Citizen Science

With the worldwide spread of home computers and smart phones connected to the Internet, Citizen Science is blossoming today and making an important contribution to a diverse array of sciences. We can expect the contribution of Citizen Science will become even greater in future, given the quality of video capture available from the standard smart phone. And with the possible future advent of a 'weather-station-on-a-chip', we may even see a public assist to the daily weather services. 

Citizen science

World Science U

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Citizen Science Alliance

Crowdsourcing a better world

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Citizen Science 2015 - a presentation by Dr. Tony Murphy, Director, GLOBE implementation office

Scientific mediation: on social processes, contexts and networks in which scientists are embedded

Disaster response and resilienc projects:

Citizen Seismology

Citizen scientists help monitor radiation in Japan

Crowdsourcing data to support disaster response

Raspberry Shake: building a personal seismograph

Volunteers help California build quake sensor network

Missing Maps for unknown areas with vulnerable peeople

Earthquake sensors to be distributed across Southern California 

Citizen science saving lives around deadly 'Throat of Fire' volcano

Citizen science for hydrological risk reduction and resilience building

Pollution monitoring: 

iSPEX-EU 2015 air pollution

Ventus: locating & monitoring power plant sites

Weather/climate projects:

Old Weather

Cyclone center


HMS New Zealand

Weather  Detective 

PressureNet weather system

Climate Central Announcement 

Call for sailors to become citizen scientists

Calling citizen scientists for hailstorm research   

Crowdsourcing snow depth data with citizen data

UK submarine data de-classified to aid climate science

IBM contributes $200M in community science resources for climate research

Ocean projects:

Marine litter watch

Weather rescue at sea

Rescuing tide gauge data from around the UK to study climate change aand sea level rise

Aurora projects:


Citizen scientists train a thousand eyes on the North Pole

Aurora photographers find the night sky lights and call them 'Steve'

Astronomy projects:

Mars trek

My Galaxy

Galaxy Zoo

Asteroid day


Disk detective

Planet hunters

Project stardust

Asteroid mappers

Astronomy rewind

Citizen sky project

Fireballs in the sky

The Milky Way project 

Mars webcam goes pro

TheSkyNet - T2 is born

The Andromeda project

Great world wide star count

Citizen scientist named planet 

NASA's open acces software library

NASA asteroid initiative grand challenge

How to participate in astronomy research

Amateur skywatchers help space hazards team

Amateur astronomers boost ESA's asteroid hunt

Volunteer black hole hunters as good as the experts

The OSRIS-Rex Mission: an asteroid sample return mission

Astronaut photographs inspire next generation of scientists

Volunteer 'disk detectivess' classify possible planetary habitats

Citizen scientists discover potential new exoplanet hunting ground

Home computers discover a record-breaking pulsar-neutron star system

The largest telescope ever built will rely on citizens to analyze Its reams of data

Galaxy Zoo 1: data release of morphological classifications of nearly 900,000 galaxies

The first two planet candidates identified by the public using the kepler public archive data

Ecology projects:

Dead tree detective

Gang-gang cockatoo survey 

Project Noah identifying wildlife 

Openforis environmental monitoring

It creaks and hums, slurps and scratches

Mobile apps for crowdsourcing streamflow data

Citizen science helps predict spread of sudden oak death

Earth Challenge 2020 overview of environmental questions

Tapping social media’s potential to muster a vast green army

NASA calls on gamers, citizen scientists ti help map world's corals

App tracks harmful mosqitos with help from crowd sourced science

Guide to choosing and using citizen science for environmental monitoring

Citizen scientists needed to help record impact of widfires on Australian biodiversity

Citizen science reveals unexpected continental-scale evolutionary change in a model organism

Online citizen scientists: assist University of Miami marine biologists to classify plankton images

Completeness of citizen science biodiversity data from a volunteered geographic information perspective      
Medical projects:


Compute against Alzheimer's disease

BBC4 to investigate how flu pandemic spreads by launching BBC pandemic app

Physics projects:

Bring a 50,000 degree plasma into your living room

Play with antimatter tracks from the comfort of your home

General projects:  

Help NASA build smartphone apps

Help make a better world land map with NASA app       

World Community Grid of IBM suggests you to donate your machines spare capacity to science