Origins of Life, Evolution of Life

Life has its speed limits!

Definition of life:

The laws of life

What is life? It's a tricky, often confusing question 

Early chemistry of life on Earth:

Building blocks of life

Untangling life's origins

The chiral puzzle of life

How did life on Earth begin?

Labyrinths as crucibles of life

The periodic table of proteins

Unlocking the chemistry of life

Scientists discover 'legos of life'

Earth's soils hosted life early on

Sorting the wheat from the chaff

Early life on Earth limited by enzyme

Bleach a possible key to life on Earth

Finding iron's role in life on early Earth

Ammonium fertilized early life on Earth

Ancient minerals: which gave rise to life?

A chemical clue to how life started on Earth

Nitrogen in ancient rocks a sign of early life

Enzyme that could explain the origins of life

Missing links brewed in primordial puddles?

Earliest life emerged in mildly acidic oceans

Protein-like structures from the priordial soup

A single molecule in the building blocks of life

A grand new theory of life's evolution on Earth

Origins of life? Biologists study offers new clues

How did Earth's primitive chemistry get started?

Discovery demystifies origin of life phenomenon

Mapping amino acids to understand life's origins

Study offers new theory for how life first emerged

Molecules assemble in water, hint at origins of life

Earliest life may have arisen in ponds, not oceans

Were hot, humid summers the key to life's origins?

Why Earth's cracked crust may be essential for life

The Universe's first type of molecule is found at last

New study outlines 'water world' theory of life's origins

Life's building blocks form in replicated deep sea vents

What sparked the origin of life modeled by researchers

Study tests theory that life originated at deep sea vents 

Researchers propose new way to look at the dawn of life

Shape shifting protocells hint at the mechanics of early life

A timescale for the origin and evolution of all of life on Earth

Water-air interfaces in rock pores helped spawn life on Earth

Hydrothermal vents could explain chemical precursors to life

New clues to chemical origins of metabolism at the dawn of life

Scientists identify protein that may have existed when life began

Scientists find new evidence of key ingredient during dawn of life

Kinetic analysis questions chemistry proposed for the origin of life

Examining how terrestrial life's building blocks may have first formed

Pre-life building blocks spontaneously align in evolutionary experiment

Reserchers reveal hidden rules of genetics for how life on Earth began

Scientists focus on mineral for clues to beginning of biological life on Earth

Natural affinities - unrecognized until now - may have set stage for life to ignite

New synthesis method imitates the way molecules were formed at the dawn of life

Lightning strikes as a major facilitator of prebiotic phosphorous reduction on early Earth

The building blocks of DNA and RNA could have appeared together before life began on Earth

Natural pH gradients in hydrothermal alkali vents were unlikely to have played a role in the origin of life

Energetics of life:

Life's origin in a prebiotic fuel cell 

Power behind priordial soup discovered

Water and power: can electrical energy give rise to life?

Lightning had difficulty forming in early Earth's atmosphere

Geologic evidence that volcanic lightning promotes life on Earth

Electricity-driven undersea reactions may have been important for the emergence of life

Cellular life:

How did multicellular life evolve?

A single-celled organism capable of learning

Researcher unearths ancient multicellular fossils

Origin of life emerged from cell membrane bioenergetics

How and why single cell organisms evolved into multicellular life

Scientists discover new chemistry that may help explain the origins of cellular life

Microbial evidence of early life on Earth:

When life went global

Scientists unlock a 'microbial Pompei'

Discovered: the oldest fossils on Earth

Microbial mats offer clues to life on early Earth

A break in the search for the origin of complex life

Microbes spotted on blades of ice high in the Andes

Life may have thrived on Earth 3.2 billion years ago

New evidence emerges on the origins of life on Earth

Scientists resolve a 3.5 billion-year-old mystery of life

How priordial life on Earth might have replicated itself

Life's engines: how microbes made tthe Earth habitable 

The beautiful intelligence of bacteria and other microbes

The slow-motion bacteria buried deep in the ocean's floor

Ancient rocks reveal hot spot of sulphur-breathing bacteria

Large bacterial population colonized land 2.75B years ago

Discovery in Yellowstone 'extremely relevant' to origin of life

Looking back 3.8 billion years into the root of the 'Tree  of Life'

Modern microbial ecosystems provide window to early life on Earth

Bacterial resistance to copper in the making for thousands of years

Scientists develop new method for studying early life in ancient rocks

Earliest signs of life: scientists find microbial remains in ancient rocks

Bacteria perfected protein complexes more than 3.5 billion years ago

Parasites reveal how evolution has molded an ancient nuclear structure

Biochemical fossil shows how life may have emerged without phosphate

Portion of ancient Australian chert microstructures definitely pseudo-fossils

Ancient rocks show life could have flourished on Earth 3.2 billion years ago

Oldest evidence of life on land found in 3.48 billion-year-old Australian rocks

Microfossils of sulphur-metabolizing cells in 3.4-billion-year-old rocks of Western Australia

Life on Earth likely started at least 4.1 billion years ago - much earlier than scientists had thought 

Advances in life forms:

How did life learrn to breathe?

A pragmatic view on the evolution of life

Fossil of oldest known land-dweller identified

A break in the search for the origin of complex life

Wealth of unsuspected new microbes expands tree of life 

Ocean toxicity hampered the rapid evolution of complex life

Without this gene, life might not have evolved beyond slime

Mushroom rises from fungus buried in sea for 20 million years

Researchers discover missing link in the evolution of complex cells

Complex life emerged on land much earlier than previously thought

Earth's first ecosystems were more complex than previously thought

Researchers unearth why deep oceans gave life to the first big, complex organisms  

New giant virus may help scientists better understand the emergence of complex life

New evidence of ancient multicellular life sets evolutionnary timeline back 60 million years

New study sheds light on the rise of mammals - flowering plants, new teeth and no dinosaurs

Animal life:

Revolution averted

The origins of abiotic species

Microbes set the stage for first animals

Eukaryotes: a new timetable of evolution

Migratory birds disperse seeds long distances

Before animals, evolution waited eons to inhale

Evolution from water to land led to better parenting

Yes, computing genetic ancestors is super accurate

Earth's earlieast animals were strange sea-creatures

How chewing like a cow helped early mammals thrive

New study shakes the roots of the dinosaur family tree

What if the story of life on Earth isn't what you think it is?

Study shows how early Earth kept warm enough to support life

Animals took first breaths after small oxygen blip in atmosphere

How did life arrive on land? A billion-year old fungus may hold clues

Evolution may have moved at a furious pace on a much warmer Earth

High-tech analysis of proto-mammal fossil clarifies mammalian family tree

Exceptionally preserved Jurassic sea life found in new Canadian fossil site

Inventive processes in Nature: from information origin in chemical evolution to technological exhaustion

Analysis of gene regions reveals conservation of novel non-coding sequences in a wide range of animals 

Evolution of humans:

Diet shaped human evolution

New light on human evolution

Shouldering the burden of evolution

Ancient virus determines babies' sex

Mapping the 'dark matter' of human DNA

Big toe's big bone holds evolutionary key

Human mutation rate has slowed recently

Linking climate change and human evolution

This face changes the human story. But how?

Researchers find human development first gear

New fossil pushes back Homo genus 400,000 years

Scientists have found the oldest known human fossils

Two-million-year-old skull of human 'cousin' unearthed

Acorn worm genome reveals origins of human pharynx

Human ancestors were 'grounded', new analysis shows

Fossil DNA reveals new twists in modern human origins

Our ancestors evolved faster after the dinosaur extinction

Newfound footprints stir debate over our ancestor's sex lives

Cadaver arms suggest human fists evolved for punching, too

Large heads, narrow pelvises and difficult childbirth in humans

Investigating the case of human nose shape and climate adaptation

Human genome was shaped by an evolutionary arms race with itself

Prehistoric conflict hastened human brain's capacity for collaboration

No bones needed: ancient DNA in soil can tell if humans were around 

Fossil analysis pushes back human split from other primates by 2 million years

Drimolen cranium DNH155 documents microevolution in an early hominin species 

New analysis suggests body size increase did not play a role in the origins of Homo Genus

Sonic hedgehog gene provides evidence that our limbs may have evolved from sharks' gills

Primate evolution: mechanism discovered that creates 'clusters of mutations' that affect traits

Human brains evolved to be more responsive to environmental, social and cultural influences

Human DNA shows traces of 40 million-year battle for suvival between primate and pathogen    

Extraterrestrial influences on life on Earth:

Did solar flares cook up life on Earth?

Cosmic rays may have given life its shape

Asteroid impacts could create niches for life

Complex sugars cooked up from 'comet ice' 

'Alien bugs' discovered in Earth's atmosphere

Meteorite impacts can create DNA building blocks

Is earthly life premature from a cosmic perspective?

Life on earth shockingly comes from out of this world

Fossil discoveries challenge ideas about Earth's start

Cosmic impacts might help synthesize organic compounds

Extraterrestrial ribose and other sugars in primitive meteorites

Ancient supernovae buffeted Earth's biology with radiation dose

Insights into evolution of life on Earth from one of Saturn's moons

Nearby supernova explosions may have affected human evolution

Slow-moving rocks better odds that life crashed to Earth from space

Molecuar evolution: how the building blocks of life may form in space

Young Sun-like star shows a magnetic field was critical for life on early Earth

Life from outer space?

Aliens in our midst

Life, but not as we know 

Meet the endoterrestrials

B3: the vitamin from outer space

Earth and Mars could share a life history

Did life on Earth actually begin on Mars?

Astronomers unveiling life's cosmic origins 

Interstellar seeds could create oases of life 

If life can make it here, it can make it anywhere

Impact glass on Mars may possess evidence of life

Space kombucha in the search for life and its origins

The physics origin of the heirarchy of bodies in space

Extraterrestrial life probably exists. So how do we find it?

Universe's first life might have been born on carbon planet

Life's building blocks recreated under space-like conditions

Astronomers find star material could be building block of life

NASA-funded research discovers life built with toxic chemical

Dwarf star 200 light-years away contains life's building blocks

Telescope detects key feature of life outside our Solar System

Clues to life on Mars may live in the mine-dwelling 'deveil worm'

How did life become complex, and could it happen beyond Earth?

Alien hunters detect mysterious radio signal from Proxima Centauri

Amino acid and phosphorous found in comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Rotating ring of complex organic molecules discovered around newborn star

Super salty, subzero Arctic water provides peek at possible life on other planets

Newly discovered salty subglacial lakes could help search for life in Solar System

Geobiology: Evidence for early life on Earth and the search for life on other planets

Chemical sleuthig unravels possible path to the formation of life's building blocks in space

Scientists develop new method to extract cyanide from meteorites, discover potential link to origins of life