Global Cycles

Delivery of carbon. nitrogen, and sulphur to the silicate Earth by a giant impact  

Carbon and other biogeochemical cycles

In measuring gas exchange between water and air, size matters

There and back again: mantle xeon has a story to tell

The Global Water Cycle:

Many water cycle diagrams promote misconceptions

Definition from Wikipedia     Woods Hole    Improving understanding of the Global Hydrological Cycle

A simple explanation for the sensitvity of the hydrological cycle to surface temperature and solar radiation and its implications for global climate change

Water cycle video     Water cycle diagram   Where is Earth's water?    Water is always on the move

Cryosphere  -  Ice Caps  -  Ice Sheets  -  Glaciers  -  Moraines    Volcanoes deliver two flavors of water

WATCH Project: Researchers Put New Spin on World's Water Cycle

Xenon isotopes tell the story of volatiles in Earth's mantle

Global significance of the changing freshwater carbon cycle

Pre-industrial rise in methane gas had natural and anthropogenic causes

New ORNL tool developed to assess global freshwater stress    Targeting water cycles in deep Earth

Hydrology research provides 'missing link' in water modeling    How irrigation in Asia affects rainfall in Africa

NASA estimates 'liquid assets' of world's water budget    Feature story from NASA on the Water Cycle

The Blue Planet's new water budget   Big uncertatinties in the global water budget

Assessment of transbboundary aquifers of the world - vulnerability arising from human water use

Water flow to the oceans under the land surface    The Ocean and the Global Water Cycle

Fault actvity linked to seawater entering the Earth    Deep-Earth chemistry    An oceanographer and the water

Earth's water cycle intensifying with atmospheric warming    The water cycle amplifies abrupt climate change

Climate models overestimate rainfall increases    Water in a changing world    With a grain of salt

The recycling rate of atmospheric moisture over the past two decades (1988–2009)

CMIP5 update of 'Inter-modal variability and biases of the global water cycle in CMIP3 coupled climate models'

Limits to the Impact of Empirical Correction on Simulation of the Water Cycle

Trees' surprising role in the boreal water cycle quantified       

New technology to monitor African water cycle 

The Global Carbon Cycle:

NASA - carbon cycle    Carbon goes with the flow

How and when was carbon distributed on Earth? 

Mountain streams emit a surprising amount of CO2

Scientists quantify global volcanic CO2 venting: estimate total carbon Earth 

Largest mapping of breathing ocean floor key to understanding global carbon cycle

Life on the thermodynamic edge: respiatory growth of an acetotrophic methanogen

How life alters climate    Origin of massive methane reservoir identified

Shrinking the carbon footprint of a chemical in everyday oblects

New measurement device: CO2  as geothermometer

Scientists Tackle the Carbon Conundrum

Reducing uncertainty in projections of terrestrial carbon uptake

Global carbon atlas    Mapping blue carbon in mangroves worldwide   

Watching the planet breathe    The Earth has lungs. Watch them breathe    

The carbon dioxide loop    Are we headed for a sixth extinction?

Historical rainfall levels are significant in carbon emissions from soil

New study illuminates 55 million years of the carbon cycle and climate history        

Scientists report breakthrough in detecting methane

New key players in the methane cycle

Audio reveals sizes of methane bubbles rising from the seafloor

New insights about carbon and ice could clarify inner workings of Earth, other planets   

US Carbon footprint maps  A 2500 square-mile methane plume is silently hovering over the Western USA     
Interactions of the carbon cycle, human activity, and the climate system: a research portfolio

Extreme weather, climate and the carbon cycle      Focus on extreme events and the carbon cycle

Carbon cycling    Ironing out the details of the carbon cycle    Tracing the path of carbon in North America

Forest carbon stocks have been overestimated for 50 years

Sensitivity of carbon cycle to tropical temperature variations has doubled

Research reveals how global warming will impact Earth's carbon cycle

Improving carbon cycle projections for better carbon management

Carbon seen bonding with six other atoms for the first time    3D carbon goes metallic

The topology of non-linear global carbon dynamics: from tipping points to planetary boundaries

OCO-2 global visualization (Sept 2014-Sept 2015)    Global Carbon Budget 2014    Reducing carbon

Atmospheric carbon:

CarbonTracker free tropospere CO2    Carbon's role in atmosphere formation     

Status of black carbon monitoring in ambient air in Europe

Symbiotic fungi inhabiting plant roots have major impact on atmospheric carbon

Soil carbon:

How does soil store CO2?    Buried fossil soils found to be awash in carbon

Lazy microbes are key for soil carbon and nitrogen sequetsration

Carbon buried in the soil rises again     Soil carbon 'blowing in the wind' 

Funghi may determine the future of soil carbon    The missing link in carbon accounting

Submicron structures provide preferential spots for carbon & nitrogen sequestration in soils    

Dryland ecosystems emerge as driver in in global carbon cycle

Tropical ecosystems regulate variations in Earth's CO2 levels

Exploring the fate of the Earth's storehouse of carbon

Researchers improve soil carbon cycling models

Scientists discover carbonate rocks are unrecognized methane sink   

Loss of soil carbon due to climate change will be 'huge'

Climate warming may not drive net losses of soil carbon from tropical forests

Soil in newly forested areas store substantial carbon that could offset climate change 

Plants are a bridge that connect atmospheric carbon with soil carbon 

Carbon in plants & forests:

'Green revolution' changes breathing of the biosphere    Short-circuiting the biological pumps

What agricultural 'ecosystems on steroids' are doing to the air

Carbon-trapping 'sponges' can cut greenhouse gases

4 degree temperature rise will end vegetation 'carbon sink'

Crops play a major role in the annual CO2 cycle increase    Cover crops sequester soil organic carbon

New forest land classification data set launched   Northern forests falter in combating climate change

Rivers & carbon:

What role do rivers play in the carbon cycle?    River buries permafrost carbon at sea

Amazon River exhales virtually all carbon taken up by the rain forest

'Black carbon' flowing from the soil to the oceans

Ocean carbon:  

Vast carbon residue of ocean life    Scientists solve the riddle of deep ocean carbon

As oceans warm, microbes could pump more CO2 back into air

Southern Ocean absorbs less than previously thought

The ups and downs of the ocean's carbon sink

New view of how ocean 'pumps' impact climate change

Sunlight stimulates brown algae to release organic carbon

Synchrotron sheds (X-ray) light on carbon chemistry at ocean surfaces

First direct measurements of Pacific seabed sediments reveal strong methane source

Microscopic organism plays a big role in ocean carbon cycling    

Fjords are 'hotspots' in global carbon cycling   Study identifies prime source of ocean methane

Molecuar-level relationships key to deciphering ocean carbon

Carbon below the sea floor    Methane hydrates and global warming

Ocean food web is key to global carbon cycle    Black carbon is ancient by the time it reaches seafloor

Long-term cycles in the carbon reservoir of the Quaternary ocean: a perspective from the South China sea

New research helps solve the riddle of the ocean carbon conundrum

Pacific stores CO2 at depths of thosands of metres    

Radiocarbon constraints on the extent and evolution of the South Pacific glacial carbon pool

The marine carbon system and ocean acidification during Phanerozoic Time

Spaceborne carbon:

Spaceborne carbon counter maps new details

Subsurface carbon:     

Most of Earth's carbon may be hidden in the planet's inner core, new model suggests

Carbon Cycle at Depth    Deep-Earth carbon offers clues about origin of life on Earth    

'Carbon sink' detected underneath world's deserts    Carbon in Earth

SFA2.0 project explores unchartered environmental frontier of subsurface ecogenomics

Arctic/Antartic carbon:

Sunlight, not microbes, key to CO2 in Arctic    Artic sea ice helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere

Arctic seafloor methane releases double previous estimates

Surface water inundation in the boreal-Arctic: potential impacts on regional methane emissions

Carbon & animals:

Carbon models underestimate role of animals   

The Global Oxygen & Ozone Cycle:

Researchers descibe oxygen's different shapes    Scripps O2 program

O2 dropping faster than CO2 rising    Warming oceans starved of oxygen    

Ozone soes not necessarily promote decline ofnatural ecosystems

Thunderstorms helping bring ozone down to Earth

The Global Nitrogen Cycle: 

Global nitrogen availability consistent for past 500 years, linked to carbon levels

To save the Earth, better nitrogen use on a hungrier planet must be addressed

Ocean source of the greenhouse gas Nitrogen has been underestimated

Continental microbes helped seed ancient seas with notrogen

Going against the grain - nitrogen turns out to be hypersociable

A new mechanism for nitrogen cycing in the Southern Ocean

Nitrogen factories in the Cretaceous oceans    Mystery of Earth's missing nitrogen solved

Humans adding less nitrogen to oceans than models predict

No laughing matter, nitrous oxide rose at end of last ice age

Nitrogen footprints: past, presnt and future     Forests lose nitroge in surprising ways

Nitrogen fingerpprint in biomolecules and extraterrestrial objects could be from early Sun

How much nitrogen is fixed in the ocean?    Change in Pacific nitrogen content tied to climate change  

Natural reasons behind nitrogen-rich forests    The surface of the sea is a sink for nitrogen oxides at night

Excess nitrogen in the US environment - trends, risks and solutions

Cost of reactive nitrogen release from human activities to the environment in the USA

Complex relationship between phosphorous levels and nitrogen removal in lakes

Inventories and scenarios of nitous oxide emissions

The world's nitrogen fixation, explained

Study finds wide-reaching impact of nitrogen deposition on plants

Characteristics and transformations of of dissolved organic nitrogen in municipal biological nitogen removal wastewater treatment plants

First approach to the Japanese nitrogen footprint model to predict the loss of nitrogen to the environment 

30-year changes in the nitrogen inputs to the Yangtze River basin

Local and social facets of planetary boundaries: right to nutrients

The Global Phosphorous Cycle:

After decades of clean-up attempts, world's lakes still suffer from phosphorous pollution

Life's first taste of phosphorous     Oxygen, phosphorous and early life  on Earth

Biochemical fossil shows how life may have emerged without phosphate

The Phosphorous Index: changes afoot    Soil determines fate of phosphorous

Local and social facets of planetary boundaries: right to nutrients

Fertilzer's legacy: taking a toll on land and water

Total Phosphorous (TP) in European lakes

Embodied phosphorous and the global connections of US agriculture

The Global Sulphur Cycle: 

A shortcut in the global sulphur cycle

Fool's gold found to regulate oxygen

Earth on Acid: the present and futureof Global Acidification

NASA satellite sees increase of India's sulfur dioxide emissions

New understanding of modern climate change as implications for early Earth's evolution

The Global Manganese Cycle:

Morphing manganese 

Other Global Cycles:

Masses of methane from mud volcanoes

Oceans may be large, overlooked source of hydrogen gas 

Minerals from PNG hold secret for recycing of nobel gases between deep Earth and atmosphere