma rain on Sun's surface

A puzzling gamma-ray survey of the Sun

Nasa's solar fleet peers into solar cavities

ESA makes the Sun available to everyone

NASA IRIS: Improving our view of the Sun

AI helps improve NASA's 'eyes on the Sun'

SDO spots extra energy in the solar corona

A new journey around (and around) the Sun

An unique glance into the Sun's atmosphere 

Cluster observes jet braking and plasma heating

Partial solar eclipse and transit of ISS from Oman

JHELIOVIEWER: a new way of looking at the Sun

Parker Solar Probe and the birth of the Solar Wind

NASA powers on new instrument staring at the Sun

SDO and STEREO spot something new on the Sun

CfA will play major role in mission to "touch" the Sun

Using the Sun to illuminate a basic mystery of matter

The 2013-22 decadel survey in solar and space physics

NASA telescopes coordinate best-ever flare observations

NASA's new eye on the Sun delivers stunning first Images

NASA telescope captures sharpest images of Sun's corona

ESA To Collaborate with NASA on Solar Science Mission

NASA's IRIS telescope offers first glimpse of Sun's mysterious atmosphere

From China to Peru: a Japanese solar physicist's life as an accidental expat

NASA's STEREO maps much larger solar atmosphere than previously observed

New solar telescope peers deep into the sun to track the origins of space weather

New report presents research program for solar and space physics over the next decade

Machine-learning approach to identification of corona holes in solar disk images and synoptic maps