Food & Agriculture

Taking action to deliver agriculture growth, jobs and food security in the face of climate change

Water security and agriculture: the human factor

Rising CO2 poses significant threat to human nutrition

Advancing agricultural greenhouse gas quantification

Agriculture's greenhouse emissions on the rise    The Future of Food

A tradeoff frontier for global nitogen use and cereal production

Agriculture, forestry and other land use emissions by sources and removals by sinks 

Field study shows why food quality will suffer with rising CO2

Helping farmers to cope with climate change    Solving food security with no new land

Pooled knowledge key to food security   The impacts of human responses

Globalized diet: more food, less diversity, more associated risks

Biodiverse agriculture as part of a food-secure future   

Studying crops from outer space    Radar shows millions of locusts a mile deep in the air over New Mexico   

Research clarifies health costs of air pollution from agriculture

Tomatoes watered by the sea: sprouting a new way of farming

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warn scientists

Scientists complete chromosome-based draft of the wheat genome

Research raises concerns about future global crop yield projections

Tackling Change: future-proofing water, agriculture and food security

Nitrogen-tracking tools for better crops and less pollution

From food insufficiency toward trade dependency: a hitorical analysis of global food analysis 

Food security weakening "on a scale we haven't seen"    Feeding the World

New study addresses trade-offs between food security and climate change mitigation

The other inconvenient truth: how agriculture is changing the face of our planet

Dust to dust: a man-made Malthusian crisis   Biodegradable or not?   

Global versus local  environmental impacts of grazing and confined beef production systems

Existing cropland could feed 4 billion more   7 charts that could convince you to become a vegetarian

Sustainable food systems for food secuity and nutrition   Pastoralism to suffer most over rise in global heat

The adaptation advantage: the economic benefits of preparing small-scale farmers to climate change

Urban agriculture: a global analysis of the space constraint to meet urban vegetable demand 

Looking back to move forward on model validation: insights from a global model of agricultural land use

Multilevel stakeholder influence mapping in climate chaange adaptation regimes      

Farmers struggle to adopt climate-smart methods   Why Monsanto is betting the farm on smarter forecasts

Mountain farming is family founding    Cows are smarter when raised in pairs

Research reveals how farmers could mitigate NO2 emissions 

Robot herder brings the cows in for milking in Australia

Researchers develop drones for orchard management  MSU lands first drone

Maths study of photosynthesis clears the path to developing new super-crops  

We'll rise or fall on the quality of our soil

Climate, crops and lacking data underlie regional disparities in the CO2 fertilization effects

Global crop exposure to critical high temperatures in the reproductive period

Global crop yield response to extreme heat stress under multiple climate change futures

Agricultural water storage in an era of climate change   Warming helps crop pests spread north

Global threat to food supply as water wells dry up     Climate forecasts shown to warn of crop failures

Spread of crop pests threatens global food security as Earth warms  

How do you feed 9 billion people?    Managing famine risk - linking early warning to early action

Current global food production trajectory won't meet 2050 needs

Global grain stocks dangerously low as 2012 consumption exceeded production

Maize trade disruption could have global ramifications

Addressing uncertainty in adaptation planning for agriculture

Why curbing agriculture's climate impacts is a growing challenge    Irrigation's impact on clouds and climate

Improving crop yields in a world of extreme weather events     Why crop rotation works

Reducing waste of food: a key element in feeding billions more people

Scientists identify thousands of plant genes activated by ethylene gas

The vertical farm: a keystone concept for the ecocity: Dickson Despommier at TEDx Warwick 2013

Spatial decoupling of agricultural production and consumption

Implications of regional improvement in global climate models for agricultural impact research

Improvements in crop water productivity increase water sustainability and food security: a global analysis

Climate change rewrites world wine list   The scary hidden stressor   

Vulnerability to climate change: adaptation strategy & layers of resilience

Supporting grass-roots efforts key to climate change adaptation

Climate change growing threat to food and biodiversity   Soil to Sky Infographic

Agriculture and Food Production contribute up to 29% of global GHG emissions

CO2 could reduce crop yields    Supporting climate-friendly food production    The digital homestead

Regional disparities in the CO2 fertilization effect and implications for crop yields

Tried and tested: learning from farmers on adaptation  to climate change

Cattle flatulence doesn't stink with biotechnology 

Meeting climate targets may require reducing meat and dairy consumption

How helpful is nanoechnology in agriculture?

New plant protein discoveries could ease global food and fuel demands

Recalibrating food production in the developing world: global warming will change more than just the climate

Advancing agriculture greenhouse gas quantification   

The FAOSTAT database for greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture

Climate adaptation as mitigation: the case of agricultural investments

The green revolution is wilting    Small-scale farmers and climate change

Overcoming the risk of inaction from emissions unceratinty in smallholder agriculture

Providing low-budget estimations of carbon sequestrations and greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural wetlands  

Global Food: want not, waste not     Global Food Report: waste not,  want not

New plastic electronics can greatly reduce food waste worldwide 

Cereal Secrets: The world’s largest grain traders and global agriculture

Global grain production at record highs despite extreme climatic events  

The era of cheap food may be over    Food: how bad is the crisis?

Water for wealth and food security    Water and Food Nexus - trends and development of the research landscape

Feeding a thirsty world: challenges and opportunities for a water and food secure future

Study offers new hope for increasing global food production, reducing environmental impact of agriculture

Natural variation in abiotic stress and climate change responses in Arabidopsis: implications for 21C agriculture 

Food shortages could force world into vegetarianism, warns scientists

When the chips are down: potato, maize and rice crop yields set to fall

How Business Intelligence and data make for a more efficient farm

Desperately seeking: a sustainable, climate friendly food system    Welcome to dystopia

Feeding the world while protecting the planet        Food: The Hidden Driver Of Global Politics

Millions more will go hungry as world struggles to respond to unprecedented food crises  and sharply rising prices

World One Poor Harvest Away From Chaos    New projection shows global food demand doubling by 2050

Study highlights food risk highlights    Plant research funding crucial for the future

The future of food   The future of food and farming: challenges and choices for global sustainability

Can we continue to feed the world while doing less harm?

Issues associated with 'least toxic pesticides' applied as a last resort  

Adapting to climate change in the food industry   Adapting agriculture to climate change

A risky proposition: crop insurance in the face of climate change

Hope in new scientific insights to avoid global agricultural tragedy 

Despite drop from 2009 peak, agriculture land grabs still remain above pre-2005 levels

Spatial organization and drivers of the virtual water trade: a community-structure analysis 

Small clique of nations found to dominate global trading net of food, water    FAO Food Price Index

Achieving food security in the face of climate change    Urban poverty, food security and climate change  

After the flood: a beginning farmer on the front lines of extreme weather

Resilient livlihoods: disaster risk reduction for food and nutrition security    Locust Forecasting

Bumper 2011 Grain Harvest Fails to Rebuild Global Stocks     Agriculture's Role in Climate Change

Building Resilience: Bridging Food Security, Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction

Call for action on Climate-Smart Agriculture      FAO-EC project to promote climate-smart farming

Impacts of climate change on farming and food security   Food Seccurity CASE Maps

Irrigation and global change – new applications for integrated global land use modeling

Water, Agriculture and Climate Change - a global computable general equilibrium analysis

Modelling the global dynamics of rain-fed and irrigated croplands   Modelling farm animal welfare

Corn yield prediction model uses simple measurements at a specific growth stage

Extreme weather endangers food security    Farmers and forecasts

Weather Index-based Insurance in Agricultural Development       

Evergreen agriculture can build resilience and increase food security in the face of climate change

In the crosshairs of hunger and climate change: New ILRI-CCAFS study maps the global hotspots

Climate change impacts on global agriculture land availablity

Toward a whole-landscape approach for sustainable land

Planning and costing agriculture’s adaptation to climate change

Filling the research gap under the Carbon Farming Futures program

Carbon farming schemes should consider multiple cobenefits 

Scarcity and degradation of land and water: growing threat to food security

Effects of land cover change on moisture availability and potential crop yield in the world's breadbaskets

Rethinking connection between soil as a carbon reservoir and global warming

Climate change increases the risk of ozone damage to plants

Modelling of global crop production and resulting N2O emissions

Surface albedo following biochar application in durum wheat

Climate change to deal blow to fruits, nuts: study    The Corn and Climate Report

Data and monitoring needs for a more ecological agriculture    Grapelook    Fresh city  tomatoes, any time

First observations of global and seasonal terrestrial chlorophyll fluorescence from space

Phosphate: A Critical Resource Misused and Now Running Low

Hydrologic and land–energy feedbacks of agricultural water management practices

Herbicide and fertilizers promote analogos phylogenic responses but opposite functional responses in plant communities

Rainfed Farming and Disaster Risk Reduction   Weather insurance builds resilience for farmers

Fungi Reduce Need for Fertilizer in Agriculture    Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

Researchers reveal that organic agriculture can pollute groundwater

Revolution to Evolution - HortTechnology in the 21C    Opening a window to vector-borne viruses

Regional Issues:

Europe's agriculture: how to make food affordable, healthy and 'green'

Climate-induced changes in grapevine yield and must sugar content in Franconia (Germany) 1805-2010

Honeybee shortage threatens crop pollination in Europe

Science supporting abundant, nourishing food for a growing civilization

Climate change poses risks to food, beyond US drought

Climate change and agriculture in the US - effects and adaptation

Farmers plant for hyper-local forecasts with IBM's 'Deep Thunder'

US: Agriculture adaptation to a changing climate   FDIC reforms

Satellite shows high productivity from US corn belt

Changing climate is affecting agriculture in the US     Impact of drought on California food growing

Big drop in wintertime fog needed by fruit and nut crops

The impact of climate, disease and wheat breeding on wheat variety yields in Kansas, 1985-2011

After 4 centuries, Southwest US irrigation system faces decline

India: Icrisat and DST launch centre of excellence in climate change research

India caterpillar attack flags risk of climate-linked farm pests

Food benefit and climate warming potential of nitrigen fertilizer uses in China

Key role of China and its agriculture in global sustainable phosphorous management

China's rising soybean consumption reshaping western agriculture

Climate change impacts on crop productivity in Africa and South Asia

Food security in Indonesia

Balancing food security and environmental quality in China

Australia: climate change will force farmers to adapt     Adapting agriculture to climate change

CSIRO: Sustainable Agriculture Flagship    Australia aims to become Asia's food bowl

Impact of global warming on food security in vlnerable areas of Africa

Fertilizer nutrient imbalance to limit food production in Africa

Water, water - not everywhere: mapping water trends for African maize

Transforming agriculture in the Sahel - what would it take?

Researchers find African farmers need better climate change data to improve farming practices

The complexities of climate change adaptation in South African agriculture

West African agriculture and climate change   

Climate change could crush East Africa's agricultural economy

East African agriculture and climate change

Niger, Mali on alert to desert locust risk   Are regional climate models relevant for crop yield prediction in West Africa?

The causes, processes and impacts of land fragmentation in the rangelands of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

Factors influencing agbiotech adoption and development in sub-Saharan Africa

Sustainable land-use concept for South America

Assessing the agricultural system and the carbon cycle under climate change in Europe using a dynamic global vegetation model

South African agriculture and climate change   Weather info project aims to help African farmers adapt


Mystery atom helps plants grow    Breakthrough offers promise of improved GMO testing

Analysis of US genetically engineered crop regulation and litigation

Brazil signals it may release terminator seed technology

Two Evolutionary Histories in the Genome of Rice   Rice agriculture accelerates greenhouse gas emissions


The State of World Fisheries and Acquaculture 2010   Effects of acquaculture on worldfish supplies

Report supports shutdown of all high seas fisheries    Searching for Russian crab mafia

Farmed fish production overtakes beef   Coastal ocean aquacullture can be environmentally sustainable

Mariculture: significant and expanding cause of coastal nutrient enrichment

Food Security and Climate Change in the Pacific    Fisheries and Climate Change   Will There Be Fish by 2050

Increasing Returns from Fisheries: Do's and Dont's for Policy Makers     Salmon Alert

WWF on aquaculture  NOAA on aquaculture   Aquaculture in the Mediterranean

Aquaculture tries to fill world's insatiable appetite for seafood

New shellfish certified reference material to enhance food safety