Comets, Asteroids, Meteorites


Definition by Wikipedia   The Age of Comets    How comets are born

Giant  comets may threaten Earth    First ever evidence of comet striking Earth

While shooting stars get noticed, cosmic dust hitting us all the time    

Evidence that comets could have seeded life on Earth

Comets as solar probes   When is a comet not a comet?

ALMA discovers Comet factory    Solar Observatory discovers its 3,000th comet

Science on the surface of a comet     3D study of comets reveals chemical factory at work

Philae probe results shed light on the nature of comets

New in sights on comet tails are blowing in the solar wind 

New study reveals relationships between chemicals found on comets

Studies of proton irradiated H2O+CO2 and H2O+CO ices and analysis of synthesized molecules

Thermal history of comets during residence in the Oort cloud

Some comets are like couples: they break up then make up   

'Lazarus comets' explain Solar System mystery

March 22, 2016 comet flying by Earth observed with radar and infrared    

Avalanches, not internal pressure, cause comet nuclei outbursts

Tail of comet Lovejoy    NASA Near Earth Object Table    NEOWISE spies its first comet    

Catching a Comet Death on Camera    Comet Death Observed for First Time (July, 2011)   

Comet Lovejoy Plunges into the Sun and Survives      

The Great Daylight Fireball of 1972     1972 Photo

Comet C/2016 R2 GIF Jan 10

Comet ISON:

Comet ISON observing campaign    What might happen to Comet ISON from here on out?

Comets ISON and ENKE approaching the sun     Countdown to perihelion

Fire vs Ice: the science of ISON at perihelion    Comet ISON's dramatic final hour

The ESA Rosetta/Philae comet landing program:

How to land on a comet    A comet turns into Rosetta stone    Kepler gets the 'big picture' of 67P

Before and after: the unique changes spotted on Rosetta's comet    Rosetta image archive complete

Rosetta: catching up with the comet's coma    Rosetta timeline: countdown to comet arrival

A map of Rosetta's comet     Pioneering Philae completes main mission before hibernation

Rosetta continues into its full science phase    Rosetta fuels debate on origin of Earth's ocean

Rosetta: what happens next?    Organic molecules detected by Philae

Rosetta measures production of water at comet over two years

Mission complete: Rosetta's journey ends in daring descent to comet


Definition by Wikipedia    The anatomy of an asteroid    Are asteroids humanity's 'greatest challenge'?

Are we prepared for an asteroid headed straight to Earth?    Twenty years of planetary defense

First interstellar immigrant discovered in the Solar System

An interstallar origin for Jupiter's retrograde co-orbital asteroid

Update to determine te feasibility of enhancing the search an characterization of NEOs

New study ranks hazardous asteroid effects from least to most destructive 

Mappig the inner Solar System     NASA pushes for asteroid detection satellite   

Acoustic gravity  waves help scientists pinpoint spot, time objects hit the ocean.   

US National Near-Earth Object preparedness strategy    New light on near-Earth asteroid

Large asteroid to hurtle past Earth & comet PanSTARRS flyby on 19 april 2017

Searching for Trojan asteroids, Earth's unseen companions

PANIC lander to revolutionize asteroid research

Tiny 'spherules' reveal details about Earth's asteroid impacts

Asteroid orbit evolution due to thermal drag    New approaches to asteroid danger    

B612 Foundation - the Sentinel Mission    B612 Foundation    

Asteroid Day    Asteroid Day videos    Asteroid Bennu

Could a laser weapon save Earth from killer asteroids?    

NASA asteroid and comet watch website    NASA office  to coordinate asteroid detection, hazard mitigation

15,000 space rocks and counting    Asteroids are not destroyed in an impact with the Sun 

Astronomers characterize one of the smallest known asteroids

Tiny asteroid whizzes by Earth (2017 EA)

Millimetre-sized stones (chondrules) formed our planet  

Unusual asteroid suspected of spinning to explosion

An asteroid that split in two and whose fragments, year later, developed tails: P/2016J1

New map shows frequency of small asteroid impacts     

'Largest ever asteroid impact' found in Australia

Number of known accessible near-Earth asteroids doubles since 2010

Asteroid impacts on earth make structurally bizarre diamonds    Asteroid strike made 'instant Himalayas' 

New NASA research shows giant asteroids battered early Earth    Impact cratering on Hadean Earth

Scientists reconstruct the history of asteroid collisions

Bringing home NASA's first asteroid samples

New NASA model gives glimpse into the invisible world of electric asteroids

Forces that hold gravity-defying near-Earth asteroids together uncovered

The first discovered asteroid of 2014 collides with the Earth

First ring system around asteroid   Thermal cycling breaks down asteroid boulders

Risk of massive asteroid strike underestimated    Rogue asteroids may be the norm

Earth flyby of 'space peanut' captured in new video 

Responding to potential asteroid redirect mission targets    Accidents and asteroids: addressing the threat

Link between potentially hazardous asteroid (86039) 1999 NC43 and the Chelyabinsk meteoroid tenuous

The mystery about the Chelyabinsk superbolide continues three years kater       

Physicist's journey reveals how smaller asteroids could cause bigger problems 

NASA survey counts potentially hazardous asteroids   List of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs)

ESA's bug-eyed telescopes to spot risky asteroids 

A new use for nuclear weapons: hunting rogue asteroids    Great Impact Debates

Surprsing recent discoveries of three Near-Earth Objects     Asteroids close encounters with Mars  

Stanford professor wants to find asteroids that threaten Earth     

Planetary Resources partners with NASA to crowdsource asteroid detection

UN aims to fight asteroids, creates a global warning network

NASA/JPL's Near Earth Object Program   Busting Armageddon   

Project NEOShield: Asteroid defence systems   NEOCam    NASA Near Earth Oblect Program

NASA Telescope finds fewer Asteroids Near Earth    Explained: Near-miss asteroids

Astronomers establish the strength of high-inclination asteroids     

The flyby clock: visualizing a century of asteroid encounters    

WISE mission finds lost asteroid family members    WISE finds mysterious Centaurs may be comets  

Asteroid impact mission targets Didymos

Asteroids: The New 'It Mission' for Space Exploration    

Identification of origin of particles brought back by Hayabusa    NASA scientist figures way to weigh space rock

Asteroid nudged by sunlight: most precise measurement of Yarkovsky Effect

Asteroid Served Up "Custom Orders" of Life's Ingredients       Trojan Asteroid Shares Orbit with Earth

Asteroid 2011 AGS: a reality check   Small asteroid to whiz past Earth safely

!0,000th near-Earth object unearthed in space    About SSA-NEO Coordination Centre

Russia, US to join forces against space threats  

Rosetta flyby uncovers the complex history of asteroid Lutetia 

NASA's NEOWISE Completes Scan for Asteroids and Comets   Fireballs that Produce Meteorites

NASA's Swift Observatory Catches Asteroid Flyby    

New theory to explain seeds of life in asteroids

Near Earth Object media/risk communications working group report 

Villain in disguise: Jupiter's role in impacts on Earth   Nukes to save the Earth

Defending planet Earth: Near-Earth object surveys and hazard mitigation strategies

Engineers set their sights on asteroid deflection     Near Earth Asteroids

UCLA space scientists find ways to monitor elusive collisions in space

'Trojan' asteroids in far reaches of the Solar System more common than previously thought

Scientists reconstruct ancient impact that dwarfs dinosaur-extinction blast

NASA Near Earth Object Program    The long strange trip of asteroid Bennu

AIDA: asteroid impact and deflection assessment study

Tucson astronomer spots asteroid before it hits Earth

Can Congress grant private companies the right to mne asteroids?

Separating pebbles from boulders on asteroid Itokawa

The JAXA Ryugu asteroid landing program: 

A stereoscopic image of Ryugu at high resolution

MINERVA-II1: successful image capture, landing on Ryugu and hop!


Vesta: giant impacts delivered carbon

DAWN reality-checks telescope studies of asteroids

Geologic maps of Vesta from NASA's Dawn mission published

Soar Over Asteroid Vesta in 3-D     High resolution tour of giant asteroid Vesta

Asteroid Vesta to reshape theories of planet formation    Vesta 360     Vesta's rocky history 

New NASA Dawn Visuals Show Vesta's 'Color Palette'   Is Vesta the "Smallest Terrestrial Planet?"  

Dawn sees new surface features on giant asteroid    Vesta in Dawn's rear view mirror


Embedding with a the scientist behind a NASA spacecraft flyby

OSIRIS-Rex zooms in on Bennu


Researchers uncover remnants of early solar system

Definition by Wikipedia    New study sheds iight on origin of most common meteorites

Crystalline silica in primitive meteorite brings scientists a step closer to understanding solar evolution

Organic makeup of ancient mateorites sheds light on early Solar System

Research shows why meteorites explode before they reach Earth

Every recorded meteorite impact on Earth from 2500 BCE to 2012

Meteorite diamonds tell of a lost planet

Warped meteor showers hit Earth at all angles

Rare meteorites common in the Ordovician period    

Meteorites: magnetic messengers from space

Meteorite's magnetic fields reveal how planets were formed    Meteorites key to the story of Earth's layers

Shock compression research shows hexagonal diamond could serve as meteor impact marker

Meteor Crater zircon crystal sheds ight on Earth, Moon, Mars

Scientists strike scientific gold with meteorite    Tales from a Martian meteorite

Earth bears evidence of cosmic impacts, both ancient and more recent

CSI-style investigation of meteorite hits on Earth

NASA Ames helps search for and study of Sutter's Mill meteorites

Novarto: California's rough and tumble journey

Rare meteorites created in violent celestial collision    Russian meteor million of years old

Meteorites: toolkits for creating life on Earth    Study supports extraterrestrial impact   

Meteorites reveal warm water existed on Mars   

Studying meteorites may reveal Mars' secrets of life    Asteroid sites hint at life on Mars    

Egyptian Desert Expedition Confirms Spectacular Meteorite Impact

Meteorite from Mars fell in Morocco: scientists    Impact glass stores biodata for millions of years

Tunguska 1908:

In Siberia in 1908, a huge explosion came out of nowhere

Discovery of probable Tunguska meteorites at the bottom of Khushmo river's shoal 

Chelyabinsk 2013:

Seismic detection of the Chelyabinsk meteor from the dense ChinArray

Crucial data regarding Chelyabinks meteorite    First study of Russian meteorite

Researchers aim to measure risk of exploding asteroids

Russian meteor created new 'dust layer' instratosphere   Russian meteor shockwave circled globe twice

Aroound the world in four days: NASA tracks Chelyabinsk meteor plume

After Chelyabinsk: European experts assess asteroid options