Electric Utilities & Smart Grids

The big picture:

Why do electrons move?

Energy and energy types

Energy markets and energy policies

Cross-border interconnections on every continent 

A global super-grid: sociotechnical drivers and barriers

The role of net metering in the evolving electrical system 

Growth of 'distributed' electricity could transform utility systems

Innovative superconductor fibers carry 40 times more electricity

The need to coordinate transmission policy: an overview of the issues

The next big thing in the energy sector: photovoltaic generated DC electricity

New approach could reduce human health impacts of electric power generation

The distribution of coal electricity generation worldwide in 2019, by select country

Weather, Climate, GHG Emission issues:

Getting the carbon out of emissions

Preparing utilities for climate change

Is natural gas a 'bridge' to a hotter future?

Nanomaterial to help reduce CO2 emissions

Financing for clean, resilient power solutions

Study highlights electric grids' vulnerabilities to extreme weather

Power restoration prediction following extreme events and disasters

The greenhouse impact of unconventional gas for electricity generation

Vulnerabilities and opportunities at the nexus of electricity, water and climate

Worldwide electricity productioin vulnerable to climate and water resource change

Key factors for assessing climate benefits of natural gas versus coal electricity generation

Enviromental co-benefits and adverse side-effects of alternative power sector decarbonization strategies

Electric Utilities, Water & Ice:

Society after a total grid collapse

Ice-proof coating for big structures

Simulation brings global 100% renewable electricity system alive for the first time

Linking electricity and water models to access electricity choices at water-relevant scales

Life cycle water use for electricty generation: a review and harmonization of literature estimates

Evaluation of power generation options in response to changes in surface water reservoir storage

Water consumption and withdrawal factors for electricity generating technologies: a review of literature

Thermal effluent from power sector: an analysis of cooling system impacts on surface water temperature

Monitoring Power Plants:

Is the power grid too big?

10 biggest grid projects for 2019

Tracking the cglobal power plant pipeline 2021

Crowdsourcing power plant CO2 emissions data

A customer-focused framework for electric system resilience

Record coal plant retirements in US and Europe offest by China coal plant boom in 2020

Capturing 'lost heat':

Finding reserves on the electrical grid

Breakthrough in converting waste heat to electricity

Connecting dead ends increases power grid stability

Saving lots of computing capacity with a new algorithm

Wireless device converts 'lost' energy into electric power

Using computers and sensors to curb electricity use in buildings

Load forecasting:

Short term load forecasting

Optimal electricity planning and dispatching with hourly time-scale air quality and health considerations

Geomagnetic storms:

Calculation of voltages in electric power transmission lines during historic geomagnetic storms 

Quantifying the economic value of space weather forecasting on power grids: an economic study

Smart Grids:

The smart grid

Power blackout risks

Keeping the lights on

A smart grid: self-organised simply

Will plug-in cars crash the electric grid? 

Simulation software optimizes smart grids

Can digital twins help moderize electric grids?

George Arnold of NIST on smart grid standards

New electricity meters are smart - but are they trusted?

Disaggregated end-use energy sensing for the smart grid

Quantum cryptography put to work for electric grid security

U.S., Europe collaborating on smart grid standards development

Supergrid: efficient generation, storage and distribution of energy

Distributed technique for power 'scheduling' advances smart grid concept

The development of social science research on smart grids: a semi-structured literature review 

Wireless power transmission:  

NZ to trial world first commercial long-rangs, wireless power transmission

Buildlngs as an energy source:

US building energy efficiency and flexibility as an electric grid resource


A study of 5 countries that generate electricity from renewable resources

North America:

US Coal-fired power plants

US electrificaion futures study

US power plant emissions trends

Canada can be energy superpower

Rewiring the US Northwest's infrastructure

Hydrogen for large-scale electricity generation in USA

Committed emissions of the US power sector, 2000-2018

US national grid study creates questions for transmission industry

California's green energy future requires reimagining the power grid

US nationwide HVDC: cheapest way to radically cut CO2 emissions?

UCLA center creates first interactive electricity-use map of Los Angeles

The climate and increased extreme weather affect on US energy systems

Assessing the political feasibility in decarbonizing the US electricity sector

Microgrids could help California improve resilience in face of wildfire threat

Wind, solar paired with storage could be cost-effective way to US power grid

What is the role for carbon cycle science in the proposed EPA power plant rule?

Modeling low-carbon US electricity futures to explore impacts on national and regional water usage

88 high-tech cameras installed in Southern and Northern California to provide monitoring of fire risk

Horizontal cooling towers: riverine ecosystem services, thermoelectric heat in today's Northeast US

Can switching fuels save water? Freshwater consumption for Texas coal, natural gas-fired electricity

Water-use reduction associated with the transition from coal to natural gas in the US e;ectricty sector

Water use for electricity in the US: an analysis of reported and calculated water use information for 2008

The water implications of generating electricity: US water use in different electricity pathways through 2050

Central America:

Achieving 100% reliance on renewable energy for electricity generation  in Central America


Europe power grid recovery after natural hazard impact

Solar power grows to provide 10% of EU's electricity in summer 2021

Comparing coal phase-out pathways: the UK's and Germany's diverging transition

Water constraints on European power supply under climate change: impacts on electricity prices

Challenges for electricity network governance in whole system change: Norway's energy transition insights


China's power utilities in hot water: report summary

China's is facing its worst power shortage in a decade

Despite pledges to cut emissions, China goes on a coal spree

China vows to stop building coal plants overseas, but what does that mean?

First 1-GW unit of major China coal-fired plant comes online in Inner Mongolia

China's new coal power plant capacity in 2020 more than 3 times rest of world's  

China must shut '600 coal-fired plants' to hit its net zero emissions target by 2060

Capacity of operational coal-fired power plants in China as of 2021, by province/municipiality


NTT Data/Autogrid announcement

India electricity to flow to Bangaladesh

Health costs of coal-sourced electricity in SouthEast Asia  


Space weather threat to Australian power networks assessed

Simulations of Scenarios with 100% Renewable Electricity in the Australian National Electricity Market