Earth's Moon and minimoons

Moonlight (Clair de Lune)

Earth's oldest rock found on the Moon

Moon helps reveal secrets of the Universe

China's lander gives first look at Moon's farside

Earth's minimoons: opportunities for science & technology 

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Tour of the Moon 4K

Formation of the Moon:

Scientists date Moon at 4.470 billion years

Moon was produced by a head-on collision between Earth and a forming planet

New research eclipses existing theories on the Moon formation    Evolution of the Moon

 Alternative hypotheses for making the Moon    Scientists offer a new view of the Moon's formation     

Research supports idea that moon was created by object hitting infant Earth    Making the moon

The Moon was created in giant smashup   Titanium paternity test fingers Earth as Moon's sole parent

Possible lava tube skylights discovered near the north-pole of the Moon

The Moon's orbit:    

New model explains the moon's weird orbit    Tales of a tilting moon hidden in its polar ice 

Earth is 'massaging' our moon    Earth's moon wandered off axis billions of years ago   

Did early Earth spin on its side?

The Moon's atmosphere:

LRO spectrometer detects helium in Moon's atmosphere

Moon engulfed in permanent, lop-sided dust cloud

Lunar volcanism produced a transient atmosphere around the Moon

The Moon's crust:

Moon's crust as fractured as can be

A facelift for te Moon every 81,000 years

Discovery of 50km cave raises hopes for human colonisation of the Moon

Potential human habitat located on the Moon

Major lunar crustal terranes: surface expressions and crustal-mantle origins

Ancient asteroid impact exposes the Moon's interior

NASA spacecraft reveals recent geological activity on the Moon

Volcanoes on the Moon:

Young volcanoes on the Moon      Extent of Moon's giant volcanic eruption is revealed

impact craters:

Impact craters on the Moon    Lunar impacts created seas of molten rock

New research on Apollo samples refine Moon's impact history

Ancient impact crater may hold clues to Moon's mantle

Soil on the Moon:  

Pre-existing mineralogy may survive lunar impacts    Solar Storms Could 'Sandblast' the Moon

The Earth has sprayed the Moon with oxygen for billennia    

Electric sparks may alter evolution of Lunar soil    Solar storms could spark soils at Moon's poles

The Moon's gravity:

GRAIL mission solves solves mystery of Moon's surface gravity    GRAIL reveals a battered lunar history

GRAIL creates most accurate Moon gravity map

An impactor origin for lunar magnetic anomalies

The Moon's magnetosphere:

Lunar dynamo's lifetime extended by at least 1 billion years

Magma ocean may be responsible for the Moon's early magnetic field 

Water  & ice on the Moon:

Ice confirmed at Moon's poles

Origin of Moon's 'ocean of storms' revealed    Asteroids found to be the Moon's main 'water supply'

The significant atmosphere in lunar past suggests possible source of water on the Moon

Solar wind particles likely source of water locked inside lunar soils

Water on Moon, Earth came from same primitive meteorites

Long suspected theory about the Moon holds water    

Cosmic rays alter chemistry of lunar ice    

Researchers estimate ice content of crater at Moon's South Pole

Metamorphis of Moon's water ice explained   Solar photons drive water off the moon

Poles of the Moon:

LRO discovers lunar hydrogen more abundant on Moon's pole facing slopes

Dark side of the Moon:

55-year old dark side of the moon mystery solved

Mineral resources of the Moon:

X-rays illuminate the interior of the Moon   

Moon mining rush ahead?      Why we should mine the moon

NASA bets on private companies to exploit moon's resources

Views of the Moon:

A new view of an ancient habitable planet

From a million miles: the moon crossing the face of Earth