Memory technologies

Memory technologies: 

Future memory technology

IBM announces 3 bits/cell PCM

New angle for optical memories

The future of storage: hardware

Battery and memory device in one

DNA shows promise of storage devices

Data storage in DNA becomes a reality

Storage approach mimics DNA in fossils

Hybrid memory cube angles for exascale

The switch that could double USB memory

Makng steps toward improved data storage

Knowm snaps in final piece of memistor puzzle

Towards data storage at the single molecule level

Patent granted for super-fast MRAM data storage

Commodity memory for a high performance world

UK Researchers develop  super-fast memory chip

New technology of ultrahigh density optical storage

SMCs: observations on capacity and response time 

New 3D chip combines computing and data storage

Tantalizing discovery may boost memory technology

Scientists stored an Amazon gift card on some DNA

Solid state quantum memories set endurance record

3D Xpoint memory: faster-than-flash storage unveiled

Small tilt in magnets makes them viable memory chips 

Write speeds for phase-change memory reach record limits

T-rays will 'speed up' computer memory by a factor of 1,000

DNA storage crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram

Rice, UCLA slash energy needs for next-generation memory

Memristive accelerators for dense and sparse linear algebra

New computer memory can hold data 20 years without power

Milestone could help magnets end era of computer transistors

A single-atom magnet breaks new ground for future data storage

IBM scientists demonstrate phase-change memory breakthrough

Micron exposes the double life of memory with Automata processor

5D 'superman memory crystal' heralds unlimited lifetime data storage

Memory-processing units (MPU) could bring memristors to the masses

Industry leaders join forces to promote new high performance interconnect

Samsung demonstrates the world's first MRAM based in-memory computing

Leading memory systems researcher receives top computer architecture award 

Next generation photonic memory devices are 'light-written', ultrafast and energy efficient

Samsung now mass producing industry's first 2nd generation, 10-nanometer class DRAM

Room-temperature operation of low-voltage, non-volatile, compound semiconductor memory cells