Viewing the Universe, Sky Surveys, Cameras, Telescopes

Viewing the Universe:

Faint galactic halos

Unlocking cosmology

Structures in the Universe

Universe size comparisons

River of hydrogen flowing through space

Researchers redefine cosmic velocity web

Here are the world's best stargazing spots

Astrophysics: the icing on the big data cake

Galactic visualization center delivers star power

Fermi finds dark matter clues in Andromeda galaxy

An astrophysicist who maps the Universe's terra incognita

Our Universe is too vast for even the most imaginitive sci-fi 

Dark-sky advocates confront threats from above and below

This new interactive map lets you scoll through the Universe 

Astronomers new expression of the activity-rotation relationship

Optimizing operations for an unprecedented view of the universe

Turbulence in space might solve outstanding astrophysical mystery

Universe's UV background could provide clues about missing galaxies

'Cosmic lantern' cpuld help us further understand the fate of the Universe

Physicists find clue to formation of magnetic fields around stars and galaxies

Researchers develop new parallel computing method for astronomical analysis

Novae, a type of explosive phenomenon in stars, are main source of lithium in the universe 

Sky surveys, maps, images & catalogs:


The Universe in 3D

Southern Sky Mapper

The entire sky in X-rays

A new view of the X-ray sky

Gaiia data release 2 published

Has Fermi glimpsed dark matter?

New study maps space dust in 3D

A new map for a birthplace of stars

Reproducing the large-scale Universe

The reference catalog of galaxy SEDs

AKARI far-infrared all-sky data released

The AAVSO photometric All-Sky Survey

LEGUS high-res UV survey of local galaxies

Hubble paints picture of the evolving universe

An improved map of the Galactic Faraday sky

High-resolution view into the infrared Universe

CosmicFlows 3: Cosmography of the local void

Biggest-Ever night sky image released to public

WiggleZ confirms the big picture of the Universe

Gaia's billion-star map hints at treasures to come

Seeing the cosmos through "warm" infrared eyes

Celeste: a new model for cataloging the Universe

USNO releases first version of newest star catalog 

Master plan of the Universe revealed in galaxy maps

How far away is that galaxy? Vast catalog has answers

Researchers pioneer a 'Google Street View' of galaxies

A big data journey while seeking to catalog our Universe

South Pole telescope homes in on dark energy, neutrinos

Researchers propose new way to chart the cosmos in 3D

Hubble source catalog: one-stop shopping for astronomers

A new cosmic survey offers unprecedented view of galaxies

Gaia's map of 1.3 billion stars makes a Milky Way in a bottle

Gleamoscope - viewing the Universe in multiple wavelengths

Astrophysicists draw most comprehensive map of the universe

LOFAR sky map reveals one million never-before-seen galaxies

Astronomers release largest digital survey of the visible universe

Pan-STARRS releases catalogue of 3 billion astronomical sources

South Pole Telescope (SPT) finishes 5-year survey of galaxy clusters

The elements of life mapped across the Milky Way by SDSS/APOGEE

Planck intermediate results. IX. detection of the galactic haze with Planck

Largest ever map of Universe's active supermassive black hole's released.

Cosmological constraints from the first-year Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam survey

First public data released by the Hyper Supreme-Cam Subaru strategic program

Astronomers release unprecedented data set on celestial objects that brighten an dim

Astronomers map a record-braking 1.2 million galaxies to study the properties of dark energy

Generative adversarial networks recover features in astrophysical images beyond deconvolutoinal limit

SDSS-III: spectroscopic surveys distant Universe, the Milky Way Galaxy & extra-solar planetary systems

Cameras & Telescpoes:


SKA update

Project 1640

Planck legacy achive

The telescope of the 2030s

Early universe to be revealed

Square Kilometre Array (SKA) 

The Vera C. Rubin Observatory

What Hubble has seen, visualized

Astrochemistry n the terahertz gap

Fermi's gamma-ray cosmos poster

Hubble Ultra-Deep Field Telescope

Chandra's first decade of discovery

Hubble gazes at cosmic megamaser

A powerful new tool to study the Cosmos

Planck steps closer to the cosmic blueprint

The latest look at 'First Light' from Chandra

ABAT: Asteroid Belt Astronomical Telescope

Technology behind the world's largest telescope

The astronomer who'd rather build space cameras

New system produces high-res images at low cost

A retrospective look at the Spitzer Space Telescope

The FBI mysteriously close New Mexico observatory

New Australian telescope set to find 700,000 galaxies

Chinese mega-telescope obtains data on 7 million stars

ALMA finds unexpected trove of gas around larger stars

Herschel and Keck take census of the invisible Universe

Building the massive simulation sets essential to Planck results

World's largest telescope more powerful, popular after two years

South Africa develops a transient-tracking 'intelligent observatory'

The camera that will transform our understanding of the Universe

Giant telescopes take small but significant steps towards realization 

Quantum double-slit experiment offers hope for Earth-size telescopes

ALMA links with other observatories to create Earth-sized virtual telescope

Organizations partner to rescue petabystes of data from Acebo observatory

Scott Hubbard explains how NASA might revive the Kepler space telescope

GeMS: Revolutionary instrument delivers a sharper universe to astronomers

Researchers develop instrument for exploring the cosmos and the quantum world

Damaged beyond repair, the world's largest radio telescope will now be destroyed

The innovative technology that will explore planet Mercury in unprecedented detail

James Webb Space Telescope:


Observing the Universe with JWST

The first look at our new astronomy paradigm

Here's how scientists book time with the JWST 

Widest view of early Universe hints at galaxy amongst earliest detected

The James Webb Space Telescope is now one of the  coldest objects in space


What's a 'dark sky nation', and wht does New Zealand want to become one?