Environmental Science & Ecological Systems

Ecosystems as complex networks - and their collapse    Ecosystem-based adaptation

Knowledge-based environmental research infrastructure: moving beyond data

Study shows streams are reliable indicators of a region's environmental health

Unexpected natural source of methane discovered

Microbes hitch a ride inland on coastal fog

Synergistic ecoclimate teleconnections from forest loss structure global ecological responses

Investing in ecosytems for DRR: nature for lives    GlobeLand30

The future value of ecosystem services: global scenarios and national implications

Tracking movement of the tropics 800 years into the past

Ancient global cooling gave rise to modern ecosystems

'Pristine' landscapes haven't existed for thousands of years

Going green: are ecosystem-based adaptation solutions gaining ground?

Indirect effects of rising CO2 levels on ecosystems more important than previously thought

Environmenatal Psychology and Logic    Human intelligence and the environment

New cheap method of surveying landscapes can capture environmental change

Biological field stations: keeping a pulse on our planet

Molecular microbiology methods for environmental diagnosis

New satellite-based maps to aid in climate/environment forecasts

Quantifying the impact of climate on ecosystems worldwide

Biodiversity stabilizes ecosystems during climate extremes 

Long-term study shows imppact of humans on land

Fish as proxies for ecological and environmental change

Community conservation resilience initiative

Healthy ecosystems, healthy Earth, healthy people

Modeling all life?   Drew Purves    The Madingley Model

When it comes to the environment, education affects our actions

Little evidence conservation organizaions respond to economic signals

Cryospheric ecosystems: a synthesis of snowpack and glacial research

Study unlocks faster way to assess ocean ecosystem health

Promoting ecosystems for DRR and climate change adaptation

Making the economic case for ecosystem-based adaptation

Introduction to ecosystem-based adaptation: a nature-based response to climate change

Mainstreaming ecosystem services into DRR: navigating complexity through knowledge coproduction

Australia establishes International Partnership for Blue Carbon 

Mapping habitats to describe ecosystems    Landscape migration   

Which are he most important functional genes in an ecosystem?

Countries turn to ecosystems to reduce risk amid concerns over more disasters 

Benefits of silicon carbide sensors in harsh environments

Explore the ecological tapestry of the world     Explore a tapestry of world ecosystems

Brilliant ecosystem visualizations - Greg Asner - ecology from the air!

Barren deserts can host complex ecosystems in their soils    Driest place on Earth hosts life

Researchers find microbial heat islands in the desert    New microbe found thriving deep in the earth

DNA of bacteria crucial to the ecosystem defies explanation

The global Landsat imagery database for the FAO FRA remote sensing survey    Nature valued from space

Carnegie Airborne Observatory - AToMS    Carnegie debuts revolutionary biosphere mapping capability

Climate changes the distribution of plants and animals     How wolves change rivers

Risk of severe climate change impact on the terrestrial biosphere

Scientific foundations for an IUCN 'red list' of ecosystems

Long-term reserach reveals how climate change is playing out in real ecosystems

Harnessing Nature: an eco-system approach to climate change preparedness

The role of ecosystems in disaster risk reduction     Critical impacts of global warming on land ecosystems    

Ecosystem valuation toolkit    Does it help conservation to put a price on nature?

UN officials call for restoration of ecosystems to reduce climate change disasters

Climate change and the ecology of fear     Adoption of 'novel ecosystems' by policymakers criticized

Environmental 'tipping points' key to predicting extinctions    Urban biogeochemistry

The state of the tropics report     World faces 'seismic shift' towards the tropics 

Competing demands on Europe's environment undermining human well-being

Do we need a law against ecocide?    New scientific field looks at the big picture  

Integrating ecosystems in resilience practice

Sustaining environmental capital: US Presidents Report       

Finding generality in ecology: a model for globally distributed experiments 

Global Environmental Monitoring    How ecosystems protect communities against natural hazards 

Dam construction to reduce greenhouse gases causes ecosystem disruption

The emergence of environmental homeostasis in complex ecosystems

Fluctuating environment may have driven human evolution

Decline in snow cover spells trouble for many plants, animals 

Scientists pioneer method to predict environmental collapse   

Early warning signal for ecosystem collapse revealed    

Humans strengthen bottom-up effects and weaken trophic cascades in a terrestrial food web

The role of landscape connectivity in planning and implementing conservation and restoration priorities    

Ecological sensitivity: a biospheric view of climate change   

Ecosystem biodiversity a key climate change buffer    

Economic significance of improved environmental forecasting   Maths experts question key ecological theory

Assessing confidence in management adaptation approaches for climate-sensitive ecosystems

Modeling the interplay between land use, bioenergy production and climate change

A model estimate on the effect of anthropogenic land cover change on the climate of the last millennium

Subterranean Ecosystems   Ventilation of subterranean CO2 and Eddy covariance incongruities

Dryland Ecosystems    Arid but full of Life    Grasslands    Tundra

Hydrospheric Ecosystems:

Tidal Pools    Marine-ecosystem     Marine ecosystem_services       TOPP

The Northwestrn Hawaiian Islands

Energy from the interior of the Earth supports life in a global ecosystem           

Freshwater Ecosystems of the World     Lake Ecosystems    More on Freshwater Ecosystems   FMAP 

Environmental factors that influence cyanobacteria and geosmin in reservoirs 

From wing to wing: the persistence of long ecological interaction chains in less-disturbed ecosystems 

Metabolism Predicts Ecological Response to Warming

Watershed protection  schemes growing: China takes lead 

Regional Ecosystems:

Pacific Regional Environment Programme: Strategic Plan 2011-2015    Western Pacific Warm Pool

The Coral Triangle Initiative    Huge Underground "Ocean" Found Beneath Asia 

Understanding the coupled natural and human systems in Dryland East Asia

Pollution 'devastating' China's vital ecosystem

New ways of monitoring environmental impact could help save rural communities of China

Unsustainable ecological decline in rural China

Environmental Statistics in Central Asia: Progress and Prospects

Mainstreaming ecosystem-based adaptation in Vietnam

Vast forest fires in Indonesia spawn ecological disaster

Unbearable legacies: the  politics of envvironmental degradation in North Korea

The implications of climate change for Australia's biodiversity conservation and protected areas

AUS: managing species and natural ecosystems in a  changing climate

Ecosystems across Australia are collapsing under climate change

Repairing a Nation's Environment: Australia - a case study

Humans caused historic Great Barrier Reef collapse

US: ecosystem-service assessment - research needs for coastal green infrastructure

US assessment of ecosystem carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas fluxes

Projected Evolution of California's San Francisco Bay-Delta-River System in a Century of Climate Change

Value of Nature in the Puget Sound Basin   The value of British Columbia's nearshore

Economic impact of Metro Parks Tacoma Ecosystem Services

US National Ecological Obervatory Network (NEON)

The value of restoring the Mississippi Delta

Environmental research in Brazil   Dangerous Climate Change in Brazil 

An explicit GIS-based river basin framework for aquatic ecosystem conservation in the Amazon

Latin Americam & Caribbean Atlas of Our Changing Environment

Network structure beyond food webs: mapping non-tropic and tropic interactions on Chile's rocky shores

Ecuador: ITT Yasuni Initiative

Scientists question rush to build controversial Nicaragua canal

Making headway in climate policy mainstreaming and ecosystem-based adaptation - Germany and Sweden  
Climate Change and European Marine Ecosystem Research    Digest of EEA indicators 2014

Ecosystem approach for natural hazard mitigation of volcanic tephra in Iceland: building resilience

New mapping method for 'green infrastructure', Europe's vital natural areas

An experimental framework for ecosystem capital accounting in Europe

Protected areas have increased to cover 20% of Euope's land 

Europe's Seas: a valuable asset that must be used sustainably

The European environment - state and outlook 2015

Overfishing leaves swaths of Mediterranean barren

The European Environment - State and Outlook 2010

Environmental footprints of Switzerland

Delivering data for environmental protection

A new map of standardized terrestrial ecosystems of Africa

Rainbow-coloured hydrothermal systems of Ethiopia show spectrum of extreme life on Earth

Arab Region: atlas of our changing environmment   Transboundary environmental issues    

Modelling alternative land use regimes in semi-arid Morocco - Assessment of perspectives in a changing environment 

'Mixed success' for protected areas in East Africa 

New ecosystems classification system for Africa being developed

Arctic Roamers: The Move of Southern Species into Far North

Coincidence of the alpine–nival ecotone with the summer snowline    Alpine ecosystems