Carbon Capture & Storage (CC&S)

Trap, contain & convert 

Subsurface energy footprints

Coal should stay in the ground    

What is carbon capture and storage (CCS)?

Carbon dioxide capture and storage and the UNFCCC

Global learning is needed to save CCS from being abandoned

Researchers outline vision for profitable climate change solution

Carbon sequestration options in the international climate regime

Carbon, fossil fuel, and biodiversity mitigation with wood and forests       

Carbon sequestration - frequently asked questions \information portal

Simulation of CCS method helps combat climate change, boost energy supply    

Technologies for Capturing CO2:

A trap for greenhouse gas

Carbon capture breakthrough

Buckyballs enhance carbon capture

Whatever happened to carbon capture?

Next-gen membranes for carbon capture

Finding ideal materials for carbon capture

More effective way if capturing CO2 discovered

New mix could double concrete's carbon uptake

Scientists discover greener way of making plastics

A metal-free, sustainable approach to CO2 reduction

CO2 removal is suddenly obtaining credibility and support 

Climate capture technology could be vital for climate targets

How clean energy can upgrade the value of captured carbon

Tiny carbon-capturing motors may help tackle rising CO2 levels

In the ace to pull carbon from the air, did rocks just overtake trees?

CO2 capture technology exists, but no one dares take the first step

Computer model pinpoints prime materials for efficient carbon capture

Cost and performance of carbon dioxide capture from power generation

Ca looping technology: current status, developments and future directions    

First snapshots of trapped CO2 molecules shed new light on carbon capture

Biologically inspired membrane purges coal-fired smoke of greenhouse gases    

New family of chemical structures can effectively remove CO2 from gas mixtures

Closing the carbon loop: new catalyst identified that advances capture and conversion of CO2

Behold the THETA Cycle: a new way to turn E.coli into tiny factories that grab CO2 from thin air

New set of computational tools and models enable development of carbon capture technologies

Underground CO2 storage:

Sequestration on shaky ground 

Geologic CO2 storage research

More promising natural gas storage?

Clearer picture of carbon sequestration

Terrestrial sequestration of CO2 studies

Scientists poke holes in CO2 sequestration

Are ants the answer to CO2 sequestration?

How carbon gets absorbed deep underground

Basalts turn CO2 into stone for permanent storage

Exploring the fate of the Earth's storehouse of carbon

Finding the Goldilocks sites to store CO2 underground

New 'lab on a chip' may accelerate carbon storage efforts

CO2 stored underground can find multiple ways to escape

Soil carbon sequestration is an elusive climate mitigation tool

CO2 mineral sequestration: developments towards large-scale application   

Significance for secure CO2 storage of earthquakes induced by fluid injections 

CO2 can be stored underground for 10 times the length needed to avoid climactic impact 

On scale and magnitude of pressure build-up induced by large-scale geologic storage of CO2

Storage in soil:

Harnessing plants to clean the air

Huge carbon sink exists in soil minerals

Carbon sequestration in soil: the potential underfoot

Soil C sequestration as a biological negative emission strategy

Storage as rock:

Turning CO2 into rock, and burying it    

Ancient rocks yield facts on CO2 storage

Storing CO2 underground by turning it into rock

An overview of the status and challenges of CO2 storage in minerals and geologic formations      

Off-shore CO2 storage:

Can CO2 be safely stored offshore?

Ocean sink for man-made CO2 measured

Oil rigs could pump emissions below North Sea

Industrial age helps some coastal regions capture CO2

Deep-sea bacteria could help neutralize green house gas

Ocean crust pillow lava could store many centuries of industrial CO2    

Bacteria play an important role in the long term storage of carbon in the ocean

CO2 sequestration technique that produces 'supergreen' hydrogen fuel, offsets ocean acidification 

Other CCS methods:

Methane out, CO2 in? 

Concrete jungle functions as carbon sink

This concrete can trap CO2 emissions forever

Artificial lung to remove CO2 from smoke stacks

Li-CO2 electrochemistry: a new strategy for CO2 fixation and energy storage

Regional Programs:

CC&S in the EU

MIT's CCS pprogram

Australia unveils CCS plant 

Storing carbon in the Arctic

The Otway (Victoria) Research Facility

List of Commercial Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Projects    

In a first, Iceland power plants turn carbon emissions to stone

The US Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium data base

The economics of CO2 capture, utilization and storage network:Texas Gulf Coast with pure CO2-EOR flood