Climate Change, Risk & Resilience in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

SIDS is the designation for a group of more than 50 island and coastal countries and territories that are facilitated by the United Nations to establish partnerships to address common needs. Island ‘drowning’ is not inevitable as sea levels rise
Coral reef islands can accrete vertically in response to sea level rise Climate Adaptation and Theory of Change: Making it work for you
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Re-framing island nations as champions of resilience in the face of climate change and disaster risk Difficult decisions: Migration from Small Island Developing States under climate change
First of its Kind Guide Launched to Enable True Valuation of Ecosystems in Some of the World's Smallest and Most Vulnerable Economies Islands of the future
Natural resources management and the environment in SIDS Urgent climate action key to food security in small island states
IPCC AR5 What's in it for SIDS? Climate Security and Justice for Small Island Developing States
Climate Change Education for sustainable developmment in SIDS - PACIFIC OCEAN:
... Extreme Pacific sea level events to double in future
Regional assessment on ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction and Biodiversity in Oceania Effects of Climate Change on 1.5° Temperature Rise Relevant to the Pacific Islands
Human health and climate change in Pacific island countries Vulnerability of Pacific Island agriculture and forestry to climate change
COVID-19 and Pacific food system resilience: opportunities to build a robust response Hotter, Drier, Wetter. Helping Pacific Islanders to Face the Future.
Climate finance in the Pacific: An overview of flows to the region’s Small Island Developing States Disaster Risk Governance for Pacific Island Communities
A ‘Marshall Plan' for the Pacific: Islands aim to stave off climate disaster Effectiveness of foreign development assistance in mitigating natural disasters’ impact: Case study of Pacific Island countries
UNLOCKING ACCESS TO CLIMATE FINANCE FOR PACIFIC ISLAND COUNTRIES Climate change, food security, and socioeconomic livelihood in Pacific islands
Building on the Pacific’s culture of resilience The risk of disaster-induced displacement - South Pacific island states
Climate risk profile - Pacific Islands European Union and the Pacific partner for vocational education on climate and energy
Pacific islands are not passive victims of climate change, but will need help Dynamic atolls give hope that Pacific Islands can defy sea rise
Improving disaster relief in the Pacific Advancing Disaster Risk Financing & Insurance In The Pacific
Pacific Islands Prepare for a More Disaster Resilient Future Enhancing Macroeconomic Resilience to Natural Disasters and Climate Change in the Small States of the Pacific
Japan to give $400 mln to Pacific islands to fight climate change Strengthening Financial Resilience in the Pacific
Linking seasonal forecasts with disaster preparedness in the Pacific: from information to action Food security projects give remote island communities long-term disaster resilience
SIDS: How to minimise the impact of natural disasters Pacific environmet leader warns: "We will be the first to go under"
Fiji: Fiji: climate and disasters animation
Fiji village relocated under climate change programme Planning for Community Relocations Due to Climate Change in Fiji
Fiji – Whole Village Relocated After Landslide and Cyclone Disasters Tukuraki Village relocates to new site, post land-slide disaster
Vanuatu Vanuatu's Port Vila identified as the world's most exposed city to natural disasters
Vanuatu: natonal cyclone support plan review 2015-2016 Drones for good: new technologies address old challenges in Vanuatu
Adaptation and resilience in Vanuatu Vanuatu launches Tsunami Early Warning System
For remote Vanuatu islanders, fleeing climate disasters is an uphill battle Vanuatu plans to permanently evacuate entire volcanic island
Sudden-Onset Hazards and the Risk of Future Displacement in Vanuatu Tonga
Tonga's motto inspires leaders to safeguard a resilient inheritance Building Back Better in Tonga after Cyclone Ian
Building a more Resilient Tonga against Disaster Risk Sudden-Onset Hazards and the Risk of Future Displacement in Tonga
Samoa: World Bank Supports Building Resilient Coastal Communities in Samoa
Resilient Recovery in Samoa after Cyclone Evan Samoa kicks off climate adaptation project to benefit 1 in 3 citizens facing flood risk
Kiribati: The Kiribati People Battle Sea Level Rise
French Polynesia: Faced with rising seas, French Polynesia ponders floating islands
Micronesia: Federated States of Micronesia pursue a common approach between disaster risk and climate change
FSM forges a way forward to health security in the Pacific Solomon Islands
Solomons town to relocate to escape climate change, tsunamis Risk Toolkit for Solomon Islands
Sudden-Onset Hazards and the Risk of Future Displacement in the Solomon Islands Extreme rain triggered health crisis on South Pacific island
Marshall Islands An Environmental Lawyer’s Fraught Quest for Legal Tools to Hold Back the Seas
Marshall Islands cater crisis underlines Pacific's drought risk Cook Islands
The Cook Islands - disaster risk financing and insurance Nauru
Partnership results in climate and disaster resilience plan for Nauru Papua-New Guinea
Assessment on the Impact of the El Niño Event in PNG October 2015 INDIAN OCEAN:
National Geospatial Database for Maldives to Mainstream Climate Change Adaptation in Development Planning Maldives should forget about mitigating climate change, says Bluepeace
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Sea Level Rise Mauritius: relocation as a prospective solution Seychelles - disaster risk profile
Zanzibar - disaster risk profile ATLANTIC OCEAN:
... Reducing disaster risk in the Caribbean – Interview with local expert
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Mangroves monitoring and evaluation manual for Jamaica