Backbones, Networks, Clusters, Wi-Fi

High-speed Backbones:

The TOFU interconnect

Integrated Photonics Coming of Age

Terahertz communications with silicon crystals

Luxtera Unveils New Silicon Photonics-Based Optical Engine

Silicon Photonics interconnects for large-scale computer systems

$1.5 billion: the cost of cutting London-Tokyo latency by 60 millisecs

Electrical engineers break power and distance barriers for fiber optic communication

New lightning-fast, efficient nanoscale data transmission developed at Stanford

High-speed Networks:

Scientists claim world record in data transmission

NASA team demos data superhighway of the future

A new server I/O architecture for high speed networks

Cornelis Networks about to introduce Omni-Path 400Gbps product line 

NSF announces awards for international networks of networks on grand scientific challenges

Cluster Networks:

MPI is not perfect .... yet

DARPA looks to unclog networks

LLNL cluster-based simulation environments     

Fat workstations morphing into deskside clusters

The 3D Torus architecture and the Eurotech approach

A Case for PCI Express as a high-performance cluster interconnect

InfiniBand-Accelerated rCUDA for advanced remote GPU computing

Selecting the most effective InfiniBand topology for technical computing

Gridsim: a toolkit for modeling & simulation of distributed resource management, scheduling grid computing

Internet Networks, Wireless Networks:


Towards a quantum Internet

Reliable communications, unreliable networks

Big-data science requires SDN, Internet2 chief says 

The bandwidth bottleneck that is throttling the Internet

Ciena and Internet2 partner on new national 100G network

Researchers record world's fastest Internet speeds using single optical chip

Scientists harness photonics to develop faster, high capacity internet networks

How Let's Encrypt doubled the Internet's percentage of secure websites in four years 

UF is the first university to connect with Internet2 Innovation Platform's three components


Are you prepared for the 5G data crush?

How 5G will change your phone, and your life    

Setting the scene for 5G: opportunities & challenges

Undersea cables and networks:

INDIGO subsea cable lands in Perth

Ocean cables connecting the world's Internet

A battery-free sensor for underwater exploration

Google, others building $300M Trans-Pacific undersea cable 

Submarine cables could be repurposed as earthquake detectors


Innovation boosts Wi-Fi bandwidth tenfold

Internet by light promises to leave Wi-Fi eating dust

Engineers achieve Wi-Fi at 10,000 times lower power

Wi-fi on rays of light: 100 times faster, and never overloaded

Wi-Fi can be used to image the content of rooms through walls

Terahertz wireless technology could bring fiber-optic speeds out of a fiber

Sensor Networks:

Pervasive Sensing

Breaking Bottlenecks

Intelligent Infrastructure

IoT seen as prelude to 'sensor swarm' 

The Global Lambda Integrated Facility

Sensor cloud: a cloud of virtual sensors

Optical fibers that can 'feel' the materials around them   

Change in Material Boosts Prospects of Ultrafast Single-photon